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Uses of Event in org.apache.xerces.dom

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom that return Event
 Event DocumentImpl.createEvent(java.lang.String type)
          Introduced in DOM Level 2.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom with parameters of type Event
 boolean NodeImpl.dispatchEvent(Event event)
protected  boolean CoreDocumentImpl.dispatchEvent(NodeImpl node, Event event)
protected  boolean DocumentImpl.dispatchEvent(NodeImpl node, Event event)
          Introduced in DOM Level 2.
protected  void DocumentImpl.dispatchEventToSubtree(NodeImpl node, Node n, Event e)
          NON-DOM INTERNAL: DOMNodeInsertedIntoDocument and ...RemovedFrom...

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Classes in that implement Event
 class EventImpl
          EventImpl is an implementation of the basic "generic" DOM Level 2 Event object.
 class MutationEventImpl

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Subinterfaces of Event in
 interface MutationEvent
          The MutationEvent interface provides specific contextual information associated with Mutation events.

Methods in that return Event
 Event DocumentEvent.createEvent(java.lang.String eventType)

Methods in with parameters of type Event
 boolean EventTarget.dispatchEvent(Event evt)
          This method allows the dispatch of events into the implementations event model.
 void EventListener.handleEvent(Event evt)
          This method is called whenever an event occurs of the type for which the EventListener interface was registered.

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