Package org.apache.xml.resolver

Apache XML Commons Resolver package.


Class Summary
Catalog Represents OASIS Open Catalog files.
CatalogEntry Represents a Catalog entry.
CatalogManager CatalogManager provides an interface to the catalog properties.
Resolver An extension to OASIS Open Catalog files, this class supports suffix-based matching and an external RFC2483 resolver.
Version Administrative class to keep track of the version number of xml-commons external sources releases.

Exception Summary
CatalogException Signal Catalog exception.

Package org.apache.xml.resolver Description

Apache XML Commons Resolver package.

The classes in this package implement the full semantics of OASIS Technical Resolution 9401:1997 (Amendment 2 to TR 9401) catalogs. Also included are a framework of classes designed to read catalog files in a number of formats.

The principal classes in this package are:

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