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Public Types

Public Constants
enum  ResourceIdentifierType {
  SchemaGrammar = 0, SchemaImport, SchemaInclude, SchemaRedefine,
  ExternalEntity, UnKnown = 255

Public Member Functions

Constructors and Destructor
 XMLResourceIdentifier (const ResourceIdentifierType resourceIdentitiferType, const XMLCh *const systemId, const XMLCh *const nameSpace=0, const XMLCh *const publicId=0, const XMLCh *const baseURI=0, const Locator *locator=0)
 ~XMLResourceIdentifier ()
Public Methods
ResourceIdentifierType getResourceIdentifierType () const
const XMLChgetPublicId () const
const XMLChgetSystemId () const
const XMLChgetSchemaLocation () const
const XMLChgetBaseURI () const
const XMLChgetNameSpace () const
const LocatorgetLocator () const

Detailed Description

This class is used along with XMLEntityResolver to resolve entities. Instead of passing publicId and systemId on the resolveEntity call, as is done with the SAX entity resolver, an object of type XMLResourceIdentifier is passed. By calling the getResourceIdentifierType() method the user can determine which data members are available for inspection:

ResourceIdentifierType Available Data Members
SchemaGrammar schemaLocation, nameSpace & baseURI (current document)
SchemaImport schemaLocation, nameSpace & baseURI (current document)
SchemaInclude schemaLocation & baseURI (current document)
SchemaRedefine schemaLocation & baseURI (current document)
ExternalEntity systemId, publicId & baseURI (some items may be NULL)

The following resolver would provide the application with a special character stream for the entity with the system identifier "http://www.myhost.com/today":

#include <xercesc/util/XMLEntityResolver.hpp>
#include <xercesc/sax/InputSource.hpp>

 class MyResolver : public XMLEntityResolver {
   InputSource resolveEntity (XMLResourceIdentifier* xmlri);

  MyResolver::resolveEntity(XMLResourceIdentifier* xmlri) {
   switch(xmlri->getResourceIdentifierType()) {
    case XMLResourceIdentifier::SystemId:
     if (XMLString::compareString(xmlri->getSystemId(), "http://www.myhost.com/today")) {
      MyReader* reader = new MyReader();
      return new InputSource(reader);
     } else {
      return null;
     return null;

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XMLResourceIdentifier::XMLResourceIdentifier ( const ResourceIdentifierType  resourceIdentitiferType,
const XMLCh *const   systemId,
const XMLCh *const   nameSpace = 0,
const XMLCh *const   publicId = 0,
const XMLCh *const   baseURI = 0,
const Locator locator = 0 


XMLResourceIdentifier::~XMLResourceIdentifier (  ) 


Member Function Documentation

XMLResourceIdentifier::ResourceIdentifierType XMLResourceIdentifier::getResourceIdentifierType (  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLResourceIdentifier::getPublicId (  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLResourceIdentifier::getSystemId (  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLResourceIdentifier::getSchemaLocation (  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLResourceIdentifier::getBaseURI (  )  const

const XMLCh * XMLResourceIdentifier::getNameSpace (  )  const

const Locator * XMLResourceIdentifier::getLocator (  )  const

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