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Packages that use NodeIterator

Uses of NodeIterator in org.apache.xerces.dom

Classes in org.apache.xerces.dom that implement NodeIterator
 class NodeIteratorImpl
          DefaultNodeIterator implements a NodeIterator, which iterates a DOM tree in the expected depth first way.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom that return NodeIterator
 NodeIterator DocumentImpl.createNodeIterator(Node root, short whatToShow, NodeFilter filter)
          NON-DOM extension: Create and return a NodeIterator.
 NodeIterator DocumentImpl.createNodeIterator(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create and return a NodeIterator.

Uses of NodeIterator in org.w3c.dom.traversal

Methods in org.w3c.dom.traversal that return NodeIterator
 NodeIterator DocumentTraversal.createNodeIterator(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create a new NodeIterator over the subtree rooted at the specified node.

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