Package org.apache.xerces.utils

Interface Summary
NamespacesScope.NamespacesHandler NamespacesHandler allows a client to be notified when namespace scopes change
XMLMessageProvider Interface describing how to provide localized error messages to the XMLErrorReporter

Class Summary
Base64 This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.
CharDataChunk This class provides the character buffers used by some of the reader classes.
ChunkyByteArray This class is used for accessing the data provided by an InputStream.
Hash2intTable A light-weight hashtable class that takes 2 ints as key and 1 int as value
HexBin format validation This class encodes/decodes hexadecimal data
ImplementationMessages ImplementationMessages provides messages internal to the parser implementation
IntStack A simple integer based stack.
NamespacesScope NamespacesScope provides a data structure for mapping namespace prefixes to their URI's.
QName QName structure useful for gathering the parts of a qualified name.
StringHasher Algorithm used to hash char arrays (strings).
URI A class to represent a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
XMLCharacterProperties A class representing properties of characters according to various W3C recommendations XMLCharacterProperties provides convenience methods for commonly used character tests.
XMLMessages XMLMessages provides error messages for the XML 1.0 Recommendation and for the Namespaces Recommendation

Exception Summary
URI.MalformedURIException MalformedURIExceptions are thrown in the process of building a URI or setting fields on a URI when an operation would result in an invalid URI specification.

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