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Release Information for earlier releases

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.2.4

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.2.4, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.2.3

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.2.3, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.2.2

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.2.2, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.2.1

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.2.1, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.2.0

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.2.0, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.1.4

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.1.4, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.1.3

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.1.3, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.1.2

For a list of bug fixes in Xerces-C++ 3.1.2, see the Release Notes

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.1.1

The following new features and bug fixes have been implemented in Xerces-C++ 3.1.1:

Date  Contributor  Description 
2010-04-21  Boris Kolpackov  Check that we have non-NULL host before trying to connect (XERCESC-1920). 
2010-04-18  Boris Kolpackov  Recover from the mismatching start/end even count which may happen when we continue parsing an invalid document (XERCESC-1919). 
2010-04-16  Boris Kolpackov  Add Visual Studio 2010 projects and solution. 
2010-04-16  Boris Kolpackov  Use proper VC++ version in PDB file name. 
2010-04-13  Alberto Massari  If the transcoder doesn't process any input, throw an exception (XERCESC-1916). 
2010-04-12  Alberto Massari  Delay the recursive expansion of includes until the document fragment has been placed in the final location (XERCESC-1918). 
2010-04-12  Alberto Massari  The code formatting a content model was skipping the cardinality indicators (*, +, ?) (XERCESC-1914). 
2010-04-11  Boris Kolpackov  Fix a few bugs and memory leaks in XInclude code. 
2010-04-11  Boris Kolpackov  Give proper name to 64-bit PDB file in static build (XERCESC-1907). 
2010-04-11  Boris Kolpackov  Spelling fixes (XERCESC-1911). 
2010-04-11  Boris Kolpackov  Don't include cpuid.h if we are using intrin.h (XERCESC-1912). 
2010-04-07  Boris Kolpackov  Fix socket leak. 
2010-03-19  Boris Kolpackov  Set scanner object on validation context. Needed during QName validation. Don't re-validate default/fixed values in preContentValidation when called from loadGrammar. This values are already validated in TraverseSchema. 
2010-02-17  Boris Kolpackov  Remove explicit setting of prefix for cloned elements and attributes since it is done properly by the create*() functions (XERCESC-1913). 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.1.0

The following new features and bug fixes have been implemented in Xerces-C++ 3.1.0:

Date  Contributor  Description 
2010-01-26  Boris Kolpackov  Remove the "experimental" marker from the loadGrammar API. 
2010-01-20  John Snelson  Fix an infinite loop bug in XML 1.1 NCName parsing. 
2010-01-20  Boris Kolpackov  Get rid of warnings uncovered with g++ -W -Wall. 
2009-11-24  Boris Kolpackov  Don't call u_init in ICU 3.6 and later. 
2009-11-23  Boris Kolpackov  Store the anonymous type count in the SchemaGrammar object. 
2009-11-23  Boris Kolpackov  Save the scope count to the grammar object in case we will be adding to this schema (multi-import case). 
2009-11-23  Boris Kolpackov  Mark schema DOM representation as unavailable after the call to TraverseSchema. 
2009-11-23  Alberto Massari  Don't use intrinsics in VS.NET 2003 since they are not available. 
2009-11-23  Boris Kolpackov  Redo libcurl check to avoid liking to the library when we don't use it. Also update the make pretty-printing code. 
2009-11-20  Boris Kolpackov  Fix a bug in the new LocalFileFormatTarget buffering implementation. 
2009-11-20  Boris Kolpackov  Clear the cached GrammarInfo list when calling resedCachedGrammarPool. 
2009-11-20  Boris Kolpackov  Limit the buffer growth in LocalFileFormatTarget to 64Kb. Optimize MemBufFormatTarget. 
2009-11-20  Boris Kolpackov  Make sure that imported schemas, as well as those loaded with loadGrammar or via the schemaLocation attributes get taken into account when we decide whether the schema in question has already been loaded. 
2009-11-19  Boris Kolpackov  Implement loading of multiple schemas with the same namespace in loadGrammar() when multi-import is enabled. 
2009-11-19  Boris Kolpackov  Extend multi-import support to schemas provided with the schemaLocation attributes (XERCESC-1659). 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Try to switch to the XML Schema mode if we see xsi:type or xsi:nill (XERCESC-1263). 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Provide a more descriptive error message for empty date-time type values (XERCESC-1703). 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Skip the character that we just unescaped when searching for the next percent sign (XERCESC-1826). 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Recognize a register-based authority in URI (XERCESC-1748, XERCESC-1747). 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Commit a partial fix for XERCESC-1866 by David Bertoni. 
2009-11-18  Boris Kolpackov  Load schemas specified with the external schema location properties even if the load-schema property is set to false (XERCESC-1713). 
2009-11-17  Boris Kolpackov  Catch and ignore exceptions in destructors (XERCESC-1898). 
2009-11-13  John Snelson  Fixed DOMDocumentImpl::importNode() to copy the prefix of element and attribute nodes. 
2009-11-13  Alberto Massari  Add a variant to test for XERCESC-1893. 
2009-11-13  Boris Kolpackov  Call getDatatypeValidator before checking whether the schema has been imported. 
2009-11-12  Boris Kolpackov  Rework the way we search for and detect the ICU and libcurl libraries (XERCESC-1892). 
2009-11-11  Boris Kolpackov  Rework the binToText implementation and usage so that we don't need the XERCES_SIZEOF_* macros. This should allow using the same set of headers for 32 and 64-bit builds (XERCESC-1874). 
2009-11-11  Boris Kolpackov  Fix ICU message loader makefile to handle dist properly. 
2009-11-10  Alberto Massari  As we now generate source files for the ICU message loader, use standard automake code. 
2009-11-10  Boris Kolpackov  Rework compilation of ICU message loader resources (XERCESC-1882). 
2009-11-10  Boris Kolpackov  Do not complain that the XSD namespace is not imported (XERCESC-1896). 
2009-11-05  Boris Kolpackov  Enable multiple import handling in examples and test. 
2009-11-05  Boris Kolpackov  Allow the user to change the low water mark used by the parsers (XERCESC-1607). 
2009-11-04  Boris Kolpackov  Free resources if we throw from c-tors (XERCESC-1480). 
2009-11-04  Boris Kolpackov  Remove mentioning of XMLString::release (XERCESC-1847). 
2009-11-04  Boris Kolpackov  Use US-ASCII instead of USASCII. 
2009-11-04  Boris Kolpackov  Expand setNewLine() documentation (XERCESC-1507). 
2009-11-04  Boris Kolpackov  Disable throwing of an exception from the DOMLSParser::parse*() functions (XERCESC-1894). 
2009-10-30  Alberto Massari  Export PDB also for static builds (XERCESC-1759). 
2009-10-28  Alberto Massari  Implemented DOMLSParser::parseWithContext. 
2009-10-28  Alberto Massari  When the base type for a complex type cannot be found in an imported schema that has already been processed, check if a simple type with the same name exists (XERCESC-1893). 
2009-10-27  Boris Kolpackov  Check if glibtoolize exist. Otherwise call libtoolize. 
2009-10-20  James Berry  For builds with curl, use curl-config to get appropriate compiler and linker flags (XERCESC-1892). 
2009-10-06  Alberto Massari  Place the creation of token in the main function to avoid misalignments. 
2009-09-04  Alberto Massari  When releasing an element, remove and release also its attributes (XERCESC-646). 
2009-09-04  Alberto Massari  Improve support for DOMLSParserFilter: (1) if startElement() returned REJECT it was treated like SKIP, and it was changing the current parent node one time too much; (2) the acceptNode() callback was invoked on text nodes every time some data was added to them, potentially removing it many times; (3) the nodes rejected by the callback were not recycled, leading to the same memory footprint as they were accepted. 
2009-09-02  Alberto Massari  Performance improvements. 
2009-08-28  Alberto Massari  The test to detect if the CPU was SSE2-enabled using __get_cpuid was reversed; was testing for the presence of emmintrin.h before detecting which compiler option turned on SSE2, and the header cannot be used until that switch has been set. 
2009-08-28  Alberto Massari  If a minOccurs/maxOccurs cannot be parsed in a valid integer because it's too big, assume it is 500. 
2009-08-26  Alberto Massari  Use SSE2 instructions to speed up bit operations used in schema validation with large maxOccurs. 
2009-08-26  Alberto Massari  The invalid xs:float is now e-46, not e-39. 
2009-08-25  Alberto Massari  Updated documentation to reflect the change in limits for xs:float datatype. 
2009-08-25  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leak; added optimization to the bitfield enumerator. 
2009-08-24  Alberto Massari  Improved performance and reduced memory footprint of schema validation involving large maxOccurs: (1) the CMStateSet uses a sparsely allocated matrix to store the bits, resulting in less memory usage and faster bitwise operations (when analyzing an unallocated chunk, no operations are done); also, having moved the dynamic buffer data members into a separate structure, the space used by two pointers has been added to the cached bit fields, that is now 128 bits; (2) the DFA builder chooses the faster algorithm depending on the data being analyzed. The regression test for XERCESC-1051 now completes in 30 seconds instead of 80. 
2009-08-21  Alberto Massari  When testing for simple type blocked substitutions, allow list and unions when base type is anySimpleType. 
2009-08-21  Alberto Massari  When testing for blocked substitutions, check the entire inheritance chain. 
2009-08-21  Alberto Massari  Added optimizations forgotten in previous commit, plus tests. 
2009-08-20  Alberto Massari  When retrieving an attribute of a schema declaration, specify its type so that the proper whitespace collapse operation can be performed. 
2009-08-20  Alberto Massari  Improved validation of xsi:nil. 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  Move the list with the imported targetNamespace in TraverseSchema, so that a schema can "see" what an imported schema imports (XERCESC-1249). 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  When matching an XPath expression, don't accept a node only if it's the first branch of an union that matches. The XPath parser takes care of removing identical branches (XERCESC-809). 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  Ignore the lax directive if an element has an xsi:type directive (XERCESC-1707). 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  When storing a default/fixed value, use the canonical representation. 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  Use an entity resolver to feed the grammar for the XML namespace. 
2009-08-14  Alberto Massari  When building the key for identity constraints, use the topmost validator. 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  Name and reference to names should be whitespace collapsed. 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  Don't manipulate the XPath expression to ensure it starts with "./" before parsing; add the proper token after the scanner phase. 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  Complain if an identity constraint has an empty name. 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  When placing a value in the identity constraint map, store the actual validator used, instead of the official one. 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  Instead of using the FLT_MIN and FLT_MAX macros, use the XMLSchema definition of minimum and maximum value for a xs:float (XERCESC-1833). 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  When the xsi:type attribute is present, don't emit validation errors complaining of a missing declaration (XERCESC-1481). 
2009-08-13  Alberto Massari  Attributes in the xsi namespace were not whitespace-normalized. 
2009-08-12  Alberto Massari  Blocked substitution was not checked when defined on a complex type (XERCESC-1568): (1) Blocked substitution should not be checked when xsi:type names the same original type; (2) Blocked substitution didn't check the bit of the restriction/extension, but it performed an equality check. 
2009-08-12  Alberto Massari  When parsing a "block" attribute, an empty value means an empty set, not "use blockDefault". 
2009-08-12  Alberto Massari  When parsing a "final" attribute, an empty value means an empty set, not "use finalDefault" (XERCESC-1716). 
2009-08-12  Alberto Massari  When an identity constraint involves a QName, store the value using its Clark name so that values using different prefixes can be matched. 
2009-08-11  Alberto Massari  When validating an annotation, report the location of the error in the source schema, not inside the annotation itself. 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Test that runs a few parse operations with an input stream that splits the source in bad locations. 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Before assuming that a complex type has a simple type as base type simply because it has a data type validator, inspect the base type definition (XERCESC-697). 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Before processing a schema location, remove the 0xFFFF characters present in the non-normalized attribute value (XERCESC-1831). 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  If a derived attribute is prohibited, don't check type substitution and fixed facet (XERCESC-961). 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Deprecate two symbols because of a typo in the name; added a version with the correct spelling. 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Add check for NULL (XERCESC-1863). 
2009-08-10  Alberto Massari  Don't report repetitions in the block/final schema attributes as errors. If a derived attribute is prohibited, don't check type substitution and fixed facet (XERCESC-961). 
2009-08-05  Alberto Massari  On Linux, iconv requires char*; on Solaris, const char*. Use autoconf to pick the correct code. 
2009-08-05  Alberto Massari  Allow GNUiconv to be compiled on Solaris (XERCESC-1856). 
2009-08-04  Alberto Massari  Allow platform with machine/endian.h to select the GNUiconv transcoder. 
2009-08-04  Alberto Massari  Add an autoconf test to verify if the compiler supports the matching operator delete (XERCESC-1380). 
2009-07-30  Alberto Massari  Before complaining that there are not enough child nodes, test the existing ones to be correct (XERCESC-1246). 
2009-07-29  Alberto Massari  Fix end position for fixed string pattern matching (XERCESC-1021). 
2009-07-29  Alberto Massari  Report an error if more than one anyAttribute declaration is found, or if it is not the last declaration (XERCESC-1717). 
2009-07-29  Alberto Massari  If an imported schema had a keyref definition, all the others keyref definition ended up in that schema, and would not be enforced (XERCESC-1583). 
2009-07-29  Alberto Massari  If there is no complex type in the stack, fallback to the schema element definition, like it is done a few lines earlier (XERCESC-1808). 
2009-07-29  Alberto Massari  When copying a context object, allocate new memory for fMatch and fOffsets only if the size of the data being copied is different, so that a user-provided fMatch object can be properly filled (XERCESC-1870). 
2009-07-28  Alberto Massari  Improve scalability of identity checking by using a hash table whose hash value is computed on the canonical values of the values (XERCESC-1878). 
2009-07-08  Alberto Massari  Added methods defined in the Element Traversal specification ( 
2009-06-30  Alberto Massari  Include system-dependent files only if the appropriate macro is defined (XERCESC-1852). 
2009-06-30  Alberto Massari  Fix warning (XERCESC-1872). 
2009-06-03  Alberto Massari  Avoid recursion when parsing simply nested DTD structures. This issue is referenced in the following document: CVE-2009-1885 ( Thanks to Jukka Taimisto, Tero Rontti and Rauli Kaksonen from the CROSS project at Codenomicon Ltd. and CERT-FI for bringing this issue to our attention. 
2009-06-03  Alberto Massari  Improve XSTSHarness to also run the XML Test Suite. 
2009-05-28  Alberto Massari  Add quotes around path in custom build command (XERCESC-1868). 
2009-05-28  Alberto Massari  The PDB file for VC 9.0 used "vc80" (XERCESC-1869). 
2009-05-26  Boris Kolpackov  Check return value of getaddrinfo for non-zero instead of less-than-zero (XERCESC-1871). 
2009-04-27  Alberto Massari  The implementation of some methods didn't match exactly the signature (XERCESC-1867). 
2009-04-23  Boris Kolpackov  Save the scope count value in the SchemaGrammar object. This is necessary for the multiple import option to function correctly. 
2009-03-30  John Snelson  Initializing unitialized variables in TranscodeToStr and TranscodeFromStr (#XERCESC-1858). 
2009-03-27  John Snelson  Fixed a bug when transcoding small strings using TranscodeToStr (XERCESC-1858). 
2009-03-12  Alberto Massari  When the DOMLSInput contains a stringData buffer, the encoding of the source is XMLCh. 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.0.1

The following bugs have been fixed in Xerces-C++ 3.0.1:

Date  Contributor  Description 
2009-02-12  Boris Kolpackov  More robust handling of leading/trailing whitespaces (XERCESC-1838). 
2009-02-12  Boris Kolpackov  Minor documentation updates, including a fix for XERCESC-1848. 
2009-02-10  Boris Kolpackov  Add --disable-rpath configure option. 
2009-01-29  Alberto Massari  Remove class name from method declaration (XERCESC-1850). 
2009-01-16  John Snelson  Fix a bug in the socket and winsock net accessors when a redirection response does not contain a "Location" header. 
2009-01-16  John Snelson  Make XMLMutex use the correct MemoryManager when it closes it's mutex. 
2008-11-12  Boris Kolpackov  Documentation fixes (XERCESC-1841). 
2008-10-30  Alberto Massari  Backport fixes for memory leaks. 
2008-10-29  Alberto Massari  Force Borland projects to use CRLF EOL. 
2008-10-39  Alberto Massari  The wrong constructor was called, causing a memory leak (XERCESC-1840). 
2008-10-23  Alberto Massari  Fix memory leak (XERCESC-1834). 
2008-10-21  Boris Kolpackov  Update URLs in source code to point to the new pages. 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 3.0.0

The following new features and bug fixes have been implemented in Xerces-C++ 3.0.0:

Date  Contributor  Description 
2008-09-22  Vitaly Prapirny  Create Borland project for NetAccessor test. 
2008-09-22  Boris Kolpackov  Allow use of the Windows transcoder and net accessor on Cygwin but only if the user explicitly asks for it. 
2008-09-19  Alberto Massari  Avoid DOMDocument definition from Windows SDK (XERCESC-1830). 
2008-09-17  Boris Kolpackov  Pass raw names to start/endElement if namespaces are disabled. Patch by David Bertoni. 
2008-09-17  Boris Kolpackov  Reimplement skippedString logic to handle "short" and "long" strings separately. 
2008-09-17  David Bertoni  Temporary fix for XERCESC-1827 along with sanity test case. 
2008-09-16  Boris Kolpackov  Avoid pretty-printing comments only in text-only nodes. 
2008-09-16  Boris Kolpackov  Do not add any whitespaces around CDATA sections and comments since they might be non-ignorable (XERCESC-1823). 
2008-09-16  Boris Kolpackov  Add support for generating pkgconfig file. Patch by Jay Berkenbilt (XERCESC-1824). 
2008-09-16  Boris Kolpackov  Pass proper memory manager to mutex. 
2008-09-15  Boris Kolpackov  Allow changing global DOMDocument heap parameters via overloaded Initialize(). 
2008-07-24  Alberto Massari  Include winnt.h from the Platform SDK instead of winres.h from MFC. 
2008-07-23  Alberto Massari  Performance improvement. 
2008-07-22  Alberto Massari  Remove the PCRE-like regular expression engine, and replace it with a XPath 2.0-compatible one (XERCESC-1816). Original patch by John Snelson, modified to fix an exception thrown when expressions negating a character class (e.g. [^\s]) were used. 
2008-07-22  Boris Kolpackov  XML to DOM parsing optimizations. 
2008-07-21  Boris Kolpackov  Various optimizations. 
2008-07-21  Boris Kolpackov  Remove repetitive calls to the getOwnerDocument() virtual function and in some cases use the data member directly. Put DOMStringPool functionality directly into DOMDocumentImpl, make getPooledString() inline. 
2008-07-19  Boris Kolpackov  Get rid of unused MemoryManager argument in hash functions. 
2008-07-17  Alberto Massari  Fixed regression in determining lax/skip/strict processing of an xsd:any preceded by another xsd:any represented using compact syntax (XERCESC-1822). 
2008-07-17  Alberto Massari  The XSTS schema allows multiple schema files to be loaded before a test. 
2008-07-17  Alberto Massari  When comparing two unions, use the validator that correctly parses both instances. 
2008-07-17  Alberto Massari  If an element cannot be found in the schema for its namespace, it is also searched in the empty namespace to see if the user mistakenly forgot about undefining the default namespace; in this case a better error report is generated and (if schema processing is allowed to continue) the empty namespace definition is taken. However, even if the empty namespace definition didn't pass a few checks, we ended up silently using it -> we changed the namespace of the element without notifying the user (XERCESC-1819). 
2008-07-16  Alberto Massari  Build a compact tree also for xsd:any nodes (XERCESC-1051). Reduce the memory required to build a DFA by creating a shallow CMNode hierarchy. Avoid stack overflow when analyzing non-compact model trees. Optimized the building of the DFA state table by avoiding linear searches. 
2008-07-15  Boris Kolpackov  Cygwin is a POSIX emulation layer so use POSIX file manager, transcoder, path delimiter, and net accessor. Still using Windows mutex manager because of the problem in Cygwin pthread emulation. 
2008-07-15  Boris Kolpackov  Require the exact match for the schema loader and storer version. 
2008-07-15  David Bertoni  Fix for XERCESC-1806. 
2008-07-15  David Bertoni  More cleanup for unsigned int/XMLSize_t changes and various compiler warnings. 
2008-07-15  David Bertoni  Fix for XERCESC-1818. 
2008-07-13  Alberto Massari  Backported fix for XERCESJ-773: build a representation of large minOccurs/maxOccurs in constant time and memory (which uses a counter during validation) for element and wildcard particles when each model group particle in the content model: has minOccurs/maxOccurs == 1 or contains only one element/wildcard particle with minOccurs/maxOccurs == 1. (XERCESC-1051). 
2008-07-13  Boris Kolpackov  Use mutex to synchronize access to global document. Fixes XERCESC-1652. 
2008-07-12  Boris Kolpackov  Disable automatic selection of ICU message loader when ICU is available (XERCESC-1769). 
2008-07-11  Boris Kolpackov  Review, cleanup and make consistent all error messages. 
2008-07-09  Boris Kolpackov  Use the ISO8859-1 encoding in net accessors. Add support for httpInfo in the curl net accessor. Patch by John Snelson (XERCESC-1805). 
2008-07-09  Alberto Massari  Added more checks to the XSD syntax. 
2008-07-04  Boris Kolpackov  Increment XERCES_GRAMMAR_SERIALIZATION_LEVEL since the size of line/column fields has changed. 
2008-07-04  Boris Kolpackov  Cleanup interfaces in parsers/ to use XMLSize_t. 
2008-07-03  Boris Kolpackov  Cleanup public interfaces in framework/ to use XMLSize_t. 
2008-07-02  Alberto Massari  Use the _wcsupr naming instead of wcsupr (only Visual C++ defines both, Borland only defines the version prefixed by the underscore). 
2008-06-29  Boris Kolpackov  Add 64-bit support. 
2008-06-28  David Bertoni  Fix for XERCESC-1813. 
2008-06-27  Boris Kolpackov  Use XMLFileLoc consistently to represent line/column. Clean up the SAX interface to use XMLSize_t instead of int/long. 
2008-06-27  Boris Kolpackov  Add XMLFileLoc type (64-bit) that represents location in a file (line/column). Use it in DOM interfaces. 
2008-06-26  Alberto Massari  Added missing "Is" in front of the "MusicalSymbols" regex group. 
2008-06-26  Boris Kolpackov  Use XMLSize_t instead of int/long for indexes and sizes in DOM interfaces. Use enum types instead of short. 
2008-06-26  Alberto Massari  Define regular expression category \w as defined by the XMLSchema specs (XERCESC-541). 
2008-06-25  Boris Kolpackov  Provide a way to disable automatic loading of schemas specified in XML documents. Patch by Wouter Coene. 
2008-06-25  Boris Kolpackov  Move XMLGrammarPoolImpl from internal/ to framework/ so that it can be instantiated directly by the use. 
2008-06-24  Alberto Massari  XSTSHarness now handles the 2006 version of the test suite. 
2008-06-24  Boris Kolpackov  Implement the revised interpretation of ##other in which unqualified names are not matched. Fixes XERCESC-1758, XERCESC-1655. 
2008-06-22  Boris Kolpackov  Add getContentType function to the BinInputStream to allow stream to report out-of-band content type. Implement it in various streams. Factor out and cleanup common code from Socket and WinSock net accessors. Fix a number of bugs. Patch by John Snelson (XERCESC-1805). 
2008-06-20  Boris Kolpackov  Change the DOMXPathResult interface to accommodate both XPath 1 and 2 models. Return DOMXPathResult* instead of void* from evaluate. Add basic auto pointer operations to JanitorMemFunCall class template. 
2008-06-19  Boris Kolpackov  Make regular expressions thread-safe and use runtime memory manager when executing. Add new allMatches() function for advanced use-cases. Patch by John Snelson (XERCESC-1803). 
2008-06-19  Boris Kolpackov  DOM XPath support: Support for resolving default namespace. Support for removing namespace-prefix bindings. Additional documentation. 
2008-05-21  Alberto Massari  Avoid that an external entity having an empty SYSTEM id is treated as internal (XERCESC-1763). 
2008-05-20  David Cargill  Schema fixes for e1-16 errata and full schema checking of any choice restricted by any. 
2008-05-13  Alberto Massari  Add addNamespaceBinding() and release() APIs to XPathNSResolver class (XERCESC-1802) - patch by John Snelson. 
2008-05-13  Alberto Massari  Don't blindly subtract a number from an unsigned int, it could overflow (XERCESC-1804). 
2008-05-01  Alberto Massari  Rewrite the storage mechanism to avoid cast (XERCESC-1678). 
2008-04-07  Alberto Massari  Avoid error messages where English words are specified at runtime. 
2008-04-02  Alberto Massari  Replace copyrighted schema with a simple test case (XERCESC-1791). 
2008-03-22  Boris Kolpackov  Fix XERCESC-1790. Other error messages cleanups. 
2008-03-14  Alberto Massari  DOMPrint now shows how to run an XPath query on a DOM tree (XERCESC-1786). 
2008-03-14  Alberto Massari  If the XPath parser returns 'false', it means the XPath is invalid. (XERCESC-1787). 
2008-03-14  Alberto Massari  Identity constraints on xs:anySimpleType instances are enforced by comparing their lexical values (XERCESC-1393). 
2008-03-11  Boris Kolpackov  Lock the mutex when performing cleanup in the WinSock net accessor. 
2008-03-11  Alberto Massari  When looking for the best encoding, match both char size and endianness. 
2008-03-11  Alberto Massari  Add UTF16-LE and UTF16-BE to the list of encodings tested by GNUiconv (XERCESC-1663). 
2008-03-10  Boris Kolpackov  Get rid of lazy initialization that relied on double-checked locking. Now every static object is initialized in Initialize() and released in Terminate() via XMLInitializer. 
2008-03-09  Boris Kolpackov  Get rid of atomic operations. 
2008-03-07  Boris Kolpackov  New RPM spec by Scott Cantor. 
2008-03-03  Boris Kolpackov  Apply the fast DOM child append patch (XERCESC-1735). 
2008-03-03  Boris Kolpackov  Adjust DOM heap allocation parameters to be the same as in 2.8.0 which appears to give the best overall performance. 
2008-02-26  Alberto Massari  Add VC9 target, remove references to deprecated DOM. 
2008-02-25  Alberto Massari  Validate the attributes of a simple type definition before trusting its content (XERCESC-1718). 
2008-02-25  Alberto Massari  Report an error when a grammar or a type is not found (XERCESC-1745). 
2008-02-21  Alberto Massari  Added configuration to VC9 project files to build Xerces with the ICU transcoder. 
2008-02-21  Alberto Massari  Added configuration to VC8 project files to build Xerces with the ICU transcoder. 
2008-02-21  Alberto Massari  Added configuration to VC7.1 project files to build Xerces with the ICU transcoder. 
2008-02-20  Alberto Massari  Check for the callback pointer to be valid before each call, as a callback could be resetting it (XERCESC-1781). 
2008-02-13  Boris Kolpackov  Make sure the base type was provided when trying to resolve the schema grammar (addition to the previous fix) (XERCESC-1777). 
2008-02-12  Boris Kolpackov  In restriction checking, when looking for a declaration of a base element, use the schema grammar corresponding to the type this element is declared in (XERCESC-1777). 
2008-01-22  Alberto Massari  Update gMaxProtoLen to reflect the addition of "https" (XERCESC-1698). 
2008-01-22  Alberto Massari  Use the same code as in the fopen.c sample from libcurl (XERCESC-1756). 
2008-01-22  Alberto Massari  Show how to release a transcoded string (XERCESC-1767). 
2008-01-22  Alberto Massari  Fixed 64 bit issue (XERCESC-1768). 
2007-11-21  Alberto Massari  Add project files for Visual Studio 2008. 
2007-10-08  David Cargill  Encode characters for anyURI using xlink 5.4 algorithm. Patch from Gilbert Chan. 
2007-08-30  Alberto Massari  - Don't allocate a stack unless the string to be matched is longer than 256 characters. Don't use backtracking if the regex pattern doesn't have ambiguities (XERCESC-1242). 
2007-08-28  Alberto Massari  - SrcOffset is a XMLFilePos (64 bit). MsgLoader and Transcode API needed some more XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-08-24  Alberto Massari  Avoid recursion when checking for closures. Patch by Vitaly Prapirny (XERCESC-1242). 
2007-07-30  Alberto Massari  The GroupContentRestricted error is used for both 'sequence' and 'choice' models, so get the model at runtime (XERCESC-1724). 
2007-07-18  Alberto Massari  Parser interfaces now use XMLSize_t for characters, comment, ignorableWhitespace, docCharacters, doctypeWhitespace (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-18  Alberto Massari  Fixed signed/unsigned conversions (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-18  Alberto Massari  Send the NODE_CLONED notification for each node in the tree when cloning the entire DOMDocument (XERCESC-1722). 
2007-07-17  Alberto Massari  GNUIconv should not look at APP_NO_THREADS, and look at where endian.h is located (XERCESC-1709). 
2007-07-11  Alberto Massari  Line numbers should use unsigned long (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-11  Alberto Massari  XMLString, XMLBuffer and Base64 should use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-10  Alberto Massari  XMLTransService should use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-09  Alberto Massari  XSerializeEngine should use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  All lists and vectors should use unsigned int to report size and access items (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  Changed MemBufInputSource to use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  Changed XMLFormatTarget interface to have writeChars use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  Changed XMLTransService interface to have transcodeFrom and transcodeTo use XMLSize_t (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  Changed BinOutputStream interface to have curPos return a 64-bit integer, and use XMLSize_t in writeBytes (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-07-06  Alberto Massari  Changed BinInputStream interface to have curPos return a 64-bit integer, and use XMLSize_t in readBytes (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-06-09  David Cargill  Apply base whitespace facet to enumeration values. Patch from Gilbert Chan. 
2007-06-09  David Cargill  Suppress DTD error message for attribute referring to unknown entity when attribute not used. Patch from John Kim. 
2007-05-21  Alberto Massari  In the fix for XERCESC-1592, code to set xmlns="" that was moved from retrieveNamespaceMappping to preprocessSchema was not executed for imported schemas. 
2007-05-15  Alberto Massari  mblen returns 0 when given an empty string; rewrote code to only use mbstowcs (XERCESC-1702). 
2007-05-08  Alberto Massari  Add https to the list of valid protocols for XMLURL (XERCESC-1698). 
2007-04-25  Alberto Massari  Add x64 target to VC8 project files. 
2007-04-17  Alberto Massari  Fix for XERCESC-1092. 
2007-04-10  Alberto Massari  Make the header guards less obvious (XERCESC-1693). 
2007-04-06  Alberto Massari  Fix for XERCESC-1592. 
2007-03-08  Alberto Massari  Fixed infinite loop when an XPath expression contained an unexpected character (XERCESC-1682). 
2007-03-06  Alberto Massari  IconvGNU and IconvFBSD transcoders override application-set locale, XERCESC-1660 (patch by Boris Kolpackov). 
2007-03-02  Alberto Massari  Initial commit of XInclude support (by Simon Rowland). 
2007-02-07  Alberto Massari  Even if the XSTS suite thinks differently, the XMLSchema 1.1 clarifies that two values derived from the same value space should be treated as equals; so find out the common ancestor and use it to perform the comparison. 
2007-02-02  Alberto Massari  Implemented the DOML3 XPath interfaces, reusing the XPath processor used inside the XMLSchema validation; this means it understands only a limited subset of the XPath syntax, and can only return DOMElement nodes. However, it could be useful for simple navigations, or maybe be later expanded. 
2007-01-30  Alberto Massari  Allow 'list' and 'union' in the finalDefault attribute of a schema (XERCESC-1633). 
2007-01-30  Alberto Massari  Fix backport of XERCESC-1237. 
2007-01-30  Alberto Massari  Only xs:key should complain if not all the fields of an identity constraint are not found in the XML instance (XERCESC-1237). 
2007-01-02  Alberto Massari  When calling getAttributeNodeNS, ensure we are providing a localName (XERCESC-1473). 
2006-12-18  Alberto Massari  The 'dst' argument in the DOMUserDataHandler::handle callback is non-const, in order to let the application modify the newly created node (XERCESC-783). 
2006-12-11  Alberto Massari  Performance improvement: allocate memory only when the data inside the XMLElementDecl cannot be reused. 
2006-12-01  Alberto Massari  Use the algorithm from to encode/decode surrogate pairs (XERCESC-1654). 
2006-10-20  Alberto Massari  Enable IPv6 addresses by using getaddrinfo when available [based on a patch by Ramanjaneyulu Malisetti]. 
2006-10-20  Alberto Massari  Handle both IPv4 and IPv6 on Windows (to be enabled via a macro, as it is only available starting with Windows XP) [based on a patch by Ramanjaneyulu Malisetti]. 
2006-10-20  Alberto Massari  Report the correct error when the XML PI has 'XML' instead of 'xml' (XERCESC-1641). 
2006-10-16  Alberto Massari  Allow the user to specify the memory manager used by LSSerializer::writeToString. 
2006-09-26  Alberto Massari  Removed warnings (XERCESC-1619). 
2006-09-26  Alberto Massari  Make some methods const (XERCESC-1628). 
2006-09-26  Alberto Massari  When checking for a valid restriction, take into account substitution groups (XERCESC-1281). 
2006-08-30  Alberto Massari  Don't crash if an external parameter entity has no SYSTEM id (XERCESC-1536). 
2006-08-28  Alberto Massari  IconvGNU transcoder now works on big endian machines. 
2006-08-23  Alberto Massari  Default or fixed attribute values should be whitespace normalized, if the datatype requires it, before being validated. 
2006-08-23  Alberto Massari  DOMLSParserImpl::loadGrammar should not release the previously loaded DOMDocument (XERCESC-1626). 
2006-07-25  Alberto Massari  Reduce the number of allocations needed by text and attribute nodes (XERCESC-1585). 
2006-07-25  Alberto Massari  Remove support for building Xerces with VC7. 
2006-07-04  Alberto Massari  Removed usage of MB_CUR_MAX from iconv transcoder; if the block-oriented APIs are available, use them (XERCESC-1444, patch by Axel Weiss). 
2006-06-12  Alberto Massari  Added parameter space-first-level-elements to DOMLSSerializer to let the user control whether the children of the document root should have an extra line feed between them (XERCESC- 1561). 
2006-05-30  Alberto Massari  SAX2XMLReader should use the prefix reported by the reader, not the one stored in the element declaration (XERCESC-1598). 
2006-05-30  Alberto Massari  DGXMLScanner was treating predefined entities inside attribute values as if they were in the element content (XERCESC-1597). 
2006-05-23  James Berry  Fix for XERCESC-1595. 
2006-05-12  Alberto Massari  Allow spaces in anyURIs, as they are 'legal but highly discouraged' (XERCESC-1581). 
2006-03-19  Alberto Massari  Factory method is no more inline to avoid including an internal header in a public one (XERCESC-1579). 
2006-02-28  Alberto Massari  Remove BOM-detection code inside refreshCharBuffer: the fix for XERCESC-1284 makes it unnecessary, and the UTF-8 part was updating the wrong index (XERCESC-1385). 
2006-02-18  Alberto Massari  When serializing attribute values, escape also carriage returns and tabs (XERCESC-1547). 
2006-02-18  Alberto Massari  If an encoding has been forced on a InputSource, ignore a compatible BOM found in the stream (XERCESC-1284). 
2006-02-06  David Bertoni  Patch from Tobias Schuette for XERCESC-1491. 
2006-01-21  David Bertoni  Fix for XERCESC-1555 from Mark Weaver. 
2006-01-21  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1548. 
2006-01-16  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1546. Canonical value of list was putting in an extra null character. 
2006-01-16  Alberto Massari  When evaluating a union in a regular expression, take the branch that matches the longest part of the input string (XERCESC-1521). 
2005-12-27  Alberto Massari  Improve validation performances when dealing with schemas with lots of top level definitions (XERCESC-1542). 
2005-12-26  Alberto Massari  Fix for XERCESC-1533 (default attributes in the definition for an element that is not validated because of errors would be added to the list of attributes even if already present). 
2005-12-20  Alberto Massari  Expose the memory allocation functionalities of DOMDocumentImpl through the DOMMemoryManager interface; this removes dangerous casts in the operator new and allows to tune the size of the memory chunks (XERCESC-1475). 
2005-12-14  Alberto Massari  When cloning or importing a node, also copy the type information (XERCESC- 1517). 
2005-12-01  Alberto Massari  Added projects for Visual Studio 2005. 
2005-10-25  Alberto Massari  Nodes that implement getFeature should also implement isSupported (XERCESC-1479). 
2005-10-15  David Cargill  Message update for qname fix and XERCESC-1515. 
2005-09-28  Alberto Massari  closesocket should be dynamically bound (XERCESC-1467). 
2005-08-26  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1240. 
2005-08-26  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-896. 
2005-08-25  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-896. 
2005-08-15  David Cargill  Schema errata e2-67 fix, ported from java to allow [^+-]. 
2005-08-10  David Cargill  Remove references to nonexist DOMSystemException. XERCESC-1400. 
2005-08-10  Alberto Massari  Documentation for Base64::decode now state how whitespace is treated (XERCESC-974). 
2005-08-09  Alberto Massari  Close the socket even in case of exceptions being thrown (XERCESC-1467). 
2005-08-08  gareth  Added comment to state the namespace info wont work with this parser. XERCESC-1377. 
2005-07-28  David Cargill  Follow-up fix to XERCESC-990. Allow lookup for imported schema with no namespace. 
2005-07-27  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1463. 
2005-07-27  David Cargill  Schema errata E2-27: don't have negative sign in front of zero. 
2005-07-26  Alberto Massari  Reset the flag used to signal a trailing space if the chunk doesn't end with a space (XERCESC-1239). 
2005-07-25  Alberto Massari  After looking for the DOM element defining the required type we should use the registry to perform the lookup instead of assuming the one we just parsed is the right one (XERCESC-990). 
2005-07-25  David Cargill  Fix problem where incorrect xsmodel was generated for UseCachedGrammarInParse. 
2005-07-25  David Cargill  Fix various schema date time problems. 
2005-07-20  David Cargill  Update XMLDateTime to correctly test for timezone. 
2005-07-20  David Cargill  Empty content for Base64Binary & HexBinary should be allowed. 
2005-06-29  Alberto Massari  Added getter methods for flags (XERCESC-1450). 
2005-06-29  Alberto Massari  Fix for XERCESC-1449. 
2005-06-28  Alberto Massari  Schema errata E2-67: allow unescaped '-' at the beginning and end of a regex. 
2005-06-17  James Berry  Add const qualifier to getDocumentLocations to match interface (patch to 191040 for bug XERCESC-1153). 
2005-06-17  Alberto Massari  XMLSchemaDescriptionImpl::getLocationHints() returns a const pointer (XERCESC-1153). 
2005-06-17  Alberto Massari  DOMDocument::importNode accepts a const pointer (XERCESC-1223). 
2005-06-11  James Berry  Resolve bug XERCESC-1436. Header and implementation of OpFactory used inconsistent function signature. Thanks to Axel Weiss. 
2005-06-08  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1409. 
2005-06-08  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1423 from Christian. 
2005-06-06  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1368. 
2005-06-04  David Bertoni  Patch for XERCESC-1420. 
2005-06-03  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1348. 
2005-06-03  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1115. Allow zero length content. 
2005-06-03  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1417. 
2005-06-02  David Cargill  Don't treat characters 0x2028 and 0x85 as plain characters in XML 1.1. 
2005-06-02  David Cargill  Schema errata update. Ignore length, minLength and maxLength facets for qname and notation. 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.8.0

The following new features and bug fixes have been implemented in Xerces-C++ 2.8.0:

Date  Contributor  Description 
2007-08-23  Scott Cantor  RPM spec file update to support 64 bit builds (XERCESC-1740) 
2007-08-22  Boris Kolpackov  Remove option to explicitly link against libc. 
2007-08-22  Alberto Massari  Rename afxres.h to winres.h (XERCESC-1737). 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Static build option. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Exponential growth for DOM heap. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Add HTTPS scheme to URI. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  64 bit Windows build (XERCESC-1531). 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Explicit type conversion to get rid of a warning. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Auto-detect HP aCC3 vs aCC6 compiler versions. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Verbose mode (add VERBOSE=1 to the gmake command line). 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Support for g++ on AIX and HP-UX. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Change optimization level on GNU/Linux from -O to -O2. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  Add appendChildFast and call it in parser. Performance patch. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  64 bit compile/link options auto-detection for Solaris. 
2007-08-21  Boris Kolpackov  VC8 projects. 
2007-07-30  Alberto Massari  The GroupContentRestricted error is used for both 'sequence' and 'choice' models, so get the model at runtime (XERCESC-1724). 
2007-07-26  Alberto Massari  XSWildcard was always getting a 'strict' processContent when the namespace list contained more than 2 elements. 
2007-07-23  Christian Will  Performance patch for XERCESC-1657. 
2007-07-23  Anton Nikolaevsky  Patch for XERCESC-1591. 
2007-07-18  Alberto Massari  Send the NODE_CLONED notification for each node in the tree when cloning the entire DOMDocument (XERCESC-1722). 
2007-06-15  David Bertoni  Fix for null pointer dereference in the case where the expression is empty and the case-insensitive option is specified. 
2007-06-09  Gilbert Chan  Apply base whitespace facet to enumeration values. 
2007-06-09  John Kim  Suppress DTD error message for attribute referring to unknown entity when attribute not used. 
2007-06-08  Alberto Massari  Add missing include for MinGW (XERCESC-1617) 
2007-06-01  David Cargill  Schema fixes for anonymous type with mixed and substitution with bock. 
2007-05-22  David Cargill  For enumeration only check base as per spec. 
2007-05-22  David Cargill  Only complain when NOTATION is in schema namespace. 
2007-05-15  Alberto Massari  mblen returns 0 when given an empty string; rewrote code to only use mbstowcs (XERCESC-1702). 
2007-04-17  Alberto Massari  In the Windows registry, the code page for an encoding is stored in @InternetEncoding, not in @Codepage (XERCESC-1092). 
2007-03-28  David Cargill  Various schema fixes. 
2007-03-27  Alberto Massari  Performance improvements. 
2007-03-27  Alberto Massari  A decimal value of 0.0 was treated as a positive number, so it was different from 0. 
2007-03-08  Alberto Massari  Fixed infinite loop when an XPath expression contained an unexpected character (XERCESC-1682). 
2007-03-06  Boris Kolpackov  IconvGNU and IconvFBSD transcoders override application-set locale (XERCESC-1660). 
2007-02-07  Alberto Massari  Even if the XSTS suite thinks differently, the XMLSchema 1.1 clarifies that two values derived from the same value space should be treated as equals; so find out the common ancestor and use it to perform the comparison. 
2007-02-06  Alberto Massari  When invoking the userData handlers, first build a snapshot of the map, so that the callbacks can update it safely. 
2007-01-31  Alberto Massari  Equal lexical values of unrelated types must be treated as different. 
2007-01-31  Alberto Massari  Handle escaped characters in schemaLocation attributes. 
2007-01-31  Alberto Massari  Before using a local memory manager, check that we have a valid pointer. 
2007-01-30  Alberto Massari  Allow 'list' and 'union' in the finalDefault attribute of a schema (XERCESC-1633). 
2007-01-30  Alberto Massari  Only xs:key should complain if not all the fields of an identity constraint are not found in the XML instance (XERCESC-1237). 
2007-01-29  David Cargill  Complex type restriction with substation group fix. 
2007-01-25  David Cargill  Schema and UTF32 fixes. 
2007-01-02  Alberto Massari  When calling getAttributeNodeNS, ensure we are providing a localName (XERCESC-1473). 
2006-12-30  Charles McLouth  Added support for WinSock and Windows Transcoder on Mingw/msys platform (XERCESC-1617). 
2006-12-27  Alberto Massari  Detect open() failures (XERCESC-1658). 
2006-12-11  Alberto Massari  Performance improvement: allocate memory only when the data inside the XMLElementDecl cannot be reused. 
2006-12-03  David Cargill  Schema derivation fixes. 
2006-12-03  David Cargill  Case insensitive regular expression fixes. 
2006-12-03  David Cargill  Static initialization fix. 
2006-10-20  Alberto Massari  Report the correct error when the XML PI has 'XML' instead of 'xml' (XERCESC-1641). 
2006-10-10  Alberto Massari  Allow whitespace-only nodes to be added as children of a DOMDocument. 
2006-10-05  David Cargill  Handle anonymous types properly. 
2006-10-05  David Cargill  Don't add extra whitespace when validating datatypes. 
2006-10-05  David Cargill  Treat "." as invalid double/float. 
2006-09-29  David Bertoni  Removed unnecessary transcoding of file names, that resulted in round-trip transcoding. Moved calls to initializer list to avoid initializing to a default value. 
2006-09-27  David Bertoni  Fixed some bugs where the literal 0 was being used as the value of an invalid file handle. This affects platforms like Solaris, which use open/close, etc., instead of fopen/fclose, etc. 
2006-09-26  Boris Kolpackov  When checking for a valid restriction, take into account substitution groups (XERCESC-1281). 
2006-09-11  Alberto Massari  Don't crash if an external parameter entity has no SYSTEM id (XERCESC-1536). 
2006-08-23  Alberto Massari  Default or fixed attribute values should be whitespace normalized, if the datatype requires it, before being validated. 
2006-08-23  Alberto Massari  DOMLSParserImpl::loadGrammar should not release the previously loaded DOMDocument (XERCESC-1626). 
2006-08-10  Alberto Massari  Fix memory leak (XERCESC-1624). 
2006-07-07  Jay Hansen  OS400 fixes. 
2006-07-06  David Cargill  Fix crashes that can occur when a non-default memory manager tries to clean up after running out of memory. 
2006-05-30  Alberto Massari  SAX2XMLReader should use the prefix reported by the reader, not the one stored in the element declaration (XERCESC-1598) 
2006-05-30  Alberto Massari  DGXMLScanner was treating predefined entities inside attribute values as if they were in the element content (XERCESC-1597) 
2006-05-08  David Cargill  Documentation update. Default validation is never, not auto. 
2006-04-29  David Cargill  Better message for invalid boolean datatype. 
2006-04-28  David Cargill  Performance fix, don't use QName as colon location is already available. 
2006-04-28  David Cargill  Use ln -fs instead of ln -f to avoid error message during Unix build. 
2006-04-19  Alberto Massari  Fix an error that manifested itself when a DTD defined a general entity using a parameter entity for specifying the name. 
2006-04-18  Alberto Massari  setEncoding was relying on XMLRecognizer::encodingForName to return OtherEncoding when presented with a endian-neutral UTF16/UTF32 encoding, but it doesn't do it anymore. 
2006-04-18  David Cargill  Put xmlns attributes in registry to avoid errors when checking for required attributes. 
2006-04-18  David Cargill  Ensure decimal is valid on getActualValue call when toValidate is true. 
2006-04-18  David Cargill  Thread safety fix, don't do lazy evaluation of patterns. 
2006-03-27  Alberto Massari  Allow whitespace at the beginning and after the union operator in XPath expressions of identity constraints. 
2006-03-23  David Cargill  Make getCanonical for float and double have consistent behaviour with getActual. 
2006-03-21  Alberto Massari  If "entities" feature is set to TRUE, entities reference inside attribute values should be serialized as "&ent;" 
2006-03-19  Alberto Massari  Factory method is no more inline to avoid including an internal header in a public one (XERCESC-1579). 
2006-03-17  David Cargill  Display actual errorCode when reporting an error. 
2006-03-05  Alberto Massari  Allow non-standard names for the C++ compiler. 
2006-03-03  Alberto Massari  Updated Borland C++ 6 projects. 
2006-02-28  Alberto Massari  Remove BOM-detection code inside refreshCharBuffer: the fix for XERCESC-1284 makes it unnecessary, and the UTF-8 part was updating the wrong index (XERCESC-1385). 
2006-02-24  Alberto Massari  Improve performances of addRange. 
2006-02-18  Alberto Massari  When serializing attribute values, escape also carriage returns and tabs (XERCESC-1547). 
2006-02-18  Alberto Massari  If an encoding has been forced on a InputSource, ignore a compatible BOM found in the stream (XERCESC-1284). 
2006-02-06  Tobias Schuette  Fix for XERCESC-1491. 
2006-02-06  David Cargill  Put annotations for duplicate elements on the first element. 
2006-02-06  David Cargill  Update schema limitations and clarify float and double behaviour. 
2006-01-30  Khaled Noaman  Do not generate error message if switchGrammar fails when laxly validating. 
2006-01-21  Mark Weaver  Fix for XERCESC-1555. 
2006-01-21  David Bertoni  Fixes for XERCESC-1548. 
2006-01-16  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1546. Canonical value of list was putting in an extra null character. 
2006-01-16  Alberto Massari  When evaluating a union in a regular expression, take the branch that matches the longest part of the input string (XERCESC-1521). 
2005-12-30  Khaled Noaman  Fix for erroneous duplicate id problem. 
2005-12-28  David Cargill  Uniconv390 fixes. 
2005-12-28  David Cargill  Put debug code under specific flag so it only gets built when needed instead of for each debug build. 
2005-12-28  David Cargill  Fix size of boolean structure. 
2005-12-28  David Cargill  Schema fixes for union of union and empty element. 
2005-12-27  Alberto Massari  Improve validation performances when dealing with schemas with lots of top level definitions (XERCESC-1542). 
2005-12-26  Alberto Massari  Fix for XERCESC-1533 (default attributes in the definition for an element that is not validated because of errors would be added to the list of attributes even if already present). 
2005-12-15  David Bertoni  Added missing parameter (XERCESC-1538). 
2005-12-14  Alberto Massari  When cloning or importing a node, also copy the type information (XERCESC-1517). 
2005-11-15  David Cargill  Treat "+" and "-" as invalid numeric schema values. 
2005-11-15  David Cargill  Fix bug where very long element names gives parsing error. 
2005-11-09  Alberto Massari  Generated static library in lowercase like the dynamic one (XERCESC-1522). 
2005-10-31  Alberto Massari  Nodes that implement getFeature should also implement isSupported (XERCESC- 1479). 
2005-10-15  David Cargill  Fix for XERCESC-1515. 
2005-10-15  David Cargill  Message update for QName fix and XERCESC-1515. 
2005-10-12  David Cargill  QName fix. Need to verify that the prefix is defined. 
2005-10-12  David Cargill  Check for valid schema characters for float and double. 
2005-10-12  David Cargill  Annotation bug fixes. 
2005-09-28  Alberto Massari  closesocket should be dynamically bound (XERCESC-1467). 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.7.0

Here is the list of bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.7.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2005-05-19  David Cargill  390 update: use ICU table which is present with the uniconv390 
2005-05-19  David Cargill  Update table used for patterns to the Unicode 4.0.1 level. 
2005-05-18  David Cargill  For time schema datatypes, ensure milisecond only contains 0-9 
2005-05-18  Jay Hansen  OS400 updates  
2005-05-08  James Berry  Modify runConfigure to accept the names of C++ compilers that it doesn't recognize 
2005-05-06  David Bertoni  Change for loop control variable for compilers that don't enforce for scope. 
2005-05-05  David Cargill  Update XSValue to handle float and double the same way the main library does 
2005-05-05  Mike Pawlowski  Update HP 64 bit options 
2005-05-04  David Bertoni  Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1416 
2005-05-04  David Bertoni  Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1391 
2005-04-29  David Bertoni  Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1407 
2005-04-29  David Bertoni  Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1390 
2005-04-28  Alberto Massari  Move implementation of setDocument to the cpp file, where DOMDocumentImpl is a known class (jira 968) 
2005-04-27  David Cargill   Fix for problem on Solaris where open may return 0 as a valid FileHandle. Check for -1 instead. 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Fix for xercesc-1413: invalid operator equal template signature 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Schema updates to match spec 
2005-04-26  David Cargill   Prefix mapping update to handle schema correctly. 
2005-04-24  David Cargill   Remove collaboration graph from apiDocs  
2005-04-22  David Bertoni   Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1411  
2005-04-22  David Cargill   Use isspace instead of isSpace as data is char not xmlch 
2005-04-22  David Bertoni   Patch for Jira issue XERCESC-1410 
2005-04-21  David Cargill   Add support for ucs-2 
2005-04-14  David Bertoni  Fix Jira 1406. Added include 
2005-04-12  Alberto Massari  Fix compiler errors on IRIX (jira 1405) 
2005-04-07  Khaled Noaman   Update chars table with an NCName char mask instead of an XML letter mask 
2005-04-07  Alberto Massari   appendChild now throws an exception when a NULL pointer is given (jira# 1401)  
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Update XSValue to handle leading and trailing whitespace 
2005-04-05  David Cargill   Change platform mutex code to do a panic  
2005-04-05  Khaled Noaman   Performance: do not make a copy of the expression to match 
2005-04-05  David Cargill   Implement version of lowercase that only check a to z 
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Update Redirect sample to use newer entity resolver callback  
2005-04-05  David Cargill  Implement support for disabling default entity resolution  
2005-04-05  Khaled Noaman   skip DTD validation feature  
2005-04-05  David Bertoni  Fix thread safety issues 
2005-04-05  Axel Weib   Fix for jira 1397. *Much* nicer make output 
2005-04-05  Gareth Reakes   Fix for Jira 1396. make distclean now removes all files 
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Fix a problem where illegal qualified names were not reported as errors 
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Fix memory leak when deserializing grammars  
2005-04-04  David Cargill   Add support for not creating xsannotations when deserializing a grammar  
2005-04-01  David Bertoni   Fix for Jira issue XERCESC-1389: memory manager  
2005-04-01  Alberto Massari   In case of a mixed-case standalone value, the flag was always set to false 
2005-03-31  Alberto Massari  Don't invoke the resolver when an empty xs:import is found 
2005-03-30  David Cargill   Allow XSAnnotation generation to be controlled by a feature  
2005-03-29  David Cargill   Begin work on adding some new features by checking in the feature handling support 
2005-03-25  Alberto Massari   On Windows, export the class from the DLL  
2005-03-22  Christian Will   Perf patches for Xercesc-1369 and 1370 
2005-03-20  David Cargill   Implement versions of uppercase and compareIstring that only check a to z 
2005-03-20  David Cargill   Add FLOAT(IEEE) to list of 390 compiler options so XSValueTest will compile  
2005-03-20  Christian Will   [jira 1381] Memory leak in GrammarResolver  
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Aligned method declaration (jira# 1386) 
2005-03-17  Gareth Reake   Updated doc to refect real behaviour with adoptBuffer 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari  Remove variable declaration from 'if' statement (jira# 1379) 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Fully qualify enum (jira# 1383) 
2005-03-17  Alberto Massari   Aligned method declaration (jira# 1384) 
2005-03-16  Matthew Hall   Fix possible overflow problem  
2005-03-14  Gareth Reakes   Fix for Jira 1376: wrong memory manager 
2005-03-14  Gareth Reakes  Fix to Jira 1375. Removed space char between #! and /. 
2005-03-11  Christian Will   XERCESC-1345: Reset fDTDElemeNonDeclPool in scanreset  
2005-03-11  David Earlam   XERCESC-1363: Increase size of BaseRefVectorOf based on size of data not by 32  
2005-03-09  Alberto Massari   Protected getSrcOffset to avoid crashing when parsing has finished; updated documentation  
2005-03-08  Alberto Massari   Redeclare a namespace binding if the prefix is already bound to a different namespace (jira# 1371)  
2005-03-08  Christian Will   Improve performances of XMLString::tokenizeString (jira# 1363) 
2005-03-07  Khaled Noaman   Eliminate lazy creation of attribute lists 
2005-03-04  Markus Scherer   Initialize ICU to avoid multithreading problems 
2005-03-04  Alberto Massari   The URL fragments were leaked (jira# 1362) 
2005-03-03  Steve Dulin   Update samples to use XERCESCOUT instead of XERCESCROOT  
2005-03-03  Alberto Massari   Removing makefile project, as BCB6 users should use the .bpr project (jira# 1347) 
2005-03-03  David Bertoni   Removed superfluous const qualifiers 
2005-02-25  David Cargill   Attempt to fix compiler errors 
2005-02-25  David Bertoni   Performance improvements  
2005-02-25  Alberto Massari   Fixing spelling errors  
2005-02-25  Scott Cantor   Fix for compile under gcc 4 
2005-02-25  David Bertoni   Fix thread safety issues. Jira #30380. Thanks to David Bertoni 
2005-02-23  Mike Boos   Various PSVI fixes  
2005-02-23  Steve Dulin  Allow ICU to be used for transcoding and casing  
2005-02-23  David Cargill   Copy performance change made to XMLUTF8Transcoder.cpp to the 390 version 
2005-02-21  James Berry   Bugfix: XERCESC-1074; get rid of warnings  
2005-02-21  David Cargill   Doc updates, including xercesc-1352  
2005-02-21  Christian Will  Performance fixes  
2005-02-21  Alberto Massari   Updated makefile (bug# 1346) 
2005-02-19  David Cargill   Update error message from regular expressions  
2005-02-19  David Bertoni   Prefix mapping fix  
2005-02-19  David Cargill   Store key for recreating table instead of using enclosingscope 
2005-02-18  James Berry  Update release plan with tenative 3.0 list 
2005-02-14  James Berry  Fix spelling of fgMacLCPEncodingName 
2005-02-11  James Berry   Remove from project obsolete files XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator.  
2005-02-11  Chris Cates  Explicitly create a unicode collator for Mac 
2005-02-07  Alberto Massari   AStatic builds had incomplete MIDL command lines  
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Enable building of tests and samples under Interix (jira# 1330) 
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Mark global variables for this module as static (jira# 1331) 
2005-02-02  Alberto Massari   Added rehashing capabilities  
2005-01-26  Alberto Massari  If the option /Zc:wchar_t is specified, map XMLCh to wchar_t (jira# 413)  
2005-01-26  Alberto Massari  XMemory updates 
2005-01-20  David Cargill   Xercesc-1326: Documentation update for getTextContext. 
2005-01-20  David Cargill   Xercesc-1328: Fix spelling of XMLUni::fgXercesUseCachedGrammarInParse (missing an a in parse) 
2005-01-18  Steve Dulin  Delete memory for parser and grammarpool 
2005-01-14  Alberto Massari  When entity reference creation was on, the document created by the parser was leaked (jira# 490)  
2005-01-13  Alberto Massari   Support for UnixWare 7.1.1 (jira# 1148) 
2005-01-12  David Cargill   Fix for xercesc-1219 
2005-01-12  David Cargill  Remove warning messages. 
2005-01-08  Alberto Massari   Fixes to compile with Visual Studio 2005 (jira# 1253) 
2005-01-08  David Cargill   Fix for Xercesc-1283: incorrect case for xmluni predefined constant in doc 
2005-01-07  David Cargill   Fix for Xercesc-1314: clarify what is xercescroot. 
2005-01-07  Alberto Massari   Updated Borland makefile 
2005-01-07  Alberto Massari   scanReset() should always clear the maps used to detect duplicate attributes 
2005-01-06  Alberto Massari   Removed warnings 
2005-01-06  Alberto Massari   When emitting a "duplicate attribute" error, we were using an unitialized pointer variable 
2005-01-06  David Cargill   Update SAX2Print sample project files to add new files recently added to sample  
2005-01-05  Alberto Massari   Add icpc to the list of C++ compilers (jira# 1311)  
2005-01-03  James Berry   Add support for use of ICU with Mac OS X version 
2005-01-03  Alberto Massari   maps used to detect duplicate attributes are now cleaned  
2005-01-03  Alberto Massari   Fixed name of include file [jira#1321] 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Notify advanced handlers of the whitespace before and after the root document element (jira# 729) 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Delete the user data informations only after invoking all the NODE_DELETED handlers (jira# 620) 
2004-12-30  Alberto Massari  Added API to remove all entries having the same primary key 
2004-12-29  Alberto Massari  The second call to ucnv_fromUChars was causing the buffer not to be terminated (jira#1300) 
2004-12-28  James Berry  Add support for use of sockets netaccessor on Mac OS X. 
2004-12-28  James Berry  Fix syntax error caught by GCC 4 
2004-12-28  Alberto Massari  DOMDocument::cloneNode can clone the element definitions (bug# 647) 
2004-12-28  Alberto Massari  Store fAxisType as an integer, not as a XMLCh (bug# 1177) 
2004-12-24  Alberto Massari  Add support for SAX2 filters (jira# 1133) 
2004-12-23  David Cargill  XSValue Updates 
2004-12-23  Alberto Massari  Use correct prefix on end tag 
2004-12-21  David Cargill  Attempt to fix various apidoc problems 
2004-12-20  David Cargill  Add assert to avoid memory violation 
2004-12-13  Christian Will  Performance improvement 
2004-12-12  Alberto Massari  Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303] 
2004-12-10  David Cargill  Fix problem with hexbin::decode and use XMLByte instead of XMLCh for output of decoding. 
2004-12-09  Khaled Noman  DOM L3: pass schema normalized value only when datatype-normalization feature is enabled. 
2004-12-09  Alberto Massari  Fxi for jira392 
2004-12-07  Khaled Noman  An option to ignore a cached DTD grammar 
2004-12-07  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leak in operator= [jira# 1307] 
2004-12-06  Alberto Massari  Take into account the fExpandEntityReferences setting [jira# 1303] 
2004-12-06  David Cargill  Clean-up error text for a message that said unsupported 
2004-12-05  Alberto Massari  Added XMLString::release(void**, MemoryManager*) [jira# 1301] 
2004-12-05  Alberto Massari  entity resolver behaviour  
2004-12-01  Alberto Massari  Avoid throwing an exception when orphaning a cached grammar that has not been used yet 
2004-12-01  David Cargill  Update two error messages: add missing parameter, remove extra parameter 
2004-12-01  Stephen Dulin  Update ccsid.h for new release of icu 
2004-12-01  David Cargill  Fix for bug xercesc-1304 
2004-11-29  David Cargill  Update MS VC7.1 build options 
2004-11-29  David Cargill  Remove XObjectComparator and XTemplateComparator. These are debug files that aren't used. 
2004-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix for synthetic annotation generation on 'extension' element of simpleContent 
2004-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix problem with an All content model with minOccurs of 0. 
2004-11-24  Dave Bertoni  Fix to correctly report the boundaries of an external subset 
2004-11-18  Christian Will  Memory improvement to utility classes 
2004-11-18  David Cargill  Changes for linker problems with linux build using xlc. 
2004-11-17  Christian Will  Performance improvement to utility classes. 
2004-11-15  Alberto Massari  Add build target for VC7.1 to create a static library 
2004-11-14  PeiYong Zhang  XSValue updates 
2004-11-13  David Cargill  Fix for validate annotations. 
2004-11-12  Khaled Noaman  Fix multi threading problem. 
2004-11-10  PeiYong Zhang  To build ICU3.2 and on Linux/xlC_r 
2004-11-09  PeiYong Zhang  Storer_NewerThan_Loader 
2004-11-08  PeiYong Zhang  MSVC 7.1 
2004-11-08  Alberto Massari  Fix for jira#1298: NetBSD uses r+ to open files for reading 
2004-11-07  PeiYong Zhang  read/write Storer level 
2004-11-05  PeiYong Zhang  Msg build versioning 
2004-11-02  PeiYong Zhang  [Jira#1294] Compiler Warnings on IRIX with MIPSpro compiler ver 7.4 
2004-11-02  PeiYong Zhang  Handling OutOfMemory exception 
2004-10-28  David Cargill  Add missing parameter to three error messages. 
2004-10-28  PeiYong Zhang  Data member reshuffle and store/load 
2004-10-27  PeiYong Zhang  Optimized alignment for various data types 
2004-10-27  James Berry  MacOS build updates 
2004-10-26  PeiYong Zhang  Maintain consistent order among multiple store/load session to allow comparison 
2004-10-26  Gareth Reakes  Fixed version number 
2004-10-20  Khaled Noaman  Allow option of initializing static data in XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize 
2004-10-19  PeiYong Zhang  XercesC2_6_0 updates: build debuged libary on Windows/VC6 
2004-10-19  PeiYong Zhang  [Jira#1287] new deprecated DOM libraries not included in .spec file for Linux 
2004-10-19  Khaled Noaman  Performance improvement 
2004-10-15  David Cargill  Fix for jira bug 1234. Infinite loop in XSComplexTypeDefinition::derviedFromType. 
2004-10-13  PeiYong Zhang  using ValueHashTableOf to reduce footprint 
2004-10-13  David Cargill  Fix for jira bug 1282: empty exception message being generated 
2004-10-13  David Cargill  Serialization fix, fPVSIScope not serialized. 
2004-10-12  PeiYong Zhang  Change attribute number threshold to 100 
2004-10-04  PeiYong Zhang  Support to build ICU3.0 on Solaris2.8 64-bit 
2004-10-04  Alberto Massari  Fix for Jira 866 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.6.0

Here is the list of bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.6.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2004-09-29  Khaled Noaman   Bug 1209  
2004-09-29  David Cargill   Mark SAXParser as deprecated.  
2004-09-29  David Cargill   jira1217  
2004-09-29  Dan Rosen   jira1207  
2004-09-28  Khaled Noaman, Anthony O'Dowd   Performance: improve src offset calculation.  
2004-09-28  PeiYong Zhang   Optimized duplicated attributes checking for large number of attributes 
2004-09-28  Alberto Massari   BCC 511 updates  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   Update sample to use an error handler and only generate xsmodel when a schema document has been loaded successfully.  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   Update documentation to describe new features  
2004-09-27  Khaled Noaman, David Cargill   Validate annotations  
2004-09-27  Khaled Noaman  Reset datatype validator  
2004-09-27  David Cargill   XERCESC-1277  
2004-09-26  Khaled Noaman   [Bug 1197]  
2004-09-25  Gareth Reakes, Adam Heinz   Fix to 1264. All refererences to public headers now use the include files. 
2004-09-25  James Littlejohn   Fix documentation generation problem.  
2004-09-23  Alberto Massari   jira1259  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Add support for generating synthetic XSAnnotations.  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Fix memory leak in PSVIWriter sample. 
2004-09-22  John Hibbert   Bug fixes  
2004-09-22  David Cargill   Remove unused variable and data member.  
2004-09-22  Alberto Massari   Reorder initialization of variables in constructor  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang   Do not build/ship debug version lib on Windows  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang   Change lib name on Windows from 2_5_0 to 2_5  
2004-09-21  David Cargill   Documentation Updates.  
2004-09-21  PeiYong Zhang  Handle partial PSVIElement 
2004-09-20  James Berry   Mac updates  
2004-09-20  Alberto Massari   Added a setCreateSchemaInfo method to the DOM parsers, to store PSVI informations in element and attribute nodes  
2004-09-20  Alberto Massari   Mark some methods as deprecated  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Remove XercesMessages_en_US.hpp from the Win32 projects (they use the WinRC MsgLoader) 
2004-09-16  PeiYong Zhang   provide default implementation for CreateDocumentType  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Don't include icudata.lib to the Windows projects: ICU 3.0 has renamed and it's no more needed since ICU 2.0  
2004-09-16  Alberto Massari   Updated error message for UPA to also state the complex type that is failing the test  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari, Ron Romero   jira 855)  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari  jira1248  
2004-09-14  Alberto Massari   jira1261  
2004-09-13  PeiYong Zhang   new method: getActualValue() 
2004-09-10  David Bertoni  Performance improvement fix to more efficiently findattdef.  
2004-09-10  David Bertoni   Return bool as described in the interface for cacheGrammar instead of throwing an exception.  
2004-09-09  David Cargill, Steve Dulin   0S/390 build updates 
2004-09-08  PeiYong Zhang   Apache License Version 2.0 
2004-09-04  David Cargill   XercesC-1269 Fix: Remove extra comma.  
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Fix API Doc warning message 
2004-09-02  David Cargill, Patrick Townsend and Jay Hansen   OS400 Build updates  
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Specify bmaxdata for AIX samples and tests. 
2004-09-02  David Cargill   Add OutOfMemoryException block to samples and tests. 
2004-08-31  David Cargill   Thread safety change for getTypeLocalName and getTypeUri  
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Reduce memory footprint of DOMNode::setUserData 
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Don't allocate a DOMTypeInfo object if there is no type info to store  
2004-08-30  Alberto Massari   Added transferElement API  
2004-08-27  Alberto Massari   getXSModel fix  
2004-08-20  David Cargill  Jira bug XERCESC-1257  
2004-08-19  PeiYong Zhang   Add XSValue test  
2004-08-11  Andrew Fang   Fixing Xerces-C crash when creating a MixedContentModel  
2004-08-11  PeiYong Zhang   Externalised validation, actual/canonical value production for Schema built-in data types  
2004-07-27  PeiYong Zhang   build on aix xlC_r v6 with v5 comptiable name mangling scheme  
2004-07-26  Alberto Massari   reset() was not resetting the stack of types (jira1245)  
2004-07-23  Anders Hybertz  calcRequiredSize assumed all the characters were of the same size (jira1142) 
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira1179  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira1206  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   A global mutex was not cleaned up  
2004-07-23  Alberto Massari   jira 862 
2004-07-22  Bob Buck   jira1186  
2004-07-22  Khaled Noaman  Use file static instance instead of local static instance  
2004-07-22  Khaled Noaman  Eliminate the need to create a temporary content model when performing UPA checking 
2004-07-21  PeiYong Zhang   use the supplied memory manager 
2004-07-16  Alberto Massari   Enable libWWW on Solaris  
2004-07-13  Joanne Bogart  Fixed bugzilla bug 23100. 
2004-07-12  PeiYong Zhang   Increment patnIndex only when a match is found  
2004-07-12  David Bertoni   IGXMLScanner::fErrorStack not cleared if an exception is thrown  
2004-07-09  PeiYong Zhang   Build on HP-Itanium, aCC A.05.52 
2004-07-09  Syam Gadde   jira957  
2004-07-08  Alberto Massari   jira1236  
2004-07-08  Alberto Massari   Force the destruction of an XMLBuffer before terminating Xerces 
2004-07-08  David Cargill, Khaled Noaman, Steve Dulin   ThreadTest updates  
2004-07-07  PeiYong Zhang   Upgrade to ICU3.0 
2004-07-07  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1170 
2004-07-07  Ray Logel   Fir for jira1136 
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1226  
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1238  
2004-07-06  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1210  
2004-07-06  David Cargill   Rename VALUE_CONSTRAINT enumeration names  
2004-06-28  David Cargill  Initialize memory manager to default. 
2004-06-24  PeiYong Zhang   Schema-Errata  
2004-06-23  Neil Graham   fix for compilation under gcc 3.5 
2004-06-22  Alberto Massari   Fix for jira1181  
2004-06-21  Neil Graham   don't switch grammars unnecessarily  
2004-06-21  Alberto Massari   Fixed memory leak (jira1228) 
2004-06-15  David Bertoni   Memory Leakage Fixed  
2004-06-15  Steve Dulin   make sure tables are properly aligned 
2004-06-15  Neil Graham   supported C++ namespaces doc update  
2004-06-14  PeiYong Zhang   Consolidated End Of Line Handling 
2004-06-09  John Snelson  Fixed null pointer bug 
2004-06-02  Neil Graham   Fix bug where scanners would accept malformed tags and perf improvements  
2004-06-01  David Cargill   Fix memory leak. 
2004-05-31  PeiYong Zhang   XML 1.1  
2004-05-27  Neil Graham   Performance fix: clearing the undeclared attribute maps on start tags 
2004-05-25  PeiYong Zhang   normalizeURI() added 
2004-05-25  PeiYong Zhang   XMLString::removeChar added  
2004-05-21  David Bertoni   [jira1216] GrammarResolver never clears internal cache of Grammar instances 
2004-05-19  PeiYong Zhang   MingGW updates  
2004-05-14  PeiYong Zhang   UTF-8 new error message  
2004-05-11  Alberto Massari   The net accessor input source now can be used to get data using PUT or POST  
2004-05-10  Alberto Massari   Performance: push a new map on the namespace stack only when an element has a xmlns attribute 
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   Enable libWWW on Linux  
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   Added error message for the HTTP NetAccessor 
2004-05-05  Alberto Massari   xlat doesn't compile on Windows  
2004-05-04  David Cargill   Enable IDs to work on all kinds of schema components 
2004-05-03  David Bertoni   To resolveGrammar correctly 
2004-04-22  Steve Dulin   not all 390 processors support the new transcoding instructions  
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Misc fix to update fCount in the correct place. 
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Schema bug with group redefined  
2004-04-22  David Cargill   Misc doc updates 
2004-04-20  PeiYong Zhang   xlat generate code for private default constructor 
2004-04-20  PeiYong Zhang   XML1.0 3rd Edition Updates  
2004-04-19  Shin'ya MORINO  Add "UTF16" as a synonym for UTF-16 (bug #XERCESC-1198)  
2004-04-16  David Cargill   Doc updates for Jira  
2004-04-15  James Berry   Various MAC fixes  
2004-04-14  David Cargill   Various PSVI Fixes  
2004-04-13  PeiYong Zhang   Identity Constraints  
2004-04-12  David Cargill   Doc updates  
2004-04-07  PeiYong Zhang   Add createDocumentType  
2004-04-07  PeiYong Zhang   Grammar caching of DTD internal subsets  
2004-04-06  Steve Dulin   fix for file resolution problems on OS/390  
2004-04-06  Alberto Massari   DTDs included from XML Schema were not opened using the entity resolver specified by the user (bug# 27008) 
2004-04-05  PeiYong Zhang   make comparison case insensitive, typo in error message corrected. 
2004-04-02  PeiYong Zhang   Annotation reporting improvements  
2004-04-02  Berin Lautenbach   item() was could only return items found in the first non-empty bucket 
2004-04-01  PeiYong Zhang   Add Messages to DOMExceptions  
2004-03-30  PeiYong Zhang improvements  
2004-03-24  Alberto Massari   importNode bug fix  
2004-03-19  PeiYong Zhang   Serialization Changes  
2004-03-17  PeiYong Zhang   Deprecated DOM  
2004-03-17  Alberto Massari   Inside attribute values, new lines must be escaped (bug#20858) 
2004-03-15  Alberto Massari   Added support for MinGW (bug#23176) 
2004-03-10  Alberto Massari  Fix documentation for binToText (bug# 9207)  
2004-03-09  PeiYong Zhang   Serialization changes  
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   DOMNamedNodeMap Performance Improvements  
2004-03-05  Michael Boos   PSVI Fixes 
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   The maps inside the DTD are declared of the right type, removing the need for casts 
2004-03-05  Alberto Massari   Removed unnecessary inclusion of implementation headers  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   DOMNodeVector is used only to store attributes; save memory  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   WFXMLScanner was throwing an index out of bound exception  
2004-03-03  Alberto Massari   [bug# 7051] The "hash" argument clashes with STL hash  
2004-03-02  PeiYong Zhang   save/load TypeUri/TypeLocalName more accurately 
2004-03-02  PeiYong Zhang   eliminate leakage  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   Check for errors when saving a document to a file (bug# 2594)  
2004-03-02  Steve Dulin   OS/390 transcoder update  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   Added test for bug# 26919  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   If insertBefore(A,A) is invoked, a crash would occur (bug# 26919)  
2004-03-02  Alberto Massari   When cloning a DOMDocument, clone also the encoding, version and standalone info (bug#13056)  
2004-03-01  PeiYong Zhang   Instantiate XSerializeEngine with GrammarPool 
2004-03-01  Khaled Noaman  Fix for UPA checking  
2004-03-01  PeiYong Zhang  new getter: getHashModulus  
2004-02-28  James Berry  Revise the Mac OS Transcoder to use the Mac Text Encoding Converter 
2004-02-28  James Berry  Update Mac OS Projects for newly added files 
2004-02-27  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leaks 
2004-02-26  Alberto Massari  Fix for bug# 27263 (extra = in registration script 
2004-02-25  Alberto Massari  The COM wrapper doesn't use the deprecated DOM anymore 
2004-02-25  Alberto Massari  Fixed typo in documentation 
2004-02-25  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#27209: Xerces 2.5.0 does not build with option -t IconvGNU because of syntax errors! 
2004-02-24  PeiYong Zhang  XercesDeprecatedDOMLib 
2004-02-20  David Bertoni  Bug#27046 
2004-02-18  PeiYong Zhang  Doxyfile update to 2.5.0 
2004-02-17  Abe Backus, Neil Graham  fix for bug 25035: cygwin support 
2004-02-17  Neil Graham  fix potential memory leak 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.5.0

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.5.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2004-02-15  Neil Graham  make first parameter of BinOutputStream::writeBytes const * const; bug 26936 
2004-02-13  Khaled Noaman  Remove the limitation on providing PSVI information 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Update threadtest to accept -init option instead of using compiler directive. 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Remove unnecessary if statement 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Bug#26900 fix, remove virtual on destructor 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Xercesc2_5_0 Updates 
2004-02-12  PeiYong Zhang  Xercesc2_5_0 Updates 
2004-02-12  David Cargill  PSVIWriter documentation updates 
2004-02-12  Merlin  Bug#26607 fix 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Bug#21965: A substitution group with no type is always valid  
2004-02-12  David Cargill  SCMPrint build error fix 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Xercesc2_5_0: com updates 
2004-02-12  Erik Rydgren  Implemented setTextContent  
2004-02-11  PeiYong Zhang  Project SUMPrint 
2004-02-11  PeiYong Zhang  PSVIWriter to build with intel 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  PSVIWriter to build on AIX 
2004-02-11  David Bertoni  Bug#26648 fix 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  Bug#26131fix. 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  Bug#25541fix 
2004-02-10  David Cargill  PSVIWriter build fix 
2004-02-09  C-J Berg  Bug#20684 fix 
2004-02-09  David Cargill  PSVIWriter build fix and usage update 
2004-02-06  PeiYong Zhang  Project PSVIWriter 
2004-02-06  David Cargill  Misc 390 changes. 
2004-02-06  David Cargill  Intrinsic transcoding support for 390. 
2004-02-05  David Cargill  Fix a seg fault with PSVI and set basetype of anysimpletype to be anytype. 
2004-02-05  David Cargill  Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages. 
2004-02-04  Alberto Massari  Added support for the Interix platform (Windows Services for Unix 3.5) 
2004-02-04  Berin Lautenbach  Bug#26426 fix 
2004-02-03  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#26315 fix 
2004-02-03  PeiYong Zhang  put back the parameter to build debug 
2004-01-31  David Cargill  Update script to flush buffer 
2004-01-29  David Cargill  Update sanity tests so that each test result can be uniquely identified 
2004-01-29  David Cargill  Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages. 
2004-01-28  James Berry  Add include for unistd.h 
2004-01-28  James Berry  Define away some gcc garbage so that /usr/include/unistd.h will compile with the CodeWarrior MachO target  
2004-01-26  James Berry  Add a check for a corner-case buffer condition 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Bug #26419 fix 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Step around CodeWarrior compiler warning 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Update Mac OS Xcode project to reflect recent file additions 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Update Mac OS CodeWarrior project to reflect recent file additions 
2004-01-21  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#25751fix 
2004-01-19  Alberto Massari  WideCharToMultiByte and MultiByteToWideChar return 0 on failure, not -1 
2004-01-16  PeiYong Zhang  maintain the same size on both 32/64 bit architecture 
2004-01-16  PeiYong Zhang  Project XSerializerTest 
2004-01-16  Alberto Massari  In the Win32LCPTranscoder, don't use wcstombs or mbstowcs, as they don't pick up the correct local code page; use the Win32 API using CP_ACP as the code page  
2004-01-16  Alberto Massari  Removed usage of undeclared macro MIN 
2004-01-15  PeiYong Zhang  proper allignment for built-in datatype read/write 
2004-01-15  Khaled Noaman  HP compiler (after upgrade) is no longer complaining about placement delete 
2004-01-15  Alberto Massari  Bug#18341 fix 
2004-01-15  Michael Wuschek  Bug#24929 fix  
2004-01-13  PeiYong Zhang  revert code back to previous version 
2004-01-13  Kahled Noaman  Remove unnecessary local static data 
2004-01-13  PeiYong Zhang  set optimization level#2 on hp aCC 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Misc build updates 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Undo previous change memory management changes. 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Misc memory management changes 
2004-01-13  Khaled Noaman  For sanity, use class name to qualify method 
2004-01-13  Khaled Noaman  Fix wrong size of allocation 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  remove unused static member 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  update Copyright year 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Minor performance change for handling reserved and unreserved characters. 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Fix 390 compilation errors. 
2004-01-12  Khaled Noaman  Use a global static mutex for locking when creating local static mutexes instead of compareAndSwap 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  remove use of static buffers 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Avoid throwing malformedurl exceptions in XMLURL to avoid a threading problem on AIX. 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: inherit facets from base type 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  Bug#25660 fix 
2004-01-06  Joanne Bogart, Neil Graham  Bug#25542 fix 
2004-01-06  Alberto Massari  Bug#25768 fix: Replaced the call to wcstombs using a NULL target buffer with the equivalent call to WideCharToMultiByte ()  
2004-01-06  Jeroen Witmond, Neil Graham  Bug#25412 fix 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  Fix segfault when adding S4S 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  Reset list of grammars after building XSModel 
2004-01-06  PeiYong Zhang  using the no-exception-thrown ctor 
2004-01-06  Reid Spencer, Neil Graham  Bug#28517 static initialization problems 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  make sure locally-declared attributes have declarations in the PSVI 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  On some platforms, it is problematic to throw a different exception from inside the catch block of another exception  
2004-01-05  Khaled Noaman  Various PSVI fixes 
2004-01-03  PeiYong Zhang  using ctor/parseContent to avoid exception thrown from ctor 
2003-12-31  David Cargill  Update AIX build to generate .a libraries as -brtl is no longer used so that a build generated without using will be clean.  
2003-12-31  David Cargill  Release memory when an error is encountered. 
2003-12-31  Alberto Massari  Updated project for BCC551 
2003-12-31  Alberto Massari  Made virtual function checkAdditionalFacet 'const', so that it matches the declaration in a derived class  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  Even if the resolver has no grammars, since all schema processors are aware of the schema-for-schemas, an XSModel should be produced. 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  fix one more buffer overrun, affecting boolean lists 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  enable production of canonical representations for dates with negative years, or years >9999  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  ensure an XSModel 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  even if there are no grammars to add to an XSModel, the S4S grammar must be included  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  do not report anything about default/fixed values for non-global attribute declarations 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  use a null-terminated string when tokenizing pattern facets 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  more PSVI bug fixes 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  some indices in the PSVIAttributeList were 1 off 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  fix segfault when validation of a union type fails 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  initialize undeclared attribute registry appropriately for its local use in scanStartTag 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  allow schema normalized values to be associated with a PSVIAttribute after it is reset 
2003-12-29  PeiYong Zhang  use the original memory manager to deallocate in assignment operator 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: return value constraint only if global declaration 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: add whitespace facet if missing 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  More PSVI updates 
2003-12-29  Alberto Massari  When parsing a new element, clear the maps holding the unparsed attribute we have seen. This because these maps keep pointers to the name of the attributes object that gets recycled for every element (and their name is deallocated when recycled) 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  Memory management update. 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  Improved algorithm for finding derivedFrom. 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  More updates to memory management so that the static memory manager. 
2003-12-23  PeiYong Zhang  Absorb exception thrown in getCanonicalRepresentation and return 0, only validate when required 
2003-12-22  Michael Glavassevich  Bug#18611 fix. 
2003-12-22  Gareth Reakes  Bug #25699 fix: made getRootElemID const.  
2003-12-22  Jeroen N. Witmond, Gareth Reakes  Bug#25164: Patch for doc enhancement 
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  add attribute names to PSVIAttributeList and fix some problems with calculation of canonical values in element content  
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  fix canonical representation production 
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  store name/namespace of corresponding attribute in PSVIAttributeList; not all PSVIAttributes have XSAttributeDeclarations  
2003-12-19  David Cargill  Fix compiler messages on OS390. 
2003-12-19  David Cargill  More memory management updates. 
2003-12-19  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: process 'final' information 
2003-12-19  Neil Graham  when validating a skipped element or attribute, we should not look for a declaration.  
2003-12-19  Neil Graham  remove a throw clause inserted during debugging 
2003-12-18  PeiYong Zhang  do not assert memorymanager in placement delete. 
2003-12-17  David Cargill  Fix AIX compiler error. 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: Use complex type info if present, otherwise use datatype validator 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: fix for annotation of attributes in attributeGroup/derived types  
2003-12-17  Neil Graham  fix two overflow conditions 
2003-12-17  Neil Graham  fix a segfault and a possible buffer overflow condition 
2003-12-17  David Cargill  Update for memory management so that the static memory manager (one used to call Initialize) is only for static data. 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  Check for NULL when building XSParticle 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  fix compilation error 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  ensure all uses of ArrayJanitor use a memory manager 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  add default memory manager parameter to loadMsg method that uses char * parameters 
2003-12-16  David Cargill  Fix memhandlertest failure (memory not deleted). 
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  XSerializerTest updates 
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  exception thrown upon invalid number, thanks Gareth Reakes. 
2003-12-16  Khaled Noaman  Make IC_Field stateless, fMayMatch is no longer a data member of IC_Field 
2003-12-16  Khaled Noaman  Add nextElementKey method 
2003-12-    BinMemOutputStream 
2003-12-16  Alberto Massari  The DOMTypeInfo should have a NULL namespace and type name when DTD validation is used, not empty strings  
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  don't expand ContextSpecNode when deserilized 
2003-12-16  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  update 
2003-12-16  David Cargill  Change a conditional expression to an if-else to avoid a compiler problem.  
2003-12-15  Neil Graham  fix segfault when a writeAnnotation() method was called 
2003-12-15  David Cargill  psvi updates; cleanup revisits and bug fixes 
2003-12-14  Neil Graham  make use of XMLDocumentHandler::elementTypeInfo instead of non-thread-safe XMLElementDecl methods  
2003-12-13  Han Ming, Neil Graham  Bug#25494 fix 
2003-12-13  Neil Graham  fix compilation errors under gcc 
2003-12-13  Neil Graham  configure scripts need to be told about XSerializerTests before they can build its Makefile 
2003-12-12  Michael Glavassevich, Neil Graham  fix small bugs that made sanity tests fails 
2003-12-12  PeiYong Zhang  Project XSerializerTest 
2003-12-11  PeiYong Zhang  trailing zeros for double/float w/o decimal point 
2003-12-  Michael Glavassevich, Neil Graham  fixes for the URI implementation to take registry names into account  
2003-12-11  PeiYong Zhang  Canonical Representation Support 
2003-12-11  Khaled Noaman  Store non schema attributes from parent in XSAnnotation 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  OS/390 updates 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  make documentation accord with what Xerces-C supports 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  ICU has deprecated the -s390 encoding suffix. This patch uses the new convention for XML documents that make use of this suffix  
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  make CreateDOMDocument sample more robust  
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  fixes for canonical value production; memory management was not implemented correctly  
2003-12-10  Stephen Dulin  Eliminate the preparsing stage  
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  change some hash constants 
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  fix seg fault caused when a complex type had simple content; we were not processing the complex type itself, only its base  
2003-12-09  James Berry  Remove GCC2 build styles from xcode samples 
2003-12-09  Han Ming Ong  Bug #25343 Add xcode project for SEnumVal sample  
2003-12-09  Han Ming Ong  Bug#25337: Enable DEPLOYMENT_POSTPROCESSING for Mac OS X GCC3 Deployment Build.  
2003-12-07  Neil Graham  fix bug in PSVI where a segfault would occur if an attribute was not defined 
2003-12-07  Neil Graham  fix duplicate attribute detection when namespaces are disabled 
2003-12-03  Neil Graham  PSVI fix: cannot allow validator to reset its element content buffer before exposing it to the application  
2003-12-03  Neil Graham  uninitialize panic handlers so they will be ready for subsequent initalizations 
2003-12-03  Pete Lloyd, Neil Graham  when an empty element is valid, it will not have a datatype validator  
2003-12-02  Jeroen Whitmond, Neil Graham  Bug#25118, additional fix once again  
2003-12-02  Neil Graham  since there are certain things, such as schemaLocation attributes, that have a datatype and which we nonetheless do not validate, make canonical-value production dependent on validity being valid  
2003-12-02  Pete Lloyd, Neil Graham  fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PSVIAttributeList 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Bug#20169, openFile was opening the file for read and write, while only read was required  
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Removed /version option from the linker 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Don't use the word "exception" as a variable name, as VC 7.1 complains about it 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Bug#16055 fix, Make the code compilable on Windows when UNICODE is defined  
2003-12-01  Khaled Noaman  Properly set fAnnotation data member 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.4.0 Dec. 2, 2003

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.4.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2003-12-01  Jeroen Witmond/Neil Graham  fix Doxygen warnings; bug 25118 
2003-12-01  Neil Graham  fix bug 28084 
2003-11-28  Khaled Noaman  Set root element if not previpusly set, Use memory manager when creating root element name 
2003-11-27  Neil Graham  in preparation for stateless DOMTypeInfo for elements 
2003-11-27  Neil Graham  Fix state-ful duplicate attribute detection when the integrated scanner is in use and namespaces are off. Also, implement change to PSVIHandler interface to remove prefix passing. 
2003-11-27  Khaled Noaman  PSVIElement implementation 
2003-11-27  David Cargill  implement writeAnnotation 
2003-11-27  Neil Graham  create XSModels if a PSVIHandler has been set on the scanner. Make PSVI production more robust  
2003-11-27  Pete Lloyd  implement isSpecified 
2003-11-27  David Cargill  fixes for segfaults and infinite loops in schema component model implementation; 
2003-11-26  Neil Graham  mark DOMTypeInfo-related methods on XMLElementDecl deprecated since they are not thread-safe 
2003-11-26  Vitaly Prapirny  Bug#24983: Proposed changes of bcc.551 and bcb6 project files for forthcoming 2.4.0 release  
2003-11-26  PeiYong Zhang  DOMPrint run result updated. 
2003-11-26  Neil Graham  more complete implementation of PSVIAttributeList; remove some problematic const-ness  
2003-11-26  Khaled Noaman  Store XSModel. 
2003-11-25  Neil Graham  remove XMLIBM1047Transcoder's dependence on iostream 
2003-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Add a method to return the XSObject mapped to a schema grammar component 
2003-11-25  James Berry  Update Mac OS Codewarrior project, Cleanup build errors/warnings from CodeWarrior 
2003-11-25  David Cargill  Serialize enclosing complex type, Check for out of memory exception and document updates 
2003-11-25  David Cargill  Make XSObjectFactory inherit from XMemory 
2003-11-25  David Cargill  Misc. PSVI updates 
2003-11-25  David Cargill  Update expected result 
2003-11-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix AIX linking error 
2003-11-25  James Berry  Add Mac OS project for Xcode, Revise build instructions to reflect deprecation of Project Builder projects, and elevation of the Xcode projects.  
2003-11-24  James Berry  Eliminate some compiler warnings concerning comments inside of comments 
2003-11-24  Hongguo He  add IBM1047 to the list of intrinsic transcoders 
2003-11-24  Neil Graham  allow classes derived from XMLTransService to tailor the intrinsic maps to their taste. 
2003-11-24  Khaled Noaman  Reset memory manager in Terminate 
2003-11-24  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: finish construction of XSSimpleTypeDefinition 
2003-11-24  Gareth Reakes  added in support for xml-declaration feature. 
2003-11-24  Adam Heinz  Fix for bug 22917 
2003-11-23  Neil Graham  update method documentation 
2003-11-23  Neil Graham  DatatypeValidator support for PSVI 
2003-11-23  Khaled Noaman  PSVI updates 
2003-11-  David Cargill  Enable grammar pools and grammar resolvers to manufacture XSModels. This also cleans up handling in the parser classes by eliminating the need to tell the grammar pool that schema compoments need to be produced.  
2003-11-21  David Cargill  Setting the stage for PSVI (element and attribute) implementation: pointing out all places in scanners where validation updates need to occur 
2003-11-21  David Cargill  More schema component model implementation, In particular, this cleans up and completes the XSModel, XSNamespaceItem, XSAttributeDeclaration and XSAttributeGroup implementations.  
2003-11-21  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: Use XSObjectFactory to create various components. 
2003-11-21  Alberto Massari  insertElementAt was not checking if there was room for the new element (bug#24714) 
2003-11-21  Jeroen Witmond  Wrong filename in error messages (bug#24883) 
2003-11-21  Alberto Massari  Protect getEntityDeclPool from invoking a method on a NULL pointer (bug#24881) 
2003-11-21  Alberto Massari  Updated COM for xerces-c_2_4_0 
2003-11-21  Alberto Massari  Updated project to copy xerces-c_2_4_0, not xerces-c_2_3_0 
2003-11-20  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: element declaration, content model, PSVIutil  
2003-11-20  Alberto Massari  Updated Borland makefile 
2003-11-20  Neil Graham  PSVI: store name and namespace information 
2003-11-20  PeiYong Zhang  build xercesc2_4_0 with icu2.6.1 
2003-11-19  Neil Graham  increment version to 2.4.0 in docs 
2003-11-19  PeiYong Zhang  build xercesc2_4_0 
2003-11-17  Pete Lloyd, Neil Graham  PSVIAttributeList needs to be included by PSVIHandler 
2003-11-17  PeiYong Zhang  Fix to #4556 
2003-11-17  Ronald Landheer-Cieslak  Fix for bug 23930 
2003-11-17  Alberto Massari  Fixed documentation bug#24746 
2003-11-14  David Cargill   changes in support of second phase of XSModel implementation 
2003-11-14  David Cargill   removed methods made unnecessary by new XSModel implementation design 
2003-11-14  Neil Graham  PSVI updates 
2003-11-14  Alberto Massari  When invoking resolveEntity, specify the current document as the base URI 
2003-11-14  Graham Bennett  Fix to bug #4556 
2003-11-13  PeiYong Zhang  Pass correct initSize to container during deserialization 
2003-11-13  PeiYong Zhang  Solve Compilation/Linkage error on AIX/Solaris/HP/Linux 
2003-11-12  PeiYong Zhang  Stateless Grammar: Validation Context 
2003-11-11  Khaled Noaman  Serialization of XSAnnotation. 
2003-11-10  Neil Graham  implementation for new stateless means of traversing attribute definition lists 
2003-11-10  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leak 
2003-11-08  Abe Backus  fix for bug 24287 
2003-11-07  David Cargill  PSVI/schema component model implementation 
2003-11-07  David Cargill  fix compilation errors on AIX and HPUX  
2003-11-07  Khaled Noaman  For PSVI support, distinguish wildcard elements with namespace lists. 
2003-11-06  Neil Graham  update KEYS file with public key as newly-signed by two other Apache-ites 
2003-11-06  James Berry  Add Mac OS X DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH notes to unix build instructions 
2003-11-06  Neil Graham  update grammar pool interface so that cacheGrammar(Grammar) can tell the caller whether the grammar was accepted. Also fix some documentation errors.  
2003-11-06  PeiYong Zhang  Patch to Solaris compiler error 
2003-11-06  Khaled Noaman  PSVI support for annotations. 
2003-11-06  David Cargill  first part of PSVI/schema component model implementation. 
2003-11-05  PeiYong Zhang  Grammar Pool Specification updates 
2003-11-05  PeiYong Zhang   
2003-11-05  PeiYong Zhang  don't serialize built-in baseValidator, and don't serialize localName/uriName 
2003-11-04  Alberto Massari  When invoking resolveEntity, specify the base URI 
2003-11-04  Alberto Massari  When loading a grammar that's going to be cached, re-use the grammars already in the cache  
2003-11-03  Alberto Massari  A version of lastIndexOf would crash the application if the character to be searched was not found in the string  
2003-11-01  Alberto Massari  Updated BCB6 project 
2003-10-31  PeiYong Zhang  Serialization test fix 
2003-10-30  David Cargill  Enhanced Entity Resolver Support. 
2003-10-29  PeiYong Zhang  GrammarPool serialization/deserialization  
2003-10-29  PeiYong Zhang  Support for Template serialization/deserialization added 
2003-10-29  PeiYong Zhang  XObjectComparator/XTemplateComparator 
2003-10-27  James Berry  Add comment regarding permissible values for XML_PLATFORM_NEW_BLOCK_ALIGNMENT. 
2003-10-24  David Cargill.  Fix for bug #24207 
2003-10-23  Khaled Noaman  Fix memory leak 
2003-10-22  Khaled Noaman  Annotation support 
2003-10-21  Alberto Massari  Fixed memory leak [bug 23073] 
2003-10-21  Alberto Massari  Update COM project files 
2003-10-21  PeiYong Zhang  update XercesLib.mak 
2003-10-21  Alberto Massari  Inside a schema, the properties "fixed" and "default" for a reference to an attribute were ignored unless the "required" property were also present [bug 11767] 
2003-10-20  Khaled Noaman  Fix multithreading problem  
2003-10-20  Gareth Reakes  Pass in memory manager to constructors and use for creation of enumerators. 
2003-10-18  James Berry  Open files for reading as "r", not "r+". on MacOS 
2003-10-18  PeiYong Zhang  Support for Template class serialization/deserialization 
2003-10-17  Khaled Noaman  Fix multithreading problem for regular expression. 
2003-10-15  PeiYong Zhang  Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Schema components 
2003-10-10  Neil Graham  update XSModel and XSObject interface so that IDs can be used to query components in XSModels, and so that those IDs can be recovered from components  
2003-10-10  PeiYong Zhang  Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Grammar components 
2003-10-09  David Cargill  fix for bug 21780 
2003-10-09  Neil Graham  Synchronized StringPool for thread-safe updates.  
2003-10-08  PeiYong Zhang  Synchronize ContentSpec/ContentModel/FormattedModel 
2003-10-07  PeiYong Zhang  API for Template_Class Object Serialization/Deserialization 
2003-10-07  David Cargill.  Fix #23413 
2003-10-06  Mike Pawlowski  Rewrite packageSources  
2003-10-04  Neil Graham  Stateless Grammar 
2003-10-02  PeiYong Zhang  Implementation of Serialization/Deserialization for Datatype Validators 
2003-10-02  Gareth Reakes  Removed ^Z from end of files which was preventing compilation under gcc 2.96. 
2003-10-01  David Cargill.  improve handling of out of memory conditions, bug #23415 
2003-10-01  Khaled Noaman  Refactoring of some code to improve performance. 
2003-09-26  PeiYong Zhang  Synchronize ContentSpecNode and formattedModel 
2003-09-26  David Cargill  fix for bug #23427 
2003-09-25  PeiYong Zhang  Loose the assert condition so that Serializable class need NOT to check the actual string length before read/write. 
2003-09-24  Alby  useImplementation should use memory maneger. 
2003-09-23  PeiYong Zhang  Inplementation for Serialization/Deserialization  
2003-09-23  PeiYong Zhang  Macro re-organized: provide create/nocreate macros for abstract and nonabstract classes 
2003-09-22  Neil Graham  change Grammar::putElemDecl(XMLElementDecl, bool) so that it does not require the Grammar object to be const. Also, mark findOrAddGrammar as being dangerous in multithreaded situations  
2003-09-22  Gareth Reakes  doc fix 
2003-09-18  PeiYong Zhang  OSU: Object Serialization Utilities  
2003-09-18  Gareth Reakes  updated the distribution directory. 
2003-09-16  Neil Graham  make Grammar pool be responsible for creating and owning URI string pools. This is one more step towards having grammars be independent of the parsers involved in their creation  
2003-09-16  Neil Graham  PSVI/schema component model classes  
2003-09-12  Jay Hansen  enable MemParse to work on OS400. 
2003-09-10  Neil Graham  fix compiler warnings on ISeries; add Apache copyright notice 
2003-09-08  PeiYong Zhang  Restore pre2.3 constructors 
2003-09-06  Dave Bertoni  Fix bug #22938. Deletion of void* is illegal. 
2003-09-04  Gareth Reakes  Fix for bug #22008. Removed the ability to adopt the DOMObject. 
2003-09-04  David Cargill.  Fix bug #19605. Problem with CDATA END TAG 
2003-09-01  Gareth Reakes  added API to get an enumerator for the cached grammars. 
2003-08-31  Shin'ya Morino.  Fix for bug 21990 
2003-08-29  Gareth Reakes  If a type was explicitly declared as anyType that now gets set in DOMTypeInfo. Added test cases.  
2003-08-27  James Berry  Add new static global that always points to array-allocating memory manager 
2003-08-27  Gareth Reakes  Fixed a bug where multiple invalid elements with the same name/uri were not being set with appropriate PSVI info. Added a test case to expose the problem.  
2003-08-26  James Berry  Add new memory allocator that allocates using new[], for use where returned memory must be able to be deleted using delete []. This saves duplicated code in cases where a routine is optionally called with a specific memory manager, such as in the case of transcode  
2003-08-26  Neil Graham  fix compilation errors on HPUX and Solaris 
2003-08-26   Fix bug #22697; transcodeFrom incorrectly throws on kTECOutputBufferFullStatus. 
2003-08-25  Alberto Massari  fix for bug 22178 
2003-08-22  Alberto Massari   keep the fGrammarFromPool in sync to avoid problems when parseing multiple times.  
2003-08-22  Gareth Reakes  Not all unknown attributes are faulted in. In these cases the DOMTypeINfo should report AnySimpleType, not AnyURI as they were.  
2003-08-21  Neil Graham  add the Apache license to various Perl scripts that did not have it 
2003-08-21  PeiYong Zhang  use PlatformUtils::panic() 
2003-08-20  Neil Graham  Added a method for use in XercesDOMParser (and others derived from AbstractDOMParser) and a feature in DOMBuilder that allows the creation of the document during parse to be from an DOMImplementation other than the default.  
2003-08-20  Gareth Reakes  Changed constuctors to protected to be derivatable  
2003-08-20  Gareth Reakes  Reorderd initializer list to prevent compiler warning. 
2003-08-20  Steven White  A basic perl script that takes a DOM header file and creates the format used in HTML bindings file.  
2003-08-20  Gareth Reakes  Added Level 3 XPath interfaces. 
2003-08-20  David Cargill  fix for bug 22565 
2003-08-19  David Cargill  fixing bug 21001 
2003-08-19  Neil Graham  fix for bug 22537 
2003-08-16  Neil Graham  fix for bug 22457. Union types that are restrictions of other union types were previously considered not to inherit their parents member types. This is at variance with the behaviour of the Java parser and apparently with the spec.  
2003-08-14  Gareth Reakes  Method added to allow serilization of custom nodes from derived classes. 
2003-08-14  Vitaly Prapirny  patch for bug 16933 
2003-08-13  Khaled Noaman  Code refactoring to improve performance of validation. 
2003-08-13  Alberto Massari  fix to bug 22177 
2003-08-13  David Cargill  fix for bug 20058 
2003-08-12  Caroline Rioux.  Added serialization for attribute nodes  
2003-08-08  Steve Dulin.  fixes to make OS390PlatformUtils.cpp compile 
2003-08-07  Neil Graham  fix segmentation faults that may arise when the parser throws exceptions during document parsing. In general, XMLPlatformUtils::Terminate() should not be called from within a catch statement.  
2003-08-04  Zeid Derhally   Update Win32 CodeWarrior project for recent file additions/deletions; 
2003-08-04  James Berry  Update Mac OS ProjectBuilder project for recent file additions/deletions 
2003-07-31  James Berry  Resolve bug #21623; document that XMLParsePath... routines may fail if the file doesn't exist 
2003-07-31  PeiYong Zhang  GrammarPool 
2003-07-28  Steve Dulin  fix to permit the samples source to be copied from a non-writable to a writable part of the filesystem, then compiled. Binaries will also be dropped in a writable directory. This should make experimentation easier on multi-user systems.  
2003-07-25  Michael Glavassevich  The patch fixes Bugzilla #19787, #20006, #20009, #20010 and #20287, and several other issues.  
2003-07-24  Michael Glavassevich  Fix for bug #20005  
2003-07-24  David Cargill   Patch for bug #20530 - Attributes which have the same expanded name are not considered duplicates.  
2003-07-24  Erik Rydgren  getTextContent fix 
2003-07-22  Steven White.  Fix build under VC7 
2003-07-21  June Ng  fixing bug 21573 
2003-07-17  Pedro Lopes and Vitaly Prapirny  fix for bug 18860 
2003-07-16  PeiYong Zhang  Documentation on system call, strtod 
2003-07-14  Vitaly Prapirny and Anthon Pang  patch to bug 20353 
2003-07-14  Abe Backus  patch to bug 21527 
2003-07-10  PeiYong Zhang  Stateless Grammar: create grammar components with grammarPool's memory Manager 
2003-07-10  PeiYong Zhang  Stateless Grammar: Initialize scanner with grammarResolver 
2003-07-04  PeiYong Zhang  specify library with version on AIX 
2003-06-26  PeiYong Zhang  GrammarPool 
2003-06-23  PeiYong Zhang  to solve unresolved symbol on Solaris 
2003-06-23  PeiYong Zhang  clean up temporary XMLGrammarDescription to make MemoryTest happy 
2003-06-20  PeiYong Zhang  Stateless Grammar Pool :: Part I 
2003-06-16  Tuan Hoang  update xerces-c.spec file 
2003-06-10  James Berry  Add support to threadtest for Mac OS X  
2003-06-09  James Berry  Add DYLIB_LIBRARY_PATH directions for running samples under Mac OS X. 
2003-06-06  Robort Buck  Bug#20552 Updated VC7 Project files. 
2003-06-03  PeiYong Zhang  for build on WinXP.NET and Intel Electron 
2003-06-02  Neil Graham  new test for the pluggable memory management mechanism. 
2003-06-02  Berin Lautenbach  fix for bug #20092 
2003-06-02  Berin Lautenbach  Bug 20413 Xerces 2.3 does not compile under NetBSD 1.6 
2003-05-30  Alberto Massari  Fixes so we compile under VC7.1.  
2003-05-30  Gareth Reakes  Use new macros for iostream.h and std:: issues. 
2003-05-30  Sean McInerney  fix to bug #20350. Fix 2 typos. 
2003-05-29  Gareth Reakes  fixed typo for version number 
2003-05-29  Khaled Noaman  Fix memory leak when using deprecated dom. 
2003-05-29  Nathan Codding  Fix to bug #16817. Non leaf nodes and attributes now get notified of release  
2003-05-29  Gareth Reakes  fix to bug #20325. Removed unused file and updated Projects. 
2003-05-29  Gareth Reakes  Added macros in so we can determine whether to do things like iostream as opposed to iostream.h and whether to use std:: or not.  
2003-05-28  Neil Graham  update copyright notice 
2003-05-27  Neil Graham  upload public key used for signing releases 
2003-05-27  Michael Glavassevich  fix typo that could have been impacting correct operation of reference counting.  
2003-05-26  PeiYong Zhang  Use memory manager embedded in rather than the one passed in to de-allocate memory. 
2003-05-24  Neil Graham  fix segfault on GCC 2.9x. The depreacted DOM attribute implementation had a cute trick where a void * field could be either a NodeChild pointer or a DOMString; the latter played havoc with the new memory management paradigm. Now a union of a DOMString * and a ChildNode * is used.  
2003-05-22  Neil Graham  make GCC happy and make it clearer what we actually use alignPointerForNewBlockAllocation() for in our code.  
2003-05-22  James Berry  Move pointer alignment functionality into XMLPlatform header; revise XMemory and DOMDocumentImpl to return blocks aligned by this function  
2003-05-22  PeiYong Zhang  removal of isOwnerDocSingleton 
2003-05-22  PeiYong Zhang  Build memory manager on hp 
2003-05-22  Neil Graham  PanicHandler interface should not inherit from XMemory 
2003-05-22  Gareth Reakes  Removed usage of std to compile under gcc and other platforms 
2003-05-22  Magnus Strand  Fix another case where use of fallback characters during transcode could cause undesired failure of transcode  
2003-05-21  James Berry  Ensure proper block alignment for blocks allocated with XMemory new operators 
2003-05-21  Khaled Noaman  Handle allocation of document types not created by a DOM document 
2003-05-21  Khaled Noaman  Fix to HP-UX compiler's complaint about the duplicate overload of delete 
2003-05-21  Khaled Noaman  fix to gcc 2.95.x internal error for some template definitions 
2003-05-21  PeiYong Zhang  release document 
2003-05-21  James Berry  Mac OS LCP transcoder fix 
2003-05-21  James Berry  CodeWarrior Mac OS Project File updates 
2003-05-21  Zeid Derhally  CodeWarror Win32 Project File updates 
2003-05-21  James Berry  First cut at Mac OS X Project Builder changes  
2003-05-20  PeiYong Zhang  Apply Memory Manager to Base64 
2003-05-20  Khaled Noaman  Initialize ValueVectorOf 
2003-05-19  Gareth Reakes  NetBSD compilation fix 

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.3.0: May 23, 2003

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.3.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2003-05-16  Khaled Noaman  Configurable Memory Management  
2003-05-15  Gareth Reakes  Partial Document::normalizeDocument() Implementaion  
2003-05-15  Nathan Codding  Optimization. We now resize the hash when appropriate.  
2003-05-14  Alberto Massari  Fix to problem with multiple default namespace attributes being serialized  
2003-05-14  Hiramatsu Yoshifumi  port to NetBSD  
2003-05-13  Neil Graham  Fix a bug that caused ComplexTypeInfo#elementCount() to report values including references to global elements only when the schema-full-checking flag was true  
2003-05-12  Alberto Massari  [Bug 18832] Corrected serilization with regards to namespace nodes  
2003-05-10  Zeid Derhally  Fix bugs 19816, 19817, 19818;  
2003-05-06  Neil Graham  Fix GCC compilation problem and incorrect #include  
2003-05-05  Urs Muff/Neil Graham  Adding optional support for reference counting of nodes within the DOM  
2003-05-01  James Devries  Socket support added on OS400  
2003-04-30  Khaled Noaman  MemoryManager and XMemory  
2003-04-30  Andrew Hefford  [Bug 19472]Spelling mistake correction.  
2003-04-29  Khaled Noaman  Cut link to XMLBigInteger  
2003-04-28  Neil Graham  Implement namespaces 1.1  
2003-04-28  Ailian Ding  [Bug 19402] OS2PlatformUtils.cpp compareAndSwap() need to return retVal.  
2003-04-28  James Berry  Add function prototype to eliminate compiler warning  
2003-04-27  James Berry  Add new files to Mac OS CodeWarrior project  
2003-04-27  James Berry  Add include for stdlib to pull in size_t declaration  
2003-04-27  James Berry  Add new files to Mac OS ProjectBuilder projects  
2003-04-27  James Berry  PanicHandler, GetCurrentDir() and isAnySlash() on MAC  
2003-04-25  Khaled Noaman  Replicate key2 and key3 when putting an item in the list  
2003-04-25  PeiYong Zhang  throw exception if getcwd() fails  
2003-04-25  Neil Graham  Win32PlatformUtils: use WIN API to make it compilable on Windows with both cygwin and MSVC++  
2003-04-24  PeiYong Zhang  Logical Path Resolution  
2003-04-22  Khaled Noaman  Initialize security manager in Scanner constructor  
2003-04-22  Neil Graham  change const static member (in SecurityManager) to an enum to make MSVC happy  
2003-04-21  Khaled Noaman  Use XMLString::release to prepare for configurable memory manager.  
2003-04-21  Khaled Noaman  Performance: use memcpy in moveChars and replicate.  
2003-04-21  Khaled Noaman  MemoryManager and MemoryManagerImpl  
2003-04-21  PeiYong Zhang  Performance tuning to XMLPlatformUtils::getFullPath()  
2003-04-17  Neil Graham  new property,  
2003-04-15  Berin Lautenbach  [Bug 17096] XMLUri relative path calculation badly broken  
2003-04-09  Pedro Lopes  [Bug 18860] Samples on Borland C++ 6 - access violations and build errors  
2003-04-09  Guido Gagliardi  [Bug 18856] Example code do not compile  
2003-04-07  Vasily Tchekalkin  [Bug 18672] IconvGNUTranscoder can't be build when namespaces is on.  
2003-04-04  Neil Graham  Update to project file: DOMConfigurationImpl  
2003-04-03  PeiYong Zhang  Revised Implementation of getTextContent() to use castToNodeImpl()  
2003-04-02  Erik Rydgren  Implementation of getTextContent().  
2003-04-02  Neil Graham  Fix to personal.xsd to permit xml:base on on elements  
2003-04-01  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 18594] DOMWriter does not recognize Document Fragment  
2003-04-01  PeiYong Zhang  Link in version numbered ICU on AIX  
2003-03-31  Gareth Reakes  Changed the API for document normalization to the new Level 3 WD  
2003-03-31  Caroline Rioux  DOMConfiguration  
2003-03-27  Tinny Ng  use __IBMCPP__ instead of __xlC__ to determine xlC compiler  
2003-03-25  Khaled Noaman  Fix typo in program-others.xml  
2003-03-24  Tinny Ng  Link in version numbered ICU so that multiple version of XML4C can coexist  
2003-03-23  PeiYong Zhang  Invalid second values in XMLDateTime  
2003-03-21  Khaled Noaman  Should reset reader manager before returning loaded grammar  
2003-03-20  PeiYong Zhang  Fix to 'genrb' on Linux  
2003-03-20  Neil Graham  [Bug 12436] Add detection of invalid UTF-8 byte sequences  
2003-03-19  Vinayak  Added flag (p) and code to the countChildElements fn to enable printing of nodes and all associated attributes  
2003-03-18  PeiYong Zhang  Build versioned shared library, libXercesMessages on UNIX  
2003-03-18  Khaled Noaman  Schema Errata E2-18.  
2003-03-18  Alberto Massari  [Bug 18063] References to attributeGroup/group definition are not allowed to have annotations  
2003-03-17  PeiYong Zhang  Build versioned Message on Windows  
2003-03-16  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 18051] Memory leak in Formatter  
2003-03-15  PeiYong  [Bug 17983] Formatter does not escape control characters  
2003-03-14  PeiYong Zhang  Copy non-versioned libXercesMessages to target directory  
2003-03-14  PeiYong Zhang  Enable to locate libXercesMessage  
2003-03-14  Tinny Ng  Change to 2.3  
2003-03-14  Tinny Ng  [Bug 17147] C++ namespace breaks build of XercesCOM DLL.  
2003-03-13  Chris McKillop  [Bug 17858] Support for QNX/Neutrino.  
2003-03-13  Vitaly Prapirny  [Bug 11974] mak-files for bcc32 v.5.5.1 (free or from BCB5).  
2003-03-11  PeiYong Zhang  Build versioned dll for ICU message files.  
2003-03-11  Khaled Noaman  Schema Fix: Check that target namespace of global/local attribute declarations is not the xsi uri.  
2003-03-11  Khaled Noaman  Schema Fix for circular substitution group check.  
2003-03-10  Khaled Noaman  Schema Fix for complex type declarations with mixed content.  
2003-03-10  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Errata E2-40 double/float.  
2003-03-10  Khaled Noaman  Schema Fix for types referred to without explicitly specifying its namespace.  
2003-03-10  Tinny Ng  XML1.0 Errata E38.  
2003-03-09  PeiYong Zhang  Pluggable PanicHandler.  
2003-03-07  Jacques Legare  [Bug 17589] Refactoring ....  
2003-03-07  Peter Crozier  [Bug 17774] Unixware platform utils not implemented.  
2003-03-07  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11692] Unimplement the hidden constructors and assignment operator to remove warnings from gcc.  
2003-03-07  Tinny Ng  Return a reference instead of void for operator=.  
2003-03-07  Bjoern A. Zeeb  [Bug 17571] fix building IconvFBSD (namespaces).  
2003-03-07  Bjoern A. Zeeb  [Bug 17570] IconvFBSD build on alpha,sparc.  
2003-03-06  Alberto Massari  [Bug 17633] Empty complex type definition is always non-mixed even if declaration says otherwise.  
2003-03-04  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 17516] Thread safety problems in ../util/ and ../util/regx.  
2003-03-04  Khaled Noaman  RegEx: fix for character category escape.  
2003-03-01  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Fix: TotalDigits value must be a positiveInteger.  
2003-02-26  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 17425] Schema using cyclic import fails validation.  
2003-02-26  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Errata E2-43: disallow trailing decimal point and a new pattern added to the Integer definition.  
2003-02-25  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12192] File named 'CVS' should be deleted.  
2003-02-25  Steve Dulin  Modify UnixHTTPURLInputStream for it to work on ebcdic platform.  
2003-02-25  James Berry  Fixes to runConfigure which was worrying overmuch if no C++ compiler was specified. and fix the test for TRU64  
2003-02-25  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Errata: E2-44 totalDigits/fractDigits.  
2003-02-25  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13491] avoid deleting through void* in DOMDocumentImpl.cpp.  
2003-02-25  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7072] Documentation for XMLString::transcode states invalid return value.  
2003-02-25  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13493] Use const on static data in DOMWriterImpl.cpp.  
2003-02-25  Duncan Stodart  [Bug 12350] Xerces compilation problems on Tandem (HP Nonstop).  
2003-02-25  Dan Gohman  [Bug 13492] Unintended comma expression in DOMRangeImpl.cpp.  
2003-02-25  Michael Cahill  [Bug 17358] C++ namespace support in IconvFBSD doesn't compile.  
2003-02-22  James Berry  Improvements to Mac OS port:
- Refactor Mac OS file handling into distinct files per file type.
- Add Posix file handling to use posix file apis directly where possible.
- Carbon file access is now used only where posix files aren't available.
- Tweaks to FSSpec/FSRef routines to handle directories better.  
2003-02-22  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Errata E2-35 Length, minLength and maxLength in different derivation steps.  
2003-02-21  Neil Graham  Fix so that it pays attention when you set the compiler to gcc under cygwin.  
2003-02-21  Neil Graham  [Bug 13429] Text in part of the Programming/Parsing FAQ is truncated/missing.  
2003-02-20  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7077] build error message shared library for ICUMsgLoader.  
2003-02-19  Khaled Noaman  Schema errata E2-38.  
2003-02-17  Dan Egnor  [Bug 17131] File writing on Win32 very very very slow.  
2003/02/17  PeiYong Zhang  Allow set user specified error message file location in PlatformUtils::Initialize().  
2003-02-10  PeiYong Zhang  Remove -weol from the command line option list of sample DOMPrint.  

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.2.0: February 7, 2003

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.2.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2003-02-06  Khaled Noaman  Schema Errata:
1. E1-2
2. E1-10
3. E1-15
4. E1-16
5. E1-20
6. E1-21
7. E1-22
8. E1-23
9. E1-27  
2003-02-06  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Errata:
1. E2-9 Base64.
2. E2-12 gMonth.
3. E2-16 maxExclusive.
4. E2-23 seconds part shall have at least one digit after the dot if it appears.
5. E2-24 Duration 'T': allow SchemaDateTimeException be propogated to client.
6. E2-25 language.  
2003-02-06  Khaled Noaman  Performance: Scanner Reorganization. Create XMLScannerResolver, WFXMLScanner, IGXMLScanner, DGXMLScanner, and SGXMLScanner.  
2003-02-06  Khaled Noaman  Performance:
1. [Bug 13695] Performance problem with large text nodes and XMLFormatter.cpp.
2. Make getNextChar/peekNextChar inline.
3. Reduce instruction counts in XMLReader.
4. Do not call XMLString::stringLen in XMLString::indexOf.
5. Use existing QName in XMLElementDecl instead of creating a new one everytime.
6. Allow creating/setting of XMLAttr using a rawname (i.e. 'prefix:localpart').
7. Enable/disable calculation of src offset.
8. No need to use temporary buffer to hold namespace value in SAX2XMLReaderImpl.
9. Eliminate unnecessary condition in compareNString.
10. Use global buffer to eliminate repetitive memory creation/deletion  
2003-02-06  Tinny Ng  Performance:
1. DOM: call fParent.fOwnerDocument directly instead of fNode.getOwnerDocument.
2. Check for null string directly isntead of calling XMLString::stringLen.
3. New inline function XMLString::equals that simply returns true or false, use it instead of XMLString::compareString wherever applicable.
4. XERCES_XMLCH should not be classified as XMLRecognizer::OtherEncodings.
5. Pre uppercase the encodingString before calling encodingForName to avoid calling compareIString.
6. Use XMLRecognizer::Encodings enum to make new transcode, faster than comparing the encoding string every time.
7. Reduce some instruction counts in XMLUTF8Transcoder.
8. [Bug 13447] Using LocalFileFormatTarget with DOMWriter is very slow.
9. Define fGlobalDeclarations as an array of ValueVectorOf to avoid string comparison.  
2003-02-06  David Bertoni  [Bug 16826] RefVectorOf.c has errors in strict ANSI mode.  
2003-02-06  Gareth Reakes  Schema Fix: bug with multiple attributes being validated by the same union type.  
2003-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7592] XMLURL::lookupByName() should be static.  
2003-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 3111] Problem with LexicalHandler::startDTD() and LexicalHandler::endDTD().  
2003-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 16322] DOMDocumentImpl::replaceChild should honor fDocElement.  
2003-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11915] Utility for freeing memory.  
2003-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13437] Incorrect memory management in XXXPlatformUtils.cpp.  
2003-02-05  Zeid Derhally  [Bug 14599] Metrowerks in support of CodeWarrior for Windows.  
2003-02-05  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 16796] Possible out of bounds memory read in XMLRecognizer::basicEncodingProbe.  
2003-02-05  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 16747] Parser loses ValidationScheme setting between parse attempts.  
2003-02-04  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 16784] Obsolete documentation on XMLTranscoder  
2003-02-04  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 16652] data from CDATA section is not passed for validation.  
2003-01-30  Tinny Ng  [Bug 3041] wrong PLATFORM_IMPORT in MVSCPPDefs.hpp.  
2003-01-29  Gareth Reakes  Partial PSVI Support.  
2003-01-29  Gareth Reakes  DOM L3: DOMTypeInfo and an associated test case.  
2003-01-29  Lenny Hoffman  [Bug 6271] Invalid Precondition Test.  
2003-01-29  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 15787] Reduce array size to reduce memory footprint.  
2003-01-28  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 13694]: Allow Xerces to write the BOM to XML files.  
2003-01-23  Tinny Ng  [Bug 16188] Consistent crashes with BCB6.  
2003-01-23  Tinny Ng  [Bug 16277] Readme should make note of threaded library problems in BCB6.  
2003-01-16  David Bertoni  [Bug 16151] Memory leak in DTDScanner with ill-formed DTD declaration.  
2003-01-13  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 16024] SchemaSymbols.hpp conflicts C++ Builder 6 dir.h.  
2003-01-13  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 14390] C++ Indentifier collision with Python.  
2003-01-13  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 14469] Validator doesn't enforce xsd:key.  
2003-01-10  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13909] Use of non standard mbstowcs feature.  
2003-01-10  Tinny Ng  [Bug 14545] samples/Makefile.incl has bad -L for linux.  
2003-01-10  Alberto Massari  [Bug 14912] crashes inside UnionDatatypeValidator::isSubstitutableBy.  
2003-01-10  Albert Strasheim  [Bug 5854] Patches and .spec file for rpm creation of 2.2.0.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 14955] error validating parser.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15928] Output with LocalFileFormatTarget fails silently.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15371] Fix documentation. The default of schema processing shoud be false.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15372] DOMBuilder::parseFromURI ignores result of handleErrors.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15802] Add "const" qualifier to getURIText.  
2003-01-09  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15427] DOMWriter dose not flush the output stream.  
2003-01-09  Colin Adams  [Bug 15796] surroundContents seg-faults.  
2003-01-03  Tinny Ng  New feature StandardUriConformant to force strict standard uri conformance.  
2002-12-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15590] BeOSDefs.hpp has wrong case in CVS.  
2002-12-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15608] IconvLCPTranscoder::transcode() is wrong at wcstombs() usage.  
2002-12-30  Gareth Reakes  Added isDocumentAdopted API and recognize feature fgXercesUserAdoptsDOMDocument in DOMBuilder::getFeature/canSetFeature.  
2002-12-24  Tinny Ng  Build with ICU 2.4.  
2002-12-24  Tinny Ng  [Bug 15160] TrueCoverage build fails in Window.  
2002-12-23  Khaled Noaman  New public api to various parsers to return the src offset within the input source.  
2002-12-20  Tinny Ng  XML 1.1  
2002-12-19  Peter A. Volchek  Schema: get/set methods to see if the represented type is anonymous.  
2002-12-18  Gareth Reakes  [Bug 13438] Mismatched new[]/delete in template vector class. Added new abstract base class BaseRefVectorOf from which both RefVectorOf and the new class RefArrayVectorOf inherit from it.  
2002-12-18  Jennifer Schachter  New Regx functionality - tokenize and replace.  
2002-12-16  James Berry  [Bug 14805] Mac OS transcoder should return pointer to zero length string (rather than NULL) on receipt of zero length input.  
2002-12-10  PeiYong Zhang  Validating Schema Float/Double in value space. Converting out-of-bound value into special values.  
2002-12-10  Tinny Ng  NLS: DOMWriter should use message loader to load message instead of using hardcoded static stirng.  
2002-12-06  Kevin King  [Bug 13840] DOMWriter: more pretty-print format feature.  
2002-12-06  Tinny Ng  Fix: for file protocol, need to manually replace any character reference %xx first.  
2002-12-06  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9083] Make some classes be exportable.  
2002-12-06  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9697] Make GrammarResolver to be exportable.  
2002-12-02  Andrew Bachmann  [Bug 12490] Patches required to build Xerces-C++ on BeOS R5.  
2002-12-02  Adam Zell  [Bug 14723] Memory leak in atomicOpsMutex.  
2002-12-02  Abe Backus  [Bug 13804] Update build and installation docs for cygwin.  
2002-12-02  Peter A. Volchek  [Bug 14960] Opened up interface to expose user defined and built in registries.  
2002-12-02  Gareth Reakes and Peter A. Volchek  [Bug 12188] Create NMTOKEN, ID, IDREF, ENTITY, NAME, NCNAME with appropriate base types. Some reordering of creation was required where dependencies resulted.  
2002-12-02  Peter A. Volchek  [Bug 12238] Attributes without type declarations should be validated using AnySimpleTypeValidator, not the string validator.  
2002-11-26  Tinny Ng  Namespace Check:
1. xmlns:a="" where namespace URI is null is not valid.
2. xmlns:doc where xmlns is used as element prefix is not valid.
3. xmlns:xmlns where xmlns is used as prefix is not valid.
4. xmlns:xml="a" where xml is used as prefix but URI does not match the xml uri ( is not valid.
5. if validation is on, attribute values declared to be of types ID, IDREF(S), ENTITY(IES), and NOTATION are also Names, and thus should be colon-free.  
2002-11-25  Tinny Ng  Thread-safe the static variable TransService::gMappings.  
2002-11-22  Robert Buck  Add autodetection of MSVC++ version in  
2002-11-22  Chris Larsson and Stephen Dulin  390: support record-oriented MVS datasets with the DOM Level 3 serialization APIs.  
2002-11-22  Chris Larsson and Stephen Dulin  390: Uniconv390 support.  
2002-11-21  Jennifer Schachter  Fixed bug in Token::analyzeFirstCharacter so that . matches new line with head character optimisation enabled.  
2002-11-21  Gareth Reakes and Jennifer Schachter  DOM L3: isId, setIdAttribute, setIdAttributeNS and setIdAttributeNode.  
2002-11-21  PeiYong Zhang  Schema Fix: validate content as a whole against pattern.  
2002-11-20  PeiYong Zhang  Update ThreadTest to use DOMWriter to dump DOM.  
2002-11-19  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13487] Linux runs on many non-i386 platforms.  
2002-11-19  Cameron Dorrat  [Bug 14661] Caldera implemented openFileToWrite and writeBufferToFile.  
2002-11-18  Steven White  Problems using make tarball under linux.  
2002-11-18  Abe Backus  [Bug 14612] GCCDefs clashes with cygwin's string.h for stricmp and strnicmp.  
2002-11-15  Abe Backus  [Bug 13801] cygwin libxerces-c.dll symlinks misleading.  
2002-11-15  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13751] Documentation for DOMNamedNodeMap incorrect.  
2002-11-15  Richard Balint  [Bug 14598] IRIX 6.5 / g++ 3.0.4 compilation bugs.  
2002-11-14  Tinny Ng  [Bug 14265] Access violation with Null systemId/publicId in DTDScanner.  
2002-11-14  Tinny Ng  [Bug 14479] XMLString::subString failure when len(source)==0.  
2002-11-14  Tinny Ng  [Bug 14389] DOMPrint - gDoCreate - wrong default value.  
2002-11-13  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 14528] Encounters of the end tag "]]>" are ignored.  
2002-11-13  James Berry  [Bug 14260] MacOSUnicodeConverter::upperCase() passes wrong arguments to Carbon function.  
2002-11-13  James Berry  Update Mac OS build for compatiblity with namespace additions.  
2002-11-12  Tinny Ng  DOM Message: make use of the non-standard extension DOMImplementation::loadDOMExceptionMsg to load the default error text message for the correspond Exception Code.  
2002-11-12  Tinny Ng  DOM Message: introduce a new message domain, XMLDOMMsg, for DOM Messages.  
2002-11-04  PeiYong Zhang  New feature XMLPlatformUtils::Initialize(const char* const locale) to set the locale for message loader.  
2002-11-04  Tinny Ng  C++ Namespace Support  
2002-10-30  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13641] compiler-generated copy-constructor for QName doesn't do the right thing.  
2002-10-29  Chris Larsson  Modify DOMPrint to accept a file name as a parameter.  
2002-10-29  Tinny Ng  Support for Linux/390 which is big endian.  
2002-10-23  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 13213] DOMImplementation::hasFeature() should be const.  
2002-10-17  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 13640] Getter methods not public in DecimalDatatypeValidator.  
2002-10-16  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13293] Schema ID validation can fail depending on declaration ordering.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13604] while loop never terminates.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13639] Failure to parse xsi:schemaLocation attribute value correctly.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13494] use unsigned instead of signed in TraverseSchema.cpp.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13490] new[]/delete mismatch in RangeToken.cpp.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13489] missing 'return' in Token.cpp.  
2002-10-15  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 13485] incorrect return from getWSstring.  
2002-10-04  Duncan Stodart  [Bug 12560] Use const in DOMWriter.  
2002-10-01  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13139] Building Promblems on HP-UX.  
2002-09-30  PeiYong Zhang  Support ICU Message Loader.  
2002-09-30  PeiYong Zhang  Xlat: To generate icu resource file (in text) for error message.  
2002-09-30  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13109] DOMRange::toString eventually cycles forever.  
2002-09-27  Guillaume Morin  [Bug 12547] Xerces C++ 2.1 fails to build on Linux 64 bits arch with -tlinux.  
2002-09-27  Tinny Ng  [Bug 13073] GeneralAttributeCheck.cpp : compilation fails with Sun C++ 4.2 on Solaris2.7 system.  
2002-09-27  Peter Volchek  [Bug 12740] Extra include.  
2002-09-27  Gareth Reakes  [Bug 12847] bulid warning for non-virtual constuctor.  
2002-09-27  Gareth Reakes  [Bug 12848] newline warning whist building.  
2002-09-26  Gareth Reakes  [Bug 12849] comparison is always false warning.  
2002-09-26  Erik Rydgren  [Bug 12914] Bug in AbstractDOMParser::resetPool().  
2002-09-26  Gareth Reakes  DOM L3: Add const to isSameNode, isEqualNode, compareTreePosition.  
2002-09-23  PeiYong Zhang  Issue Panic_CantLoadMsgDomain if loadAMsgSet() fails.  
2002-09-23  PeiYong Zhang  Support MsgCatalog Message Loader.  
2002-09-23  Gareth Reakes, Thomas Ford and Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Support baseURI.  
2002-09-18  Stephen Dulin  OS390 Performance Enhancement: instead of calling isPosixOn everytime, store the information in a static flag during initialization.  
2002-09-17  Thomas Woerner  RPM for Linux.  
2002-09-16  Tinny Ng  Infinite loop for malformed xml (e.g. simple has "XXXX") w/ setexitonfirstfatal(false).  
2002-09-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12442] Fix typo: "Mode:" which should be "Model".  
2002-09-09  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 12369] invalid output from DOMWriter using MemBufFormatTarget.  
2002-09-05  James Berry  Add export directives for Mac OS path utility routines .  
2002-09-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12232] Make operator to be constant.  
2002-09-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12290] example on webpage won't compile.  
2002-09-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12279] Makefiles contain tabs causing "commands commence" error.  
2002-09-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12275] DOMCount -n gives DOM Error.  
2002-09-03  Tinny Ng  [Bug 12897] System ID is missing inside DOCTYPE.  
2002/08/27  Khaled Noaman  Identity Constraint: handle case of recursive elements.  
2002-08-27  Tom Ford  [Bug 12087] XMLString::patternMatch() is not accurate.  

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.1.0: August 26, 2002

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.1.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2002-08-26  Abe Backus  [Bug 12004] Samples/Tests don't build under cygwin.  
2002-08-23  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11981] inproper "AND" operator in AutoSense.hpp  
2002-08-23  Tinny Ng  Memory leak fix: enums is not deleted if an error occurred.  
2002-08-23  Tinny Ng  Memory leak fix: XMLUri data not deleted if constructor failed.  
2002-08-23  James Berry  Begin addition of support for Codewarrior MachO build of Xerces framework.  
2002-08-23  James Berry  [Bug 11776] MacOSUnicodeConvertor::upperCase doesn't work correctly.  
2002-08-23  Robert Buck  [Bug 11975] Update to XercesLib VC7 Project File.  
2002-08-22  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7512] Wrong error message created.  
2002-08-22  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11448] DomCount has problems with XHTML1.1 DTD.  
2002-08-22  Robert Buck  [Bug 11946] Updated VC7 Project Files for Xerces-C 2.1.  
2002-08-22  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 11906] Wrong comparison in TraverseSchema.  
2002-08-22  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 10653] XMLString::parseInt possible overflow.  
2002-08-21  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11869] Add the const modifier (XMLBuffer.hpp).  
2002-08-21  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7087] compiler warnings when using gcc.  
2002-08-20  Benjamin Piwowarski  [Bug 11515] Exponential time using DOMTreeWalker.  
2002-08-20  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6251] Info during compilation.  
2002-08-19  Vasily Tchekalkin  [Bug 11771] Linux specific IconvGNU transcoder.  
2002-08-19  Derek Harmon and Abe Backus  [Bug 6467] Installing Xerces C++ on cygwin environment.  
2002-08-19  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11229] bogus -I statements order in CXXFLAGS.  
2002-08-19  Tinny Ng  [Bug 1471] getInternalSubset returns NDATA with quote. Also fix internalsubset to include notation.  
2002-08-19  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 11770] - Xerces does not validate the XMLSchema's root element name.  
2002-08-16  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7698] Filenames with embedded spaces in schemaLocation strings not handled properly.  
2002-08-16  PeiYong Zhang  New Configure: Win64 Debug for samples Project / Makefiles.  
2002-08-16  Gareth Reakes  DOM L3: support lookupNamespacePrefix, lookupNamespaceURL, isDefaultNamespace.  
2002-08-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11360] Release user data using handler.  
2002-08-14  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 3111] Problem with LexicalHandler::startDTD() and LexicalHandler::endDTD().  
2002-08-13  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 9442] minInclusive factet validation alters value.  
2002-08-13  Khaled Noaman  Recognize UTF16.  
2002-08-12  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 11462] MemBufFormatTarget issues (2) - const-ness, thread-safety.  
2002-08-12  Tinny Ng  Support Intel IA32 C++ Compiler, icc.  
2002-08-09  Gareth Reakes  DOM L3: support compareTreePosition.  
2002-08-08  Stephen Dulin  DOMWriter support on z/OS.  
2002-08-08  Tinny Ng  DOM Fix: Recycle node value buffer to avoid memory growth.  
2002-08-07  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 11534] Wrong CDATA Terminator in DOMWriterImpl.  
2002-08-07  Khaled Noaman  Pass proper value of actual encoding to XMLDecl callback.  
2002-08-01  Khaled Noaman  If the NamespaceURI, qualifiedName, and doctype are null, the returned Document is empty with no document element.  
2002-08-01  Khaled Noaman  Ensure that we add only DOM Attr nodes to the attributes NamedNodeMap.  
2002-08-01  Khaled Noaman  DOM L2 does not support editing DocumentType nodes.  
2002-07-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 11338] missing const keyword for DOMNodeList methods.  
2002-07-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6227] Make method getLastExtLocation() constant.  
2002-07-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 3788] very long lines in CppErrMsgs_EN_US.hpp causes problems for OS390 compiler.  
2002-07-31  Eric Zurcher  [Bug 11099] BCB6 project for Xerceslib 2.0 has wrong files.  
2002-07-31  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6321] gmake error in regx/  
2002-07-30  Tinny Ng  [Bug 8550] No explanation of XMLFormatter escape options.  
2002-07-30  Khaled Noaman  Create default attributes with the namespace URI mapped to the attributes' prefixes.  
2002-07-29  PeiYong Zhang  Build Xerces with ICU -- Itanium/WinXP/IntelC++Compiler.  
2002-07-29  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9084] scripts/packageBinaries -j option not well documented.  
2002-07-29  Tom Keane  [Bug 9533] Win32TransService does not recognize aliases for encodings.  
2002-07-26  Tinny Ng  Memory Leak in DOMDocumentTypeImpl.  
2002-07-26  Joé St-Germain  [Bug 10337] XMLString::patternMatch doesn't find pattern in particular context.  
2002-07-26  David Bertoni  [Bug 11189] Tru64 utilities missing implementation of new functions.  
2002-07-26  Jonathan Lennox  [Bug 2681] Can't build with gcc/g++ not named 'gcc'/'g++'.  
2002-07-26  Khaled Noaman  For a given DOM Element and DOM DocumentType node, explicitly cast to the implementation of that DOM node when calling setReadOnly.  
2002-07-26  Khaled Noaman  Public/System id for notations should be stored as NULL if missing.  
2002-07-25  Robert Buck  [Bug 11141] Fix To Broken VC7 Builds.  
2002-07-25  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 11153] getOwnerDocument() on PI that's child of Document returns NULL.  
2002-07-24  Khaled Noaman  Remove check for disallowed encodings - not needed anymore.  
2002/07/23  Tinny Ng  Build with ICU 2.2.  

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 2.0.0: July 23, 2002

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.0.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2002-07-19  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10968] Default attributes from Schema not restored by removeAttribute.  
2002-07-18  Khaled Noaman  Feature to control strict IANA encoding name.  
2002-07-18  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9707] config.guess out of date. From AutoConf dated July 18, 2002, CVS Tag AUTOCONF-2_53b.  
2002-07-17  PeiYong Zhang  Add Win64 to Windows VC6 Project files  
2002-07-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6070] warning unused variable in HandlerBase.hpp.  
2002-07-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6576] Exception on processing UTF-16 InputSource buffer with set encoding.  
2002-07-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6590] Improper Internal subset filling.  
2002-07-16  Alberto Massari  [Bug 7458] Schema validator does not automatically associate the xml prefix to the "" URI.  
2002-07-16  Case Larsen  [Bug 9502] purify UMR in DocumentImpl::DocumentImpl.  
2002-07-16  Case Larsen  [Bug 9553] purify UMR in XMLRecognizer::basicEncodingProbe.  
2002-07-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10651] CMStateSet.hpp includes both memory.h and string.h.  
2002-07-16  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10648] DOMDocumentImpl misaligned allocations on machines with a 64 bits 'long' type.  
2002-07-15  Tinny Ng  DOM Level 3 C++ Binding.  
2002-07-15  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: DOMText::getIsWhitespaceInElementContent, DOMDocument::set/getStrictErrorChecking.  
2002-07-15  Robert Buck  [Bug 10834] Update version header to handle two digit revision and patch levels.  
2002-07-12  Khaled Noaman  Grammar caching/preparsing.  
2002-07-12  Khaled Noaman  Add getRootGrammar and modify SEnumVal.  
2002-07-12  James Berry  Add some support for testing of Mac OS X builds with GCC3 compiler.  
2002-07-12  James Berry  [Bug 10649] XercesDefs.hpp and AutoSense.hpp assume CodeWarrior is MacOS.  
2002-07-10  Tinny Ng  Enable embedded path link option in HP.  
2002-07-10  Robert Buck  [Bug 9154] Requesting Xerces Version Macro.  
2002-07-08  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 10525] runConfigure fails to recognize '-d' flag.  
2002-07-05  Max Gotlib  [Bug 10250]: Implementation of new platform methods in FreeBSD.  
2002-07-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9788] VecAttrListImpl::getValue skips prefix if SAX namespace validation is on.  
2002-07-05  Robert Buck  [Bug 10065] xml4com bugs found when porting to Visual Studio .NET project files.  
2002-07-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10105] Exception in parse() despite setErrorHandler().  
2002-07-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10119] Grammar::getGrammarType need a const modifier.  
2002-07-05  Max Gotlib  [Bug 10252] Modify FreeBSD build environment for the samples.  
2002-07-04  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 10482] XMLUri crashes with empty fragment.  
2002-07-04  Max Gotlib  [Bug 10253] Bugfix for the IconvFBSD transcoder.  
2002-07-04  Tinny Ng  [Bug 10336] Error in Error Message (set 3, #56, English).  
2002-07-04  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add DOMDocument::renameNode.  
2002-06-27  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add DOMNode::isSameNode and DOMNode::isEqualNode.  
2002-06-25  Tinny Ng  Add "adoptDocument" to XercesDOMParser so that document can optionally live outside the parser.  
2002-06-25  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7675] IDOM memory management problem.  
2002-06-25  Tinny Ng  DOM C++ Binding: add function release().  
2002-06-24  James Berry  Support CodeWarrior 8. (Important Note: Since Codewarrior 8 at long last supports HFS+ long file names, these projects now directly reference the src/xercesc files instead of the previously shortened file names in the MacSrc directory. With CodeWarrior 8 and these projects it is no longer necessary to run the perl script to generate that MacSrc directory.)  
2002-06-24  Robert Buck  [Bug 10067] SEnumVal bugs found when porting to Visual Studio .NET.  
2002-06-24  Robert Buck  [Bug 10180] New Visual Studio .NET Project Files.  
2002-06-18  Khaled Noaman  DOM L3: Add Wrapper4DOMInputSource and Wrapper4InputSource.  
2002-06-18  Khaled Noaman  DOM L3: Modify DOMCount to modify DOMBuilder.  
2002-06-18  Peter A. Volchek  Bug#9950: Compilation error on MSVC5.  
2002-06-17  Tinny Ng  Add feature "", and users should use setFeature instead of setValidationConstraintFatal in SAX2XMLReader.  
2002-06-17  Tinny Ng  Add feature "", and users should use setFeature instead of setExitOnFirstFatalError in SAX2XMLReader.  
2002-06-17  Tinny Ng  Name Xerces features as XMLUni::fgXercesXXXX instead of XMLUni::fgSAX2XercesXXXX so that they can be shared with DOM parser.  
2002-06-14  PeiYong Zhang  Build 64bit production on Itaniums platform (Windows and Linux) using Intel Compiler.  
2002-06-12  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add DOMUserDataHandler, DOMNode::set/getUserData.  
2002-06-12  Tinny Ng  Fix: Thread-safety in DOMString. The reference or update to DOMString::gLiveStringHandleCount should be synchronized (locked).  
2002-06-07  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add Entity::get/setActualEncoding, get/setEncoding, get/setVersion.  
2002-06-07  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add Document::get/setActualEncoding, get/setEncoding, get/setVersion, get/setStandalone, get/setDocumentURI.  
2002-06-03  Tinny Ng  DOM L3: Add DOMImplementationRegistry and DOMImplementationSource.  
2002-05-30  Tinny Ng  Add feature to optionally ignore external DTD.  
2002-05-29  Khaled Noaman  DOM L3: Add DOMInputSource, DOMEntityResolver, DOMImplementationLS and DOMBuilder.  
2002-05-29  Gereon Steffens  [Bug 9489] Malformed HTTP GET Requests in UnixHTTPUrlInputStream.  
2002-05-28  PeiYong Zhang  DOM L3: Modify DOMPrint to use DOMWriter.  
2002-05-28  PeiYong Zhang  DOM L3: Add DOMWriter, DOMWriterFilter, LocalFileFormatTarget, StdOutFormatTarget, and MemBufFormatTarget.  
2002-05-28  Tinny Ng  [Bug 9104] prefixes dissapearing when schema validation turned on.  
2002-05-27  Tinny Ng  Add DOMDocumentRange and DOMDocumentTraversal.  
2002-05-27  Khaled Noaman  Performance: Lazily store top-level components to eliminate unnecessary traversal of DOM tree when looking up for a top level component.  
2002-05-27  Khaled Noaman  Performance: Use pre-built element-attribute map table.  
2002-05-27  Tinny Ng  To get ready for 64 bit large file, use XMLSSize_t to represent line and column number.  
2002-05-27  Tinny Ng  Define XMLSize, XMLSSize_t and their associate MAX.  
2002-05-24  Khaled Noaman  Performance: Eliminate mulitple calls to addRange and sort in regx.  
2002-05-23  Khaled Noaman  Performance: Use XMLBufferMgr instead of local creation of XMLBuffer(s).  
2002-05-22  Khaled Noaman  DOM L3: Add AbstractDOMParser, DOMError, DOMErrorHandler, and DOMLocator.  
2002-05-21  Tinny Ng  DOM Reorganization (rename IDOM and deprecate old DOM) and other documentation update.  
2002-05-19  James Berry  [Bug 9237] Encoding spec in lower case (DTD/XML) not recognized.  
2002-05-10  Tinny Ng  [Bug 8967] Default element behaviour is incorrect (schema only).  
2002-05-08  Martin Kalen  [Bug 7701] NameIdPoolEnumerator copy constructor should call base class.  
2002-05-08  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8899] Missing implementation of Op::Op(const Op&) causes Intel C++ Win32 link to fail.  
2002-05-08  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 8301] INFINITY used as enum member.  
2002-05-08  David Bertoni  [Bug 8381] XMLScanner performance fixes.  
2002-05-08  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8898] SchemaElementDecl doesn't compile with Intel C++ for IA32.  
2002-05-07  Tinny Ng  Schema Fix: re-add the ID, IDREF ... datatype validators only if they were not there.  
2002-05-07  Khaled Noaman  Update SAX2 documentation to tell users it is necessary to delete the parser returned by XMLReaderFactory::createXMLReader.  
2002-05-07  David Bertoni  [Bug 8852] UnixHTTPURLInputStream.cpp includes unneeded file.  
2002-05-06  David Bertoni  [Bug 8492] Incorrect HP link options.  
2002-05-03  Martin Kalen  [Bug 7341] Missing newline at end of util and DOM source files.  
2002-05-03  Martin Kalen  [Bug 7261] Remove obsolete define in UnixWareDefs.hpp.  
2002-05-03  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8769] UMR (uninitialized memory read) detected by memory tool.  
2002-05-01  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7265] UnixWare port broken in platformTerm().  
2002-04-24  Jason Stewart  [Bug 8495] URLInputSource constructor initializes fURL member incorrectly.  
2002-04-22  PeiYong Zhang  Build AIX 64 bit binary.  
2002-04-19  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 8236] Problem with recursive and derived elements.  
2002-04-18  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7301] Redundant range-check in HexBin.cpp.  
2002-04-17  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7583] Build warnings with MS Visual Studio .NET.  
2002-04-17  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7493] The word "occured" is misspelled and it is a global error.  
2002-04-17  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8195] Invalid path to build 'samples' target.  
2002-04-16  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8156] Bad path name breaks build.  
2002-04-16  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 8168] Error when attempting to build NetAccessors.  
2002-04-09  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7706] XMLString::lowerCase() does not work.  
2002-04-09  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 6095] Modify .so name to have version number.  
2002-04-08  Tinny Ng  ICU 2.0.2 Update.  
2002-04-04  Khaled Noaman  Change min/maxOccurs from unsigned int to int.  
2002-04-03  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7565] Attributes in different namespaces produce a Fatal Exception.  
2002-04-03  Tinny Ng  check null string first in isWSCollapsed and fix [Bug 6902] Typo in XMLString.cpp.  
2002-04-02  Martin Kalen  [Bug 7555] Enable AIX build with newer xlC versions.  
2002-04-02  Khaled Noaman  Modiy QName comparison (operator==).  
2002-04-01  Tinny Ng  According to DOM spec, setNodeValue by default is no-op.  
2002-04-01  Tinny Ng  Do not issue DOM_DOMException::INUSE_ATTRIBUTE_ERR if the owner is the same.  
2002-04-01  Tinny Ng  DOMString problem with Asian codepages.  
2002-04-01  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7551] Exceptions are caught by value, rather than by reference.  
2002-04-01  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7585] xml4com.dsp - Cannot open source file.  
2002-04-01  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7297] Validation of schema included in document fails with improper error.  
2002-04-01  Khaled Noaman  Move Element Consistency checking (ref to global declarations) to SchemaValidator.  
2002-03-27  Tinny Ng  [Bug 1173] DOMParser entity resolution property is messed about.  
2002-03-27  Tinny Ng  Fix: not all the children of EntityReference Node is set to readOnly.  
2002-03-27  Tinny Ng  Should call setReadOnly instead of isReadOnly to populate the flag.  
2002-03-27  Tinny Ng  [Bug 3010] DocumentImpl::importNode - Missed Readonly Flag Restore.  
2002-03-27  Tinny Ng  Correct count element routine in IDOMCount.  
2002-03-26  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7471] Failed to validate correctly when schema has <xsd:extension> and the base has an attribute.  
2002-03-25  Khaled Noaman  Move particle derivation checking from TraverseSchema to SchemaValidator.  
2002-03-22  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7358] About TraverseSchema::traverseSimpleTypeDecl member function.  
2002-03-21  Khaled Noaman  Add support for reporting line/column numbers of schema errors.  
2002-03-19  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7164] DOMParser with a DTD leak!  
2002-03-19  Khaled Noaman  Fix for declarations referenced from a different NS in the case of a circular import.  
2002-03-19  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7243] Base64 encoding is not working.  
2002-03-19  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 7074] Unwarranted error regarding "no circular definitions allowed".  
2002-03-18  Khaled Noaman  [Regx Fix] Change constant names to eliminate possible conflict with user defined ones.  
2002-03-18  Tinny Ng  [Bug 7162] IconvFreeBSDTransService.cpp needs an #include statement fixed to use xercesc.  
2002-03-15  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6888] NodeIterator. Retrofit this typo that was applied to Xerces-J, although this function "matchNodeOrParent" is not used in Xerces-C++.  
2002-03-15  Tinny Ng  DOMString Thread safe Fix: should lock the entire deleter function where freeListPtr and blockListPtr are modified.  
2002-03-15  Tinny Ng  Issue DOMException::INDEX_SIZE_ERR if count is greater than length, equal to length is ok.  
2002-03-14  Tinny Ng  IDOM Fix: Issue IDOM_DOMException::INDEX_SIZE_ERR if count or offset is negative.  
2002-03-14  Tinny Ng  IDOM Fix: Initialize fPublic/fSystemId to zero in IDNotationImpl.  
2002-03-14  Tinny Ng  Certain IDOM Node should call fParent.normalize().  
2002-03-14  Tinny Ng  Run methods test[NodeType] in the IDOMTest and other fixes.  
2002-03-12  Mark Russell  [Bug 1687] resValue not always updated when making a transcoder.  
2002/03/11  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 7000] The URL is corrupted in UnixHTTPURLInputStream.cpp.  

Release Information for Xerces-C++ 1.7.0: March 8, 2002

Below is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 1.7.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2002-03-07  Tinny Ng  Add a keys file to store public key of committers who sign and upload packages to Apache.  
2002-03-07  PeiYong Zhang  Call Terminate() to avoid memory tools reporting memory leak in Traversal test cases.  
2002-03-06  PeiYong Zhang  Schema: Allow [+]? [0]* '.'? [0]* and normalize the input to positive zero string. And similarly input conforming to '-' [0]* '.'? [0]* is normalized to negative zero.  
2002-03-04  Tinny Ng  [Bug 2869] AIX 4.3.3 mutex/atomic-operation changes for build.  
2002-03-04  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 6834] apparently correct schema/instance not validating.  
2002-03-01  Tinny Ng  NodeIDMap informational message about growing only be printed if debug is on. Besides the throw message should be encap in the XMLErrList_EN_US.Xml, not hardcoded in the code.  
2002-02-28  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 2717] Unterminated INCLUDE section causes infinite loop with setExitOnFirstFatalError(false)  
2002-02-28  Tinny Ng  Fix: ReaderMgr Should check if XMLReader is created successfully.  
2002-02-28  Tinny Ng  [Bug 1368] improper DOMStringHandle locking.  
2002-02-28  Martin Kalen  [Bug 6445] Caldera (SCO) OpenServer Port.  
2002-02-27  Tinny Ng  Fix: default attribute are not added when namespace is on and validation is off.  
2002-02-27  Tinny Ng  Fix: SAX AttributeList::getName should attach prefix if present  
2002-02-26  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6672] SAXValidator results in an access violation when validating against schema with empty element that has default value.  
2002-02-26  Khaled Noaman  Fix: Create ZeroOrOne node for PCDATA only if needed.  
2002-02-25  Tinny Ng  Schema Fix: Thread-safe the built-in datatype validator registry.  
2002-02-25  Tinny Ng  Schema Fix: Ensure no invalid uri index for UPA checking.  
2002-02-25  Tinny Ng  Merge IThreadTest and ThreadTest. Modify ThreadTest to do schema processing, and add ThreadTest to  
2002-02-20  Don Mastrovito  Project files for BCB6.  
2002-02-20  Tinny Ng  [Bug 2845] HP-UX 10.20 with CC A.10.40 needs +Z instead of +z.  
2002-02-20  Tinny Ng  [Bug 5977] Warnings on generating apiDocs.  
2002-02-18  PeiYong Zhang  Fix: Add code for ContentSpecNode::All in formatNode.  
2002-02-18  James Berry  Add support for building with new MacOSURLAccessCF NetAccessor that doesn't require Carbon but can allow Xerces to live solely within CoreServices layer.  
2002-02-17  James Berry  [Bug 6092] stricmp and strnicmp not present in FreeBSD.  
2002-02-17  James Berry  Update Mac OS projects to reflect "sane includes" changes.  
2002-02-15  Tinny Ng  Add IDOM to API documentation.  
2002-02-15  PeiYong Zhang  Base64 interface redefined for conversion in XMLByte.  
2002-02-14  PeiYong Zhang  Add getEnumString to DatatypeValidator.  
2002-02-14  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 6461] Unexpected recursion errors reported against schema.  
2002-02-13  Khaled Noaman  Add constraint checking for the extension of an 'all' content model.  
2002-02-13  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 4581] erroneous static cast in programming examples.  
2002-02-13  Khaled Noaman  [Bug 6336] Output of XMLString::transcode not freed?  
2002-02-13  Khaled Noaman  Update samples to use SAX2 features/properties constants from XMLUni.  
2002-02-11  PeiYong Zhang  [Bug 6330] Base64::encode does not work.  
2002-02-11  Tinny Ng  [Bug 2715] Build recursion suppresses make failures.  
2002-02-11  Tinny Ng  [Bug 2496] libxerces-c1_5_0 fails to build correctly on Solaris.  
2002-02-06  Khaled Noaman  Added a new flag '-p' to SAX2 samples to set the 'namespace-prefixes' feature.  
2002-02-06  Khaled Noaman  Use IDOM for schema processing.  
2002-02-05  Tinny Ng  Remove 3rd party jar style-apachexmljar, expand into physical files.  
2002-02-05  Tinny Ng  Add IDOMMemTest.  
2002-02-05  Tinny Ng  Modify InitTermTest to take option flag like -s, -f , and -n.  
2002-02-05  Tinny Ng  [Bug 5716] Can't parse with Validation more than one file.  
2002-02-05  Tinny Ng  Recognize IBM01140 (IANA encoding) as alias of intrinsic encoding IBM1140.  
2002-02-04  Tinny Ng  [Bug 6114] Memory leaks on IDOM getElementsByTagName().  
2002-02-04  Tinny Ng  Add DOM Level2 missing functions: NodeIterator::getRoot, TreeWalker::getRoot Element::hasAttribute, Element::hasAttributeNS and Node::hasAttribute  
2002-02-04  Tinny Ng  Memory leak fix in samples / test cases.  
2002-02-01  PeiYong Zhang  src and include folder reorganization for "sane_include".  
2002-01-28  Khaled Noaman  Fix: some SAX calls were not passed to the LexicalHandler.  
2002-01-29  Tinny Ng  Remove those jar files that are not clear in license issue.  
2002-01-28  Khaled Noaman  Add a 'null' string constant in XMLUni.  
2002-01-28  Khaled Noaman  Add SAX2-ext's DeclHandler support.