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Packages that use HTMLCollection

Uses of HTMLCollection in org.apache.html.dom

Methods in org.apache.html.dom that return HTMLCollection
 HTMLCollection HTMLMapElementImpl.getAreas()
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocumentImpl.getImages()
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocumentImpl.getApplets()
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocumentImpl.getLinks()
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocumentImpl.getForms()
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocumentImpl.getAnchors()
 HTMLCollection HTMLFormElementImpl.getElements()
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableElementImpl.getRows()
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableElementImpl.getTBodies()
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableRowElementImpl.getCells()
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableSectionElementImpl.getRows()
 HTMLCollection HTMLSelectElementImpl.getOptions()

Methods in org.apache.html.dom with parameters of type HTMLCollection
 void HTMLTableRowElementImpl.setCells(HTMLCollection cells)

Uses of HTMLCollection in org.w3c.dom.html

Methods in org.w3c.dom.html that return HTMLCollection
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocument.getImages()
          A collection of all the IMG elements in a document.
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocument.getApplets()
          A collection of all the OBJECT elements that include applets and APPLET ( deprecated ) elements in a document.
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocument.getLinks()
          A collection of all AREA elements and anchor ( A ) elements in a document with a value for the href attribute.
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocument.getForms()
          A collection of all the forms of a document.
 HTMLCollection HTMLDocument.getAnchors()
          A collection of all the anchor (A ) elements in a document with a value for the name attribute.
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableSectionElement.getRows()
          The collection of rows in this table section.
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableElement.getRows()
          Returns a collection of all the rows in the table, including all in THEAD , TFOOT , all TBODY elements.
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableElement.getTBodies()
          Returns a collection of the defined table bodies.
 HTMLCollection HTMLTableRowElement.getCells()
          The collection of cells in this row.
 HTMLCollection HTMLMapElement.getAreas()
          The list of areas defined for the image map.
 HTMLCollection HTMLSelectElement.getOptions()
          The collection of OPTION elements contained by this element.
 HTMLCollection HTMLFormElement.getElements()
          Returns a collection of all control elements in the form.

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