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Uses of DeferredNode in org.apache.xerces.dom

Classes in org.apache.xerces.dom that implement DeferredNode
 class DeferredAttrImpl
          Attribute represents an XML-style attribute of an Element.
 class DeferredAttrNSImpl
          DeferredAttrNSImpl is to AttrNSImpl, what DeferredAttrImpl is to AttrImpl.
 class DeferredCDATASectionImpl
          XML provides the CDATA markup to allow a region of text in which most of the XML delimiter recognition does not take place.
 class DeferredCommentImpl
          Represents an XML (or HTML) comment.
 class DeferredDocumentImpl
          The Document interface represents the entire HTML or XML document.
 class DeferredDocumentTypeImpl
          This class represents a Document Type declaraction in the document itself, not a Document Type Definition (DTD).
 class DeferredElementDefinitionImpl
          NON-DOM CLASS: Describe one of the Elements (and its associated Attributes) defined in this Document Type.
 class DeferredElementImpl
          Elements represent most of the "markup" and structure of the document.
 class DeferredElementNSImpl
          DeferredElementNSImpl is to ElementNSImpl, what DeferredElementImpl is to ElementImpl.
 class DeferredEntityImpl
          Entity nodes hold the reference data for an XML Entity -- either parsed or unparsed.
 class DeferredEntityReferenceImpl
          EntityReference models the XML &entityname; syntax, when used for entities defined by the DOM.
 class DeferredNotationImpl
          Notations are how the Document Type Description (DTD) records hints about the format of an XML "unparsed entity" -- in other words, non-XML data bound to this document type, which some applications may wish to consult when manipulating the document.
 class DeferredProcessingInstructionImpl
          Processing Instructions (PIs) permit documents to carry processor-specific information alongside their actual content.
 class DeferredTextImpl
          Text nodes hold the non-markup, non-Entity content of an Element or Attribute.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom that return DeferredNode
 DeferredNode DeferredDocumentImpl.getNodeObject(int nodeIndex)
          Instantiates the requested node object.

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