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Packages that use TreeWalker

Uses of TreeWalker in org.apache.xerces.dom

Classes in org.apache.xerces.dom that implement TreeWalker
 class TreeWalkerImpl
          This class implements the TreeWalker interface.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom that return TreeWalker
 TreeWalker DocumentImpl.createTreeWalker(Node root, short whatToShow, NodeFilter filter)
          NON-DOM extension: Create and return a TreeWalker.
 TreeWalker DocumentImpl.createTreeWalker(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create and return a TreeWalker.

Uses of TreeWalker in org.w3c.dom.traversal

Methods in org.w3c.dom.traversal that return TreeWalker
 TreeWalker DocumentTraversal.createTreeWalker(Node root, int whatToShow, NodeFilter filter, boolean entityReferenceExpansion)
          Create a new TreeWalker over the subtree rooted at the specified node.

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