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Packages that use XMLContentModel

Uses of XMLContentModel in org.apache.xerces.validators.common

Classes in org.apache.xerces.validators.common that implement XMLContentModel
 class AllContentModel
 class DFAContentModel
          DFAContentModel is the derivative of ContentModel that does all of the non-trivial element content validation.
 class MixedContentModel
          MixedContentModel is a derivative of the abstract content model base class that handles the special case of mixed model elements.
 class SimpleContentModel
          SimpleContentModel is a derivative of the abstract content model base class that handles a small set of simple content models that are just way overkill to give the DFA treatment.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.validators.common that return XMLContentModel
 XMLContentModel Grammar.getElementContentModel(int elementDeclIndex, SubstitutionGroupComparator comparator)
 XMLContentModel Grammar.getContentModel(int contentSpecIndex, int contentType, SubstitutionGroupComparator comparator)

Uses of XMLContentModel in org.apache.xerces.validators.schema

Methods in org.apache.xerces.validators.schema that return XMLContentModel
 XMLContentModel SchemaGrammar.getContentModel(int contentSpecIndex, int contentType, SubstitutionGroupComparator comparator)

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