Package org.apache.xerces.impl.xs.models

Interface Summary
XSCMValidator Note: State of the content model is stored in the validator



Class Summary
CMBuilder This class constructs content models for a given grammar.


XSAllCM XSAllCM implements XSCMValidator and handles <all>.
XSCMBinOp Content model Bin-Op node.
XSCMLeaf Content model leaf node.
XSCMRepeatingLeaf A compound content model leaf node which carries occurence information.
XSCMUniOp Content model Uni-Op node.
XSDFACM DFAContentModel is the implementation of XSCMValidator that does all of the non-trivial element content validation.
XSEmptyCM XSEmptyCM is a derivative of the abstract content model base class that handles a content model with no children (elements).

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