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DOMErrorHandler Class Referenceabstract

Basic interface for DOM error handlers. More...

#include <xercesc/dom/DOMErrorHandler.hpp>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~DOMErrorHandler ()
 Destructor. More...
Functions introduced in DOM Level 3
virtual bool handleError (const DOMError &domError)=0
 This method is called on the error handler when an error occurs. More...

Protected Member Functions

Hidden constructors
 DOMErrorHandler ()

Detailed Description

Basic interface for DOM error handlers.

DOMErrorHandler is a callback interface that the DOM implementation can call when reporting errors that happens while processing XML data, or when doing some other processing (e.g. validating a document).

The application that is using the DOM implementation is expected to implement this interface.

See also
DOM Level 3

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DOMErrorHandler()

DOMErrorHandler::DOMErrorHandler ( )

◆ ~DOMErrorHandler()

virtual DOMErrorHandler::~DOMErrorHandler ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ handleError()

virtual bool DOMErrorHandler::handleError ( const DOMError domError)
pure virtual

This method is called on the error handler when an error occurs.

If an exception is thrown from this method, it is considered to be equivalent of returning true.

domErrorThe error object that describes the error, this object may be reused by the DOM implementation across multiple calls to the handleError method.
If the handleError method returns true the DOM implementation should continue as if the error didn't happen when possible, if the method returns false then the DOM implementation should stop the current processing when possible.
DOM Level 3

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