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Public Member Functions

 XSObject (XSConstants::COMPONENT_TYPE compType, XSModel *const xsModel, MemoryManager *const manager=XMLPlatformUtils::fgMemoryManager)
 The default constructor.
virtual ~XSObject ()
XSObject methods
XSConstants::COMPONENT_TYPE getType () const
 The type of this object, i.e.
virtual const XMLChgetName () const
 The name of type NCName of this declaration as defined in XML Namespaces.
virtual const XMLChgetNamespace ()
 The [target namespace] of this object, or null if it is unspecified.
virtual XSNamespaceItemgetNamespaceItem ()
 A namespace schema information item corresponding to the target namespace of the component, if it's globally declared; or null otherwise.
virtual XMLSize_t getId () const
void setId (XMLSize_t id)
 methods needed by implementation

Protected Attributes

XSConstants::COMPONENT_TYPE fComponentType
XMLSize_t fId

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XSObject::XSObject ( XSConstants::COMPONENT_TYPE  compType,
XSModel *const   xsModel,
MemoryManager *const   manager = XMLPlatformUtils::fgMemoryManager 

The default constructor.

manager The configurable memory manager

virtual XSObject::~XSObject (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

XSConstants::COMPONENT_TYPE XSObject::getType (  )  const

The type of this object, i.e.


References fComponentType.

virtual const XMLCh* XSObject::getName (  )  const [virtual]

virtual const XMLCh* XSObject::getNamespace (  )  [virtual]

virtual XSNamespaceItem* XSObject::getNamespaceItem (  )  [virtual]

A namespace schema information item corresponding to the target namespace of the component, if it's globally declared; or null otherwise.

Reimplemented in XSAttributeDeclaration, XSAttributeGroupDefinition, XSComplexTypeDefinition, XSElementDeclaration, XSIDCDefinition, XSModelGroupDefinition, XSNotationDeclaration, XSSimpleTypeDefinition, and XSTypeDefinition.

virtual XMLSize_t XSObject::getId (  )  const [virtual]


Return a unique identifier for a component within this XSModel, to optimize querying. May not be defined for all types of component.

id unique for this type of component within this XSModel or 0 to indicate that this is not supported for this type of component.

void XSObject::setId ( XMLSize_t  id  ) 

methods needed by implementation

Set the id to be returned on getId().

Member Data Documentation

Referenced by getType().

XMLSize_t XSObject::fId [protected]

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