XMLErrorReporter Member List

This is the complete list of members for XMLErrorReporter, including all inherited members.

error(const unsigned int errCode, const XMLCh *const errDomain, const ErrTypes type, const XMLCh *const errorText, const XMLCh *const systemId, const XMLCh *const publicId, const XMLSSize_t lineNum, const XMLSSize_t colNum)=0XMLErrorReporter [pure virtual]
ErrType_Error enum valueXMLErrorReporter
ErrType_Fatal enum valueXMLErrorReporter
ErrType_Warning enum valueXMLErrorReporter
ErrTypes enum nameXMLErrorReporter
ErrTypes_Unknown enum valueXMLErrorReporter
resetErrors()=0XMLErrorReporter [pure virtual]
XMLErrorReporter()XMLErrorReporter [protected]
~XMLErrorReporter()XMLErrorReporter [virtual]

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