Interface XMLDocumentSource

All Known Subinterfaces:
XMLDocumentFilter, XMLDocumentScanner

public interface XMLDocumentSource

Defines a document source. In other words, any object that implements this interface is able to emit document "events" to the registered document handler. These events could be produced by parsing an XML document, could be generated from some other source, or could be created programmatically. This interface does not say how the events are created, only that the implementor is able to emit them.

$Id: 447244 2006-09-18 05:20:40Z mrglavas $
Andy Clark, IBM

Method Summary
 XMLDocumentHandler getDocumentHandler()
          Returns the document handler
 void setDocumentHandler(XMLDocumentHandler handler)
          Sets the document handler.

Method Detail


public void setDocumentHandler(XMLDocumentHandler handler)
Sets the document handler.


public XMLDocumentHandler getDocumentHandler()
Returns the document handler

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