DOMNamedNodeMap Member List

This is the complete list of members for DOMNamedNodeMap, including all inherited members.

DOMNamedNodeMap()DOMNamedNodeMap [protected]
getLength() const =0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
getNamedItem(const XMLCh *name) const =0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
getNamedItemNS(const XMLCh *namespaceURI, const XMLCh *localName) const =0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
item(XMLSize_t index) const =0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
removeNamedItem(const XMLCh *name)=0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
removeNamedItemNS(const XMLCh *namespaceURI, const XMLCh *localName)=0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
setNamedItem(DOMNode *arg)=0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
setNamedItemNS(DOMNode *arg)=0DOMNamedNodeMap [pure virtual]
~DOMNamedNodeMap()DOMNamedNodeMap [virtual]

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