XMLUni Class Reference

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Static Public Attributes

static const XMLCh fgAnyString []
static const XMLCh fgAttListString []
static const XMLCh fgCommentString []
static const XMLCh fgCDATAString []
static const XMLCh fgDefaultString []
static const XMLCh fgDocTypeString []
static const XMLCh fgEBCDICEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgElemString []
static const XMLCh fgEmptyString []
static const XMLCh fgEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgEntitString []
static const XMLCh fgEntityString []
static const XMLCh fgEntitiesString []
static const XMLCh fgEnumerationString []
static const XMLCh fgExceptDomain []
static const XMLCh fgFixedString []
static const XMLCh fgIBM037EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgIBM037EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1047EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1047EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1140EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1140EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1140EncodingString3 []
static const XMLCh fgIBM1140EncodingString4 []
static const XMLCh fgIESString []
static const XMLCh fgIDString []
static const XMLCh fgIDRefString []
static const XMLCh fgIDRefsString []
static const XMLCh fgImpliedString []
static const XMLCh fgIgnoreString []
static const XMLCh fgIncludeString []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString3 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString4 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString5 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString6 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString7 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString8 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString9 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString10 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString11 []
static const XMLCh fgISO88591EncodingString12 []
static const XMLCh fgLocalHostString []
static const XMLCh fgNoString []
static const XMLCh fgNotationString []
static const XMLCh fgNDATAString []
static const XMLCh fgNmTokenString []
static const XMLCh fgNmTokensString []
static const XMLCh fgPCDATAString []
static const XMLCh fgPIString []
static const XMLCh fgPubIDString []
static const XMLCh fgRefString []
static const XMLCh fgRequiredString []
static const XMLCh fgStandaloneString []
static const XMLCh fgVersion1_0 []
static const XMLCh fgVersion1_1 []
static const XMLCh fgSysIDString []
static const XMLCh fgUnknownURIName []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4EncodingString3 []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4EncodingString4 []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4BEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4BEncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4LEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUCS4LEncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUSASCIIEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUSASCIIEncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUSASCIIEncodingString3 []
static const XMLCh fgUSASCIIEncodingString4 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF8EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUTF8EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString3 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString4 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString5 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString6 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16EncodingString7 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16BEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16BEncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16LEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgUTF16LEncodingString2 []
static const XMLCh fgVersionString []
static const XMLCh fgValidityDomain []
static const XMLCh fgWin1252EncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLChEncodingString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDOMMsgDomain []
static const XMLCh fgXMLString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringSpace []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringHTab []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringCR []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringLF []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringSpaceU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringHTabU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringCRU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLStringLFU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringSpace []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringHTab []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringLF []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringCR []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringSpaceU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringHTabU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringLFU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLDeclStringCRU []
static const XMLCh fgXMLNSString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLNSColonString []
static const XMLCh fgXMLNSURIName []
static const XMLCh fgXMLErrDomain []
static const XMLCh fgXMLURIName []
static const XMLCh fgInfosetURIName []
static const XMLCh fgYesString []
static const XMLCh fgZeroLenString []
static const XMLCh fgDTDEntityString []
static const XMLCh fgAmp []
static const XMLCh fgLT []
static const XMLCh fgGT []
static const XMLCh fgQuot []
static const XMLCh fgApos []
static const XMLCh fgWFXMLScanner []
static const XMLCh fgIGXMLScanner []
static const XMLCh fgSGXMLScanner []
static const XMLCh fgDGXMLScanner []
static const XMLCh fgXSAXMLScanner []
static const XMLCh fgCDataStart []
static const XMLCh fgCDataEnd []
static const XMLCh fgArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgEmptyStackException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgIllegalArgumentException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgInvalidCastException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgIOException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgNoSuchElementException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgNullPointerException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgXMLPlatformUtilsException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgRuntimeException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgTranscodingException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgUnexpectedEOFException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgUnsupportedEncodingException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgUTFDataFormatException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgNetAccessorException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgMalformedURLException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgNumberFormatException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgParseException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgInvalidDatatypeFacetException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgInvalidDatatypeValueException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgSchemaDateTimeException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgXPathException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgXSerializationException_Name []
static const XMLCh fgNegINFString []
static const XMLCh fgNegZeroString []
static const XMLCh fgPosZeroString []
static const XMLCh fgPosINFString []
static const XMLCh fgNaNString []
static const XMLCh fgEString []
static const XMLCh fgZeroString []
static const XMLCh fgNullString []
static const XMLCh fgXercesDynamic []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSchema []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSchemaFullChecking []
static const XMLCh fgXercesIdentityConstraintChecking []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSchemaExternalNoNameSpaceSchemaLocation []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSecurityManager []
static const XMLCh fgXercesLoadExternalDTD []
static const XMLCh fgXercesContinueAfterFatalError []
static const XMLCh fgXercesValidationErrorAsFatal []
static const XMLCh fgXercesUserAdoptsDOMDocument []
static const XMLCh fgXercesCacheGrammarFromParse []
static const XMLCh fgXercesUseCachedGrammarInParse []
static const XMLCh fgXercesScannerName []
static const XMLCh fgXercesParserUseDocumentFromImplementation []
static const XMLCh fgXercesCalculateSrcOfs []
static const XMLCh fgXercesStandardUriConformant []
static const XMLCh fgXercesDOMHasPSVIInfo []
static const XMLCh fgXercesGenerateSyntheticAnnotations []
static const XMLCh fgXercesValidateAnnotations []
static const XMLCh fgXercesIgnoreCachedDTD []
static const XMLCh fgXercesIgnoreAnnotations []
static const XMLCh fgXercesDisableDefaultEntityResolution []
static const XMLCh fgXercesSkipDTDValidation []
static const XMLCh fgSAX2CoreValidation []
static const XMLCh fgSAX2CoreNameSpaces []
static const XMLCh fgSAX2CoreNameSpacePrefixes []
static const XMLCh fgDOMCanonicalForm []
static const XMLCh fgDOMCDATASections []
static const XMLCh fgDOMComments []
static const XMLCh fgDOMCharsetOverridesXMLEncoding []
static const XMLCh fgDOMDatatypeNormalization []
static const XMLCh fgDOMEntities []
static const XMLCh fgDOMInfoset []
static const XMLCh fgDOMNamespaces []
static const XMLCh fgDOMNamespaceDeclarations []
static const XMLCh fgDOMSupportedMediatypesOnly []
static const XMLCh fgDOMValidateIfSchema []
static const XMLCh fgDOMValidation []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWhitespaceInElementContent []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTCanonicalForm []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTDiscardDefaultContent []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTEntities []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTFormatPrettyPrint []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTNormalizeCharacters []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTSplitCdataSections []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTValidation []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTWhitespaceInElementContent []
static const XMLCh fgDOMWRTBOM []
static const XMLCh fgDOMXMLDeclaration []
static const XMLCh fgXercescInterfacePSVITypeInfo []
static const XMLCh fgXercescInterfaceDOMDocumentTypeImpl []
static const char fgXercescDefaultLocale []
static const XMLCh fgDefErrMsg []
static const XMLCh fgValueZero []
static const XMLCh fgNegOne []
static const XMLCh fgValueOne []
static const XMLCh fgLongMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgLongMinInc []
static const XMLCh fgIntMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgIntMinInc []
static const XMLCh fgShortMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgShortMinInc []
static const XMLCh fgByteMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgByteMinInc []
static const XMLCh fgULongMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgUIntMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgUShortMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgUByteMaxInc []
static const XMLCh fgLangPattern []
static const XMLCh fgBooleanValueSpace [][8]
static const unsigned int fgBooleanValueSpaceArraySize

Member Data Documentation

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgAnyString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgAttListString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgCommentString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgCDATAString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDefaultString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDocTypeString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEBCDICEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgElemString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEmptyString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEntitString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEntityString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEntitiesString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEnumerationString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgExceptDomain[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgFixedString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM037EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM037EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1047EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1047EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1140EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1140EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1140EncodingString3[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIBM1140EncodingString4[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIESString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIDString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIDRefString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIDRefsString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgImpliedString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIgnoreString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIncludeString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString3[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString4[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString5[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString6[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString7[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString8[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString9[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString10[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString11[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgISO88591EncodingString12[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgLocalHostString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNoString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNotationString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNDATAString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNmTokenString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNmTokensString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgPCDATAString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgPIString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgPubIDString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgRefString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgRequiredString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgStandaloneString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgVersion1_0[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgVersion1_1[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSysIDString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUnknownURIName[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4EncodingString3[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4EncodingString4[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4BEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4BEncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4LEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUCS4LEncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUSASCIIEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUSASCIIEncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUSASCIIEncodingString3[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUSASCIIEncodingString4[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF8EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF8EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString3[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString4[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString5[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString6[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16EncodingString7[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16BEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16BEncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16LEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTF16LEncodingString2[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgVersionString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgValidityDomain[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgWin1252EncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLChEncodingString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDOMMsgDomain[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringSpace[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringHTab[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringCR[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringLF[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringSpaceU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringHTabU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringCRU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLStringLFU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringSpace[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringHTab[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringLF[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringCR[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringSpaceU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringHTabU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringLFU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLDeclStringCRU[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLNSString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLNSColonString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLNSURIName[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLErrDomain[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLURIName[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgInfosetURIName[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgYesString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgZeroLenString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDTDEntityString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgAmp[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgLT[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgGT[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgQuot[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgApos[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgWFXMLScanner[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIGXMLScanner[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSGXMLScanner[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDGXMLScanner[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXSAXMLScanner[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgCDataStart[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgCDataEnd[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEmptyStackException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIllegalArgumentException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgInvalidCastException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIOException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNoSuchElementException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNullPointerException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXMLPlatformUtilsException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgRuntimeException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgTranscodingException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUnexpectedEOFException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUnsupportedEncodingException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUTFDataFormatException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNetAccessorException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgMalformedURLException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNumberFormatException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgParseException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgInvalidDatatypeFacetException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgInvalidDatatypeValueException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSchemaDateTimeException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXPathException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXSerializationException_Name[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNegINFString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNegZeroString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgPosZeroString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgPosINFString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNaNString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgEString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgZeroString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNullString[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesDynamic[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSchema[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSchemaFullChecking[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesIdentityConstraintChecking[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSchemaExternalSchemaLocation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSchemaExternalNoNameSpaceSchemaLocation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSecurityManager[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesLoadExternalDTD[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesContinueAfterFatalError[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesValidationErrorAsFatal[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesUserAdoptsDOMDocument[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesCacheGrammarFromParse[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesUseCachedGrammarInParse[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesScannerName[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesParserUseDocumentFromImplementation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesCalculateSrcOfs[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesStandardUriConformant[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesDOMHasPSVIInfo[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesGenerateSyntheticAnnotations[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesValidateAnnotations[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesIgnoreCachedDTD[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesIgnoreAnnotations[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesDisableDefaultEntityResolution[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercesSkipDTDValidation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSAX2CoreValidation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSAX2CoreNameSpaces[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgSAX2CoreNameSpacePrefixes[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMCanonicalForm[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMCDATASections[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMComments[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMCharsetOverridesXMLEncoding[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMDatatypeNormalization[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMEntities[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMInfoset[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMNamespaces[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMNamespaceDeclarations[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMSupportedMediatypesOnly[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMValidateIfSchema[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMValidation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWhitespaceInElementContent[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTCanonicalForm[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTDiscardDefaultContent[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTEntities[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTFormatPrettyPrint[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTNormalizeCharacters[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTSplitCdataSections[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTValidation[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTWhitespaceInElementContent[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMWRTBOM[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDOMXMLDeclaration[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercescInterfacePSVITypeInfo[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgXercescInterfaceDOMDocumentTypeImpl[] [static]

const char XMLUni::fgXercescDefaultLocale[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgDefErrMsg[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgValueZero[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgNegOne[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgValueOne[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgLongMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgLongMinInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIntMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgIntMinInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgShortMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgShortMinInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgByteMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgByteMinInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgULongMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUIntMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUShortMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgUByteMaxInc[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgLangPattern[] [static]

const XMLCh XMLUni::fgBooleanValueSpace[][8] [static]

const unsigned int XMLUni::fgBooleanValueSpaceArraySize [static]

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