Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >, including all inherited members.

Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator(Hash2KeysSetOf< THasher > *const toEnum, const bool adopt=false, MemoryManager *const manager=XMLPlatformUtils::fgMemoryManager)Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >
hasMoreElements() const Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >
nextElementKey(const void *&, int &)Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >
operator delete(void *p)XMemory
operator delete(void *p, MemoryManager *memMgr)XMemory
operator delete(void *p, void *ptr)XMemory
operator new(size_t size)XMemory
operator new(size_t size, MemoryManager *memMgr)XMemory
operator new(size_t size, void *ptr)XMemory
Reset()Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >
setPrimaryKey(const void *key)Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher >
XMemory()XMemory [protected]
~Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator()Hash2KeysSetOfEnumerator< THasher > [virtual]

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