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November 15, 2001 (version 1.4.4)
  • JAXP fixes. [Edwin Goie]
  • Parser now resolves the locations of schemas referenced by other schemas relative to the schema doing the referencing rather than to the instance document. [Gopal Sharma/Neil Graham]
  • Changed HTML serializer so that, at user option, attributes with no value may be represented as attr="" instead of simply as attr. The default behaviour has not changed. [Sandor Szago ( Graham]
  • Fixed parser behavior: by default Xerces now exposes element and attribute values as defined by the Infoset. [Tamura Kent, Elena Litani]
  • By default bind "xml" prefix to "" per Namespace Constraint: Prefix Declared (Namespaces in XML REC) [Elena Litani]
  • Fixed date/time datatype bugs. [Henry Zongaro]
  • Fixed several DOM Level 2 conformance bugs. [Elena Litani]
  • General bug fixes [Elena Litani, Pavani Mukthipudi, Sandy Gao]

August 20, 2001 (version 1.4.3)
  • Reorganization of the DOM implementation to separate the Core functionality (new classes: CoreDOMImplementationImpl, CoreDocumentImpl), from the complete DOM (DOMImplementationImpl, DocumentImpl) [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fix to Base64 and HexBinary datatype validators so they work properly on OS/390 [Steve Dulin/Neil Graham]
  • General bug fixes [Lisa Martin, Sandy Gao, Elena Litani, Neil Graham]

July 23, 2001 (version 1.4.2)
  • Performance fixes [Henry Zongaro/Lisa Martin]
  • Patches for improving serializer extensibility [Gunnlaugur Thor Briem/Elena Litani]
  • Bug fixes (schema implementation, build, etc.) [Sandy Gao, Neil Graham, Elena Litani, Lisa Martin]

June 22, 2001 (version 1.4.1)
  • Added support for all IANA encoding aliases which have a clear mapping to encodings recognized by Java [Neil Graham]
  • Addressed degradations in DTD validation performance caused by the schema implementation [Sandy Gao, Neil Graham]
  • Bug fixes [Sandy Gao, Neil Graham, Elena Litani, Lisa Martin, Henry Zongaro, Edwin Goei]
  • Added support for setAttribute/getAttribute in JAXP [Edwin Goei]
  • Added two new parser properties related to XML Schema [Elena Litani]

May 22, 2001 (version 1.4.0)
  • Completed implementation of schema Identity Constraints [Neil Graham]
  • Update XPath support to bring it into compliance with Schema PR [Achille Fokoue Nkoutche/Neil Graham]
  • Implemented Schema PR changes to the syntax of <attribute> declarations [Ted Han ( Graham]
  • Added French resource bundle for regex package [Jean-Claude Dufourd, Laurent Foret/Neil Graham]
  • Added support for Schema "final" attribute [Neil Graham]
  • Added support for nillable and removed limitation for xsi:schemaLocation usage [Elena Litani]
  • PR changes for Datatypes (including implementation of date/time) [Sandy Gao, Elena Litani]
  • Added support for fixed attribute on datatype facets [Elena Litani]
  • Constraint checking [Lisa Martin, Neil Graham, Sandy Gao, Elena Litani]
  • Re-implemented "all" group support for performance reasons [Henry Zongaro]
  • Re-implemented "mixed" content model groups for Schema [Lisa Martin]
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes [Arnaud Le Hors, Jeffrey Rodrigues, Elena Litani]

March 16, 2001 (version 1.3.1)
  • Added support for schema <redefine> element [Neil Graham]
  • Added support for schema notations [Elena Litani]
  • Implemented validation constraints for the "abstract" attribute on elements [Lisa Martin]
  • Simple value normalization and whitespace facet support [Elena Litani]
  • Fixed validation constraints surrounding the schema <annotation> element info item [Neil Graham]
  • Implemented support for JAXP 1.1 [Edwin Goei]
  • Added experimental DOM Level 3 features for handling XML header [Elena Litani]
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes [Arnaud Le Hors, Neil Graham, Elena Litani, Andy Clark, Lynn Monson, Sandy Gao, Brad O'Hearne]
  • Partially fixed inability to make (or build) Xerces under Unix [Neil Graham]
  • Removed final from XMLSerializer per request [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed identity constraint bugs (support still limited) [Andy Clark]
  • Changed parse method to close streams opened by parser even in event of error [Andy Clark]

January 31, 2001 (version 1.3.0)
  • Upgraded schema support to the schema CR drafts at a similar level to that which had existed for the WD schema specifications. [Elena Litani, Lisa Martin, Neil Graham]
  • Implemented schema union simple type definition. [Elena Litani]
  • Implemented many attribute and element declaration schema-validation constraints, as well as use=prohibited. [Neil Graham]
  • Implemented basic support for XML Schema identity constraints [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed bug in Deferred DOM with multiple IDs on same element [Andy Clark]
  • Updates to improve DFA build-time performance. [Tozawa Akihiko]
  • Optimization of memory used by attribute nodes in the DOM. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed conflict between HTML DOM and Core DOM. [Mark Diekhans]
  • Optimized DOM normalize operation. [Jay Cain + Arnaud Le Hors]

December 06, 2000 (version 1.2.3)
  • Fixed Memory leak bug was reported by Tosiki IGA where parser runs out of memory [Eric Ye]
  • Rampant object creation even when not validating fix patch send by Elena Litani[Elena Litani]
  • ListDatatypeValidator enumeration bug fix by Elena Litani Litani[Elena Litani]
  • Optimization in validator to only instantiate objects needed in the case of DTD vs. Schemas[Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed misc. Schema Structures miscelaneous bugs since last release [Eric Ye]
  • improved implementation of <all> schema construct to handle 8 elements instead of 6; also increased validation speed [Neil Graham, Eric Ye]
  • Fixed DOM misc. bugs and other patches since last release [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Miscelaneous DOM patches by Lynn Monson [Lynn Monson]
  • Added new 'load-external-dtd' feature, so that when non validating, applications can ask the parser not to load the external subset at all [Arnaud Le Hors]

November 22, 2000 (version 1.2.2)
  • DOM 2 Recommendation release support update [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed FAQ section submitted by Tony Montgomery Smith [Jeffrey Rodriguez,Tony Montgomery]
  • Added normalization patch by Ken Tamura [Jeffrey Rodriguez, Ken Tamura]
  • Fixed hang in UTF8Reader when we find a multb. UTF8 char. outside [#x10000-#x10FFFF] range [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed problem in Server env. with Singleton implemtation of validators [Eric Ye, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed patch submitted by Elena Litani Kitani and others with RangeImpl [Eric Ye, Elena Litani, Lynn Monson]
  • Fixed misc. Schema Structures miscelaneous bugs since last release [Eric Ye]
  • Miscelaneous bug fixes and patches submitted by Lisa Martin [Lisa Martin]
  • Fixed DOM misc. bugs and other patches since last release [Arnaud Le Hors]

October 19, 2000 (version 1.2.1)
  • This is a bug fix release
  • Added Mark Swinkels datatype list refactoring [Mark Swinkels, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Added RangeImpl patch submitted by Lynn Monson [Lynn monson, Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed datatype registry not being initialized in XMLValidator bug [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed misc. Schema Structures bugs since last release [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed misc. Datatypes bugs since last release [Jeffrey Rodriguez]

August 28, 2000 (version 1.2.0)
  • Merged redundant Attribute validators inner classes with the data type validators. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed namespaces bugs for endElement method in SAX. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed misc. Schema Datatype bugs. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed misc. DOM implementation bugs. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed Makefiles and documentations. [Andy Clark]
  • Added "any" with "processContents='lax|skip'" support for Schema. [Eric Ye]
  • Added feature "load-dtd-grammar" [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed a bug in reset() method of XMLValidator. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed misc. Schema Structures bugs. [Eric Ye]

July 26, 2000 (version 1.1.3)
  • Added "anyAttribute" support for Schema. [Eric Ye]
  • Added "xsi:type" support for Schema. [Eric Ye]
  • Added full equivClass support for Schema. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed "form" attribute behavior to be fully compilant with Schema Spec. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed "xml:space" bug in DTD validation. [Eric Ye, Andy Clark]
  • Expanded "any" element support to model groups. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed "any" element bugs when there are multilple URIs. [Eric Ye]
  • Cleaned up XMLValidator. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed misc. Schema bugs. [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed resolving Schema location bug in XMLValidator. [David Blankenship, Eric Ye]
  • Fixed for BUG:SAXParser endElement reports incorrect local name. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed DOM Java Serialization-previous fix did not work. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Added testcase under test to test DOM Java Serialization. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Added James Duncan fix suggestion to not compile RevalidatingDOMParser. [James Duncan, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Miscelanous DOM enhancements [Arnaud Le Hors].
  • Fixed parameterizes entities in XMLDTDScanner. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed bug reported by Philippe MOUAWAD, on XMLContentSpec toString method. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed problem with DTD validation when namespace is supported is on. [Andy Clark,Eric Ye]
  • Fixed bug reported by Michael Brundage in StringReader. [Jeffrey Rodriguez]

June 21, 2000 (version 1.1.2)
  • Added "any" element content support for Schema [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed adjacent text nodes bug in deferred DOM [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed namespace URI bug in deferred DOM [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed null document type node bug [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed StringReader index out of bounds exception bug [Andy Clark]
  • Turned on namespace support in all parsers, by default [Andy Clark]
  • Added feature to allow Schema support to be turned off [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed SAX2 DeclHandler, LexicalHandler callbacks [Andy Clark]
  • Fixed DOM serialization [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed datatype enumeration bugs [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed datatype pattern bugs [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed datatype min/maxLength bugs [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Modified samples to include additional switches [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed lexical comparison for string/qname datatypes [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Added regular expression character class subtraction [Ken Tamura]
  • Fixed regular expression bugs [Ken Tamura]
  • Added URI class []
  • Fixed import/include Schema bug [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed lots of Schema bugs [Eric Ye]

June 5, 2000 (version 1.1.1)
  • Added Schema include/import [Eric Ye]
  • Performance tuning [Eric Ye, Andy Clark]
  • Added Ant support to build process [abagchi]
  • Re-architecture Schema datatypes [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Re-organized docs directory to get FOP to work[Anupam Bagchi, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed Dynamic validation bug [Eric Ye]
  • Fixed Grammar access bug [Eric Ye, Andy Clark]
  • Fixed Miscellaneous bugs [Eric Ye, Andy Clark, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Added JAXP to build, updated JAXP files [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Added a DOM from scratch and Serializer sample [Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Fixed NodeImpl supports nullpointer bug in Samples [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed a bug in cloning default attribute

May 19, 2000 (version 1.1.0)
  • Reworked internals for XML Schema support [Andy Clark, Eric Ye, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Updated XML Schema support to April working draft [Eric Ye, Jeffrey Rodriguez]
  • Changed code to notify error handler of content model validation errors before calling endElement [Arnaud Le Hors]

May 9, 2000
  • Upgraded to SAX 2.0. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Added support for WML DOM. [david]
  • Preliminary work for full schema support. [Andy Clark, Glenn Marcy, jefreyr, Eric Ye]
  • Reorganized DOM classes to use much less memory. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Entities and entity reference nodes are now readonly as expected. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Entity references now have their replacement value when created with createEntityReference. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed problem in Deferred DOM which made building it N^2 order. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Fixed handling of elements with IDs in Deferred DOM. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Added support for namespaces in parameter entities. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • setNodeValue raised an exception when it should simply be a no-op. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Attributes returned by setNamedItem and setNamedItemNS could not be reused. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Implemented new DOM Level 2 methods hasAttribute and hasAttributeNS. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • 43: importNode now uses createElementNS and createAttributeNS when necessary. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • 59: after a first iteration over the whole list, item(index) returned the wrong value. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • 60: Fixed. [Andy Clark]
  • 62: Cloned attributes return wrong owner element. []
  • Fixed caption element creation pb with HTMLTableElement. [Assaf Arkin]
  • Improved performance of XML serialize. Added support of encodings and reuse of serializer. [Assaf Arkin]
  • Updated XML serializer to not be strictly dependent on DOM Level 2. [Andy Clark]

March 8, 2000
  • 26: Schema lookup disabled when validation is off. [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • 23: With UCS-4 and UTF-16 encodings, 0xD characters are now properly normalized.[Glenn Marcy]
  • 27: SAX2 - default set to true. [pier]
  • 28: Fixed error in setNamespaces javadoc []
  • 33: Relaxed restraint of xml:space attribute for XHTML DTDs []
  • 34: SAX 2.0beta2 changes accepted. [Ralf Pfeiffer]
  • 35: Fixed getLength() to always return the right value[Arnaud Le Hors]
  • 36: Fixed setPrefix() to update nodeName [Arnaud Le Hors]

February 8, 2000
  • Removed hard-coded strings to enable national language support (NLS) [Jeffrey Rodriguez, Arnaud Le Hors, Ralf Pfeiffer]
  • Update for SAX2beta [Andy Clark]
  • Add new feature [Andy Clark]
  • ChunkyByteArray - needed resize chunk array for large files [Andy Clark]
  • UTF8DataChunk - memory perf fix [Andy Clark]
  • DOM L1 - cache node children length to accelerate Node#item()[Andy Clark]
  • DOM L1 - Off by one error in DeferredDocumentImpl []
  • DOM L1 - Slight refactoring of DOM to save memory [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • Schema datatypes - add binary & URI, update decimal & String [twl]
  • Schema datatypes - allow StringValidator to validate maxLength & enumeration facets []
  • Schema datatypes - timeDuration & timeInstant validators []
  • Schema functionality - allow schema lookup via installed entity resolver []
  • Schema bug fixes (reportSchemaError & integer subtype registration) []
  • Serializer bug on CData sections [Assaf Arkin]
  • Serializers now prints PUBLIC/SYSTEM id [Assaf Arkin]
  • HTMLTableElementImpl - Empty cell no longer created when adding a row [Assaf Arkin]
  • DOM L2 - TreeWalkerImpl didn't iterate backwards properly []
  • DOM L2 - Tracking the candidate recommendation [Arnaud Le Hors]
  • DOM L2 Namespace bug fixes [Ralf Pfeiffer, Arnaud Le Hors]
  • DOM L2 API moved to org.w3c.dom where it belongs [Ralf Pfeiffer]
  • DOMMemTest [Arnaud Le Hors]

December 31, 1999
  • Include documentation in the repository.
  • Switch packaging to jar files from .zip and .tar.gz files.
  • StreamingCharReader for stream based applications.
  • Assaf Arkin's serialization package.
  • Assaf Arkin's HTML DOM Level 1 classes.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes.

November 5, 1999
  • Created initial code base from IBM's XML4J.
  • Modified documentation to reflect new name (Xerces)

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