Uses of Interface

Packages that use CatalogReader
org.apache.xml.resolver Apache XML Commons Resolver package. 
org.apache.xml.resolver.readers Apache XML Commons Resolver Readers package. 

Uses of CatalogReader in org.apache.xml.resolver

Methods in org.apache.xml.resolver with parameters of type CatalogReader
 void Catalog.addReader(java.lang.String mimeType, CatalogReader reader)
          Add a new CatalogReader to the Catalog.

Uses of CatalogReader in org.apache.xml.resolver.readers

Classes in org.apache.xml.resolver.readers that implement CatalogReader
 class DOMCatalogReader
          A DOM-based CatalogReader.
 class ExtendedXMLCatalogReader
          Parse Extended OASIS Entity Resolution Technical Committee XML Catalog files.
 class OASISXMLCatalogReader
          Parse OASIS Entity Resolution Technical Committee XML Catalog files.
 class SAXCatalogReader
          A SAX-based CatalogReader.
 class TextCatalogReader
          Parses plain text Catalog files.
 class TR9401CatalogReader
          Parses OASIS Open Catalog files.
 class XCatalogReader
          Parse "XCatalog" XML Catalog files, this is the XML Catalog format developed by John Cowan and supported by Apache.

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