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virtual ~DOMImplementationSource ()
Functions introduced in DOM Level 3
virtual DOMImplementationgetDOMImplementation (const XMLCh *features) const =0
 A method to request a DOM implementation.

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Hidden constructors
 DOMImplementationSource ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DOMImplementationSource::DOMImplementationSource (  )  [protected]

virtual DOMImplementationSource::~DOMImplementationSource (  )  [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual DOMImplementation* DOMImplementationSource::getDOMImplementation ( const XMLCh *  features  )  const [pure virtual]

A method to request a DOM implementation.

"Experimental - subject to change"

features A string that specifies which features are required. This is a space separated list in which each feature is specified by its name optionally followed by a space and a version number. This is something like: "XML 1.0 Traversal 2.0"
An implementation that has the desired features, or null if this source has none.
DOM Level 3

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