DOMLocator Member List

This is the complete list of members for DOMLocator, including all inherited members.

DOMLocator()DOMLocator [protected]
getColumnNumber() const =0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
getErrorNode() const =0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
getLineNumber() const =0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
getOffset() const =0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
getURI() const =0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
setColumnNumber(const XMLSSize_t columnNumber)=0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
setErrorNode(DOMNode *const errorNode)=0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
setLineNumber(const XMLSSize_t lineNumber)=0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
setOffset(const XMLSSize_t offset)=0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
setURI(const XMLCh *const uri)=0DOMLocator [pure virtual]
~DOMLocator()DOMLocator [virtual]

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