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Receive notification of panic. More...

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XMemory PanicHandler

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Public Member Functions

hidden Constructors
 DefaultPanicHandler ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~DefaultPanicHandler ()
Implement virtual panic handler interface
virtual void panic (const PanicHandler::PanicReasons reason)
 Receive notification of panic.

Detailed Description

Receive notification of panic.

This is Xerces' default implementation of the PanicHanlder interface, which will be instantiated and used in the absence of an application's panic handler.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DefaultPanicHandler::DefaultPanicHandler (  ) 

Default constructor.

virtual DefaultPanicHandler::~DefaultPanicHandler (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void DefaultPanicHandler::panic ( const PanicHandler::PanicReasons  reason  )  [virtual]

Receive notification of panic.

Upon invocation, a corresponding error message will be output to the stderr, and program exit.

reason The reason of panic

Implements PanicHandler.

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