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const XMLCh 
chNull = 0x00
const XMLCh chHTab = 0x09
const XMLCh chLF = 0x0A
const XMLCh chVTab = 0x0B
const XMLCh chFF = 0x0C
const XMLCh chCR = 0x0D
const XMLCh chAmpersand = 0x26
const XMLCh chAsterisk = 0x2A
const XMLCh chAt = 0x40
const XMLCh chBackSlash = 0x5C
const XMLCh chBang = 0x21
const XMLCh chCaret = 0x5E
const XMLCh chCloseAngle = 0x3E
const XMLCh chCloseCurly = 0x7D
const XMLCh chCloseParen = 0x29
const XMLCh chCloseSquare = 0x5D
const XMLCh chColon = 0x3A
const XMLCh chComma = 0x2C
const XMLCh chDash = 0x2D
const XMLCh chDollarSign = 0x24
const XMLCh chDoubleQuote = 0x22
const XMLCh chEqual = 0x3D
const XMLCh chForwardSlash = 0x2F
const XMLCh chGrave = 0x60
const XMLCh chNEL = 0x85
const XMLCh chOpenAngle = 0x3C
const XMLCh chOpenCurly = 0x7B
const XMLCh chOpenParen = 0x28
const XMLCh chOpenSquare = 0x5B
const XMLCh chPercent = 0x25
const XMLCh chPeriod = 0x2E
const XMLCh chPipe = 0x7C
const XMLCh chPlus = 0x2B
const XMLCh chPound = 0x23
const XMLCh chQuestion = 0x3F
const XMLCh chSingleQuote = 0x27
const XMLCh chSpace = 0x20
const XMLCh chSemiColon = 0x3B
const XMLCh chTilde = 0x7E
const XMLCh chUnderscore = 0x5F
const XMLCh chSwappedUnicodeMarker = XMLCh(0xFFFE)
const XMLCh chUnicodeMarker = XMLCh(0xFEFF)
const XMLCh chDigit_0 = 0x30
const XMLCh chDigit_1 = 0x31
const XMLCh chDigit_2 = 0x32
const XMLCh chDigit_3 = 0x33
const XMLCh chDigit_4 = 0x34
const XMLCh chDigit_5 = 0x35
const XMLCh chDigit_6 = 0x36
const XMLCh chDigit_7 = 0x37
const XMLCh chDigit_8 = 0x38
const XMLCh chDigit_9 = 0x39
const XMLCh chLatin_A = 0x41
const XMLCh chLatin_B = 0x42
const XMLCh chLatin_C = 0x43
const XMLCh chLatin_D = 0x44
const XMLCh chLatin_E = 0x45
const XMLCh chLatin_F = 0x46
const XMLCh chLatin_G = 0x47
const XMLCh chLatin_H = 0x48
const XMLCh chLatin_I = 0x49
const XMLCh chLatin_J = 0x4A
const XMLCh chLatin_K = 0x4B
const XMLCh chLatin_L = 0x4C
const XMLCh chLatin_M = 0x4D
const XMLCh chLatin_N = 0x4E
const XMLCh chLatin_O = 0x4F
const XMLCh chLatin_P = 0x50
const XMLCh chLatin_Q = 0x51
const XMLCh chLatin_R = 0x52
const XMLCh chLatin_S = 0x53
const XMLCh chLatin_T = 0x54
const XMLCh chLatin_U = 0x55
const XMLCh chLatin_V = 0x56
const XMLCh chLatin_W = 0x57
const XMLCh chLatin_X = 0x58
const XMLCh chLatin_Y = 0x59
const XMLCh chLatin_Z = 0x5A
const XMLCh chLatin_a = 0x61
const XMLCh chLatin_b = 0x62
const XMLCh chLatin_c = 0x63
const XMLCh chLatin_d = 0x64
const XMLCh chLatin_e = 0x65
const XMLCh chLatin_f = 0x66
const XMLCh chLatin_g = 0x67
const XMLCh chLatin_h = 0x68
const XMLCh chLatin_i = 0x69
const XMLCh chLatin_j = 0x6A
const XMLCh chLatin_k = 0x6B
const XMLCh chLatin_l = 0x6C
const XMLCh chLatin_m = 0x6D
const XMLCh chLatin_n = 0x6E
const XMLCh chLatin_o = 0x6F
const XMLCh chLatin_p = 0x70
const XMLCh chLatin_q = 0x71
const XMLCh chLatin_r = 0x72
const XMLCh chLatin_s = 0x73
const XMLCh chLatin_t = 0x74
const XMLCh chLatin_u = 0x75
const XMLCh chLatin_v = 0x76
const XMLCh chLatin_w = 0x77
const XMLCh chLatin_x = 0x78
const XMLCh chLatin_y = 0x79
const XMLCh chLatin_z = 0x7A
const XMLCh chYenSign = 0xA5
const XMLCh chWonSign = 0x20A9
const XMLCh chLineSeparator = 0x2028
const XMLCh chParagraphSeparator = 0x2029

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const XMLCh chAmpersand = 0x26

const XMLCh chAsterisk = 0x2A

const XMLCh chAt = 0x40

const XMLCh chBackSlash = 0x5C

const XMLCh chBang = 0x21

const XMLCh chCaret = 0x5E

const XMLCh chCloseAngle = 0x3E

const XMLCh chCloseCurly = 0x7D

const XMLCh chCloseParen = 0x29

const XMLCh chCloseSquare = 0x5D

const XMLCh chColon = 0x3A

const XMLCh chComma = 0x2C

const XMLCh chCR = 0x0D

const XMLCh chDash = 0x2D

const XMLCh chDigit_0 = 0x30

const XMLCh chDigit_1 = 0x31

const XMLCh chDigit_2 = 0x32

const XMLCh chDigit_3 = 0x33

const XMLCh chDigit_4 = 0x34

const XMLCh chDigit_5 = 0x35

const XMLCh chDigit_6 = 0x36

const XMLCh chDigit_7 = 0x37

const XMLCh chDigit_8 = 0x38

const XMLCh chDigit_9 = 0x39

const XMLCh chDollarSign = 0x24

const XMLCh chDoubleQuote = 0x22

const XMLCh chEqual = 0x3D

const XMLCh chFF = 0x0C

const XMLCh chForwardSlash = 0x2F

const XMLCh chGrave = 0x60

const XMLCh chHTab = 0x09

const XMLCh chLatin_a = 0x61

const XMLCh chLatin_A = 0x41

const XMLCh chLatin_b = 0x62

const XMLCh chLatin_B = 0x42

const XMLCh chLatin_c = 0x63

const XMLCh chLatin_C = 0x43

const XMLCh chLatin_d = 0x64

const XMLCh chLatin_D = 0x44

const XMLCh chLatin_e = 0x65

const XMLCh chLatin_E = 0x45

const XMLCh chLatin_f = 0x66

const XMLCh chLatin_F = 0x46

const XMLCh chLatin_g = 0x67

const XMLCh chLatin_G = 0x47

const XMLCh chLatin_h = 0x68

const XMLCh chLatin_H = 0x48

const XMLCh chLatin_i = 0x69

const XMLCh chLatin_I = 0x49

const XMLCh chLatin_j = 0x6A

const XMLCh chLatin_J = 0x4A

const XMLCh chLatin_k = 0x6B

const XMLCh chLatin_K = 0x4B

const XMLCh chLatin_l = 0x6C

const XMLCh chLatin_L = 0x4C

const XMLCh chLatin_m = 0x6D

const XMLCh chLatin_M = 0x4D

const XMLCh chLatin_n = 0x6E

const XMLCh chLatin_N = 0x4E

const XMLCh chLatin_o = 0x6F

const XMLCh chLatin_O = 0x4F

const XMLCh chLatin_p = 0x70

const XMLCh chLatin_P = 0x50

const XMLCh chLatin_q = 0x71

const XMLCh chLatin_Q = 0x51

const XMLCh chLatin_r = 0x72

const XMLCh chLatin_R = 0x52

const XMLCh chLatin_s = 0x73

const XMLCh chLatin_S = 0x53

const XMLCh chLatin_t = 0x74

const XMLCh chLatin_T = 0x54

const XMLCh chLatin_u = 0x75

const XMLCh chLatin_U = 0x55

const XMLCh chLatin_v = 0x76

const XMLCh chLatin_V = 0x56

const XMLCh chLatin_w = 0x77

const XMLCh chLatin_W = 0x57

const XMLCh chLatin_x = 0x78

const XMLCh chLatin_X = 0x58

const XMLCh chLatin_y = 0x79

const XMLCh chLatin_Y = 0x59

const XMLCh chLatin_z = 0x7A

const XMLCh chLatin_Z = 0x5A

const XMLCh chLF = 0x0A

const XMLCh chLineSeparator = 0x2028

const XMLCh chNEL = 0x85


const XMLCh chOpenAngle = 0x3C

const XMLCh chOpenCurly = 0x7B

const XMLCh chOpenParen = 0x28

const XMLCh chOpenSquare = 0x5B

const XMLCh chParagraphSeparator = 0x2029

const XMLCh chPercent = 0x25

const XMLCh chPeriod = 0x2E

const XMLCh chPipe = 0x7C

const XMLCh chPlus = 0x2B

const XMLCh chPound = 0x23

const XMLCh chQuestion = 0x3F

const XMLCh chSemiColon = 0x3B

const XMLCh chSingleQuote = 0x27

const XMLCh chSpace = 0x20

const XMLCh chTilde = 0x7E

const XMLCh chUnderscore = 0x5F

Referenced by XMLChar1_0::isXMLLetter().

const XMLCh chUnicodeMarker = XMLCh(0xFEFF)

const XMLCh chVTab = 0x0B

const XMLCh chWonSign = 0x20A9

const XMLCh chYenSign = 0xA5

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