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 class AttrNSImpl
          AttrNSImpl inherits from AttrImpl and adds namespace support.
 class DeferredAttrImpl
          Attribute represents an XML-style attribute of an Element.
 class DeferredAttrNSImpl
          DeferredAttrNSImpl is to AttrNSImpl, what DeferredAttrImpl is to AttrImpl.

Methods in org.apache.xerces.dom with parameters of type AttrImpl
protected  void DocumentImpl.dispatchAggregateEvents(NodeImpl node, AttrImpl enclosingAttr, java.lang.String oldvalue, short change)
          NON-DOM INTERNAL: Generate the "aggregated" post-mutation events DOMAttrModified and DOMSubtreeModified.
protected  void DeferredDocumentImpl.synchronizeChildren(AttrImpl a, int nodeIndex)
          Synchronizes the node's children with the internal structure.

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