Package org.apache.xerces.validators.common

Interface Summary
GrammarResolver This class embodies the representation of a Grammar pool Resolver.
XMLContentModel ContentModel is an interface that can be used by your own custom validators to plug in various types of content models.
XMLValidator.AttributeValidator AttributeValidator.

Class Summary
CMAny Content model any node.
CMLeaf Content model leaf node.
ContentLeafNameTypeVector A light-weight class that stored the leaf names and types from a DFAContentModel
DFAContentModel DFAContentModel is the derivative of ContentModel that does all of the non-trivial element content validation.
ElementWildcard ElementWildcard is used to check whether two element declarations conflict
GrammarResolverImpl This class embodies the representation of a Schema Grammar pool.
InsertableElementsInfo --------------------------------------------------------------------------- InsertableElementsInfo is a simple 'data packet' class that is used to get information into and out of the validator APIs that allow you to ask what kind of elements can be inserted into a particular place in an element's content model.
MixedContentModel MixedContentModel is a derivative of the abstract content model base class that handles the special case of mixed model elements.
SimpleContentModel SimpleContentModel is a derivative of the abstract content model base class that handles a small set of simple content models that are just way overkill to give the DFA treatment.
XMLValidator This class is the super all-in-one validator used by the parser.
XMLValidator.OrderedHashtable.Entry Hashtable entry.
XMLValidator.XPathMatcherStack Stack of XPath matchers for identity constraints.

Exception Summary
CMException CMException is thrown during CMNode operations

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