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Uses of RangeException in org.apache.xerces.dom

Subclasses of RangeException in org.apache.xerces.dom
 class RangeExceptionImpl

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom that throw RangeException
 void RangeImpl.setStart(Node refNode, int offset)
 void RangeImpl.setEnd(Node refNode, int offset)
 void RangeImpl.setStartBefore(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.setStartAfter(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.setEndBefore(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.setEndAfter(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.selectNode(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.selectNodeContents(Node refNode)
 void RangeImpl.insertNode(Node newNode)
 void RangeImpl.surroundContents(Node newParent)

Uses of RangeException in org.w3c.dom.ranges

Methods in org.w3c.dom.ranges that throw RangeException
 void Range.setStart(Node refNode, int offset)
          Sets the attributes describing the start of the Range.
 void Range.setEnd(Node refNode, int offset)
          Sets the attributes describing the end of a Range.
 void Range.setStartBefore(Node refNode)
          Sets the start position to be before a node
 void Range.setStartAfter(Node refNode)
          Sets the start position to be after a node
 void Range.setEndBefore(Node refNode)
          Sets the end position to be before a node.
 void Range.setEndAfter(Node refNode)
          Sets the end of a Range to be after a node
 void Range.selectNode(Node refNode)
          Select a node and its contents
 void Range.selectNodeContents(Node refNode)
          Select the contents within a node
 void Range.insertNode(Node newNode)
          Inserts a node into the Document or DocumentFragment at the start of the Range.
 void Range.surroundContents(Node newParent)
          Reparents the contents of the Range to the given node and inserts the node at the position of the start of the Range.

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