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Standard API Documentation

Always try to use only the standard XML APIs when writing XML applications. This will keep your application shielded from changes in the underlying implementation of those standard APIs and also gives you more flexibility to change the implementation of the standard pieces without modifying your application code.

Xerces Native Interface Documentation

If you need functionality that is not available in the standard APIs like DOM and SAX, then perhaps using the Xerces Native Interface (XNI) will provide the information to build the appropriate parsing tools for your application. For more detailed information regarding XNI, refer to the XNI Manual.

XML Schema API Documentation

The XML Schema API specification defines a set of interfaces for accessing and querying the post schema validation infoset (PSVI) defined in Contributions to the post-schema-validation infoset (Appendix C.2) [XML Schema 1.0] and Contributions to the post-schema-validation infoset (Appendix B.2) [XML Schema 1.1]. These interfaces provide access to the XML Schema components, which follow as a consequence of validation and/or assessment and also provide a means for accessing the PSVI from a document instance.

Some of the interfaces in the XML Schema API reference interfaces from DOM Level 3 which is now a W3C Recommendation.

Xerces2 Implementation Documentation

For maintainers and developers of the Xerces2 reference implementation, it's important to know the internal APIs used.

Other Classes Documentation

The Xerces2 package also contains other implementation classes. You can jump to the API for these classes via the following links:

XML Schema 1.1 API Documentation

Xerces-J's XML Schema 1.1 API documentation would have some differences as compared to API documentation of XML Schema 1.0 implementation. To view the API documentation of Xerces-J's XML Schema 1.1 implementation, you would have to view 'docs' folder within Xerces's XML Schema 1.1 download package.

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